3 Reasons You Should Install Nergeco Doors at Your Food & Drink Business



MTCSS have worked within the food industry for over 13 years, designing and building temperature-controlled solutions, food & drink manufacturing, food and drink retail, and food & drink distribution. That is why we know how important a bespoke cold storage solution is to your business.

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Nergeco high-speed doors are the perfect door solution for the food and drink industry. Nergeco are an innovative high-speed door manufacturer, and they are at the forefront of design and development when it comes to high-speed rapid roll doors.

High speed doors are an ideal solution for larger doors and doors which require automatic opening systems. MTCSS install Nergeco doors as part of a turnkey bespoke cold room project, or we can install rapid roll doors to your existing buildings and cold rooms.

So why should you choose a Nergeco high-speed door for your food and drink business?

Bespoke High-Speed Doors To Your Requirements

Nergeco high-speed doors can custom sizes depending on your access requirements. What goes in and out of your rooms will affect the size of the door you require – for example if you have pedestrians only a smaller door would be suitable, but if you need forklift access you will need a high-speed door to accommodate this.

You can also select an opening system to suit your needs, with options including push button, pull cord, remote systems, and radar – Nergeco doors have an opening solution to make your day-to-day life easier.

Nergeco’s high-speed rapid roll doors are even available in a range of RAL colours, so you can select a colour to fit your brand! Different door types have different colour ranges – talk to us to find out more!

Food Safe & Easy To Clean

High speed doors from Nergeco are perfect for the food and drink industry due the doors being food safe and easy to clean. The Nergeco R-Food 5 high-speed door is made especially for the food and drink and industry – it has a half-open canopy, allowing you to clean the drum of the door ensuring every element of the door is cleaned. The high-speed door systems are also water resistant allowing for safe cleaning.

The R-Food 5 has the option of a rounded control panel, meaning there will be no water pooling on the top of the control panel.

Safety Features To Protect Your Products & Employees

Nergeco’s door range has various features to ensure the safety of your products and employees. The high-speed doors innovative design will reduce risks and costs for your business.

  • The logic controller allows for easy diagnostics of issues in the event of a problem with your high-speed door allowing for a quick a fix!
  • There is the option to have vision panels within the curtain (not available in freezer doors) so oncoming traffic is visible either side of the door.
  • In the event of power loss, Nergeco have designed several systems to ensure their high-speed doors will open, including a ratchet or crank handle for manual opening, a counterbalance for easy opening and a battery system to allow the door to open 5-10 times in the event of no power.
  • Nergeco door’s intelligent curtains can identify if the door has been hit and become out of line – it will open again to allow the curtain to realign into the proper position. Meaning there will be less costly issues in the event of your high-speed door being knocked by vehicles.

Nergeco high-speed doors are designed to improve the day-to-day processes of your food and drink business, whether you need automatic opening ambient doors for your food and drink distribution company, or you need chiller high-speed doors for your food manufacturing plant – MTCSS and Nergeco will have a door solution for you.

If you would like to know more about our experience designing and installing Nergeco high-speed doors for the food and drink business, or if you’d like a quote – get in touch with MTCSS today! Call us on 01886 833381, email us at sales@mtcss.co.uk or fill in a form here!

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