Refrigerated Doors

Should I Invest in Specialised Doors for my Cold Room?

A hallmark of a cold room or walk-in freezer is a sturdy, insulated door or a heavy curtain, protecting the chilled environment from intrusion by heat and contaminants from outside. It’s no coincidence that so many cold rooms and chilled storage areas use these specially-designed doors – they are vital for proper insulation.

Cold Room Doors

When outfitting and equipping a cold room, you should carefully consider the cold room door which you will use. Without a specially-insulated or refrigerated door to form a barrier between your cold room and the outside world, there will be a gap in the insulation of your cold room, through which you are likely to lose energy and gain unwanted heat. At best, your energy bill will increase and wear on your cooling unit will be more rapid and more severe: at worst, the contents of your cold room could be ruined by the increase in heat.

A specialised cold room door helps to prevent this from happening, not just by providing superior insulation and temperature control, but also by opening and closing in such a way as to limit the air disturbance and avoid too much warm air from entering the cold room.

If you are interested in making your business cold storage more efficient, more cost-effective and more reliable, then a specialised cold room door from MT Cold Storage Solutions is an investment that you will never regret. Call us today on 01886 833381 or send us a message on the contact form on our Contact Us page to speak to a cold storage expert today, who will be able to recommend the specialised cold room door that will best suit your requirements, and help you achieve the best possible results!

What Sorts of Cold Room Doors Are Available?

At MT Cold Storage Solutions, we stock and provide a wide range of refrigerated doors, making sure that your cold room is insulated to the industry gold standard, while providing the level of access needed to make the maximum use of your cold room. Our cold room door selection includes:

Refrigerated Doors

Refrigerated Doors don’t just insulate your cold room against the heat of the outside world – they actively contribute to the refrigeration, keeping conditions at an optimal level inside the cold room. The refrigerated doors available from MT Cold Storage Solutions include:

Sliding Doors

A Cold Room Sliding Door is ideal when space is at a premium, or trolley and forklift access is required to the cold room. Simply sliding out of the way, a cold room sliding door allows ready access to the cold room and are available as horizontal sliding, vertical sliding and automatic doors. Available in a variety of thicknesses to suit the requirements you have, the cold room sliding doors from MT Cold Storage Solutions are effective for temperatures ranging between 30°C and -40°C.

Hinged Doors

Ideal for smaller cold rooms, or where the only access required to the cold room is pedestrian and no forklift or pallet access is required, the hinged cold storage doors from MT Cold Storage Solutions come with certified handles and heater cable to ensure that they provide the best possible performance down to -30°C, making them suitable for use in a huge range of applications including walk-in freezers.

Specialised Doors

MT Cold Storage Solutions also offers more specialised doors to our clients if they need them, including controlled atmosphere doors, automatic doors and vertical sliding doors. The specialised doors from MT Cold Storage Solutions can be tailored to your requirements – just get in contact with us today to let us know what you need!

What are the Advantages of Insulated Cold Room Doors?

Insulated cold room doors prevent a cold room from losing heat to the outside world, preventing convection, conduction and radiation from carrying heat in. Even if a non-insulated door is kept closed and sealed at all times to stop convection of warm air from occurring, the heat will still conduct through the door and radiate into the cold room environment beyond. Such non-insulated doors will feel cold to the touch because of this – but insulated or refrigerated doors, like the specialised doors available from MTcss, stop conduction dead in its tracks and keep heat out of the cold room.

Where insufficient insulation occurs in a cold room, the room will act as a heat sink for the surrounding area, and the cooling unit will be forced to work harder to maintain the required temperature. This sends your electricity bill soaring and greatly accelerates the wear and tear on your cooling unit – potentially leading to a costly and inconvenient component failure.

In either case, an insulated door prevents this from happening, and saves you money, energy and stress in the long run!

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