The Advantages of Cold Stop Insulated Curtains

Cold Stop Insulated Curtains are a revolutionary new alternative to the plastic strip curtain doors commonly seen in cold rooms and refrigerated warehouses. With the appearance of broad, padded plastic strips, usually with a clear window section, these soft curtains are able to insulate more effectively and can be easily maintained, cleaned or replaced for maximum utility.

Whilst Cold Stop insulated curtains have many of advantages over other insulated curtains, the primary advantages of installing this product are:

Cold Stop Insulated Curtains are More Efficient Than PVC Strip Doors

The main benefit to Cold Stop insulated curtains is in comparison to their primary rivals, the PVC strip curtain. Almost ubiquitous in cold rooms, chilled warehouses and other large refrigerated areas, PVC strip curtains are inexpensive and easy to maintain, but their insulation value could be improved upon. The Cold Stop Insulated Curtain is a strip curtain door with many of the same advantages in maintenance and ease of use, but with a thermal insulation value which field trials indicate to be at least ten times greater than a PVC strip curtain.

Cold Stop Insulated Curtains Allow for Greater Energy Savings

Thanks to this vastly higher insulating ability, Cold Stop insulated curtains can offer better energy savings than the competition. With an inferior insulating barrier to your cold room, heat will enter the room at a faster rate, forcing the refrigeration units inside to work harder to achieve the right conditions.

With a better barrier, like that provided by a set of Cold Stop curtains, the cooling unit inside the chiller will not be working against such adverse odds, and as a result, its power demand will be lower. As an added bonus, a refrigeration unit working with better insulation won’t just draw less electricity – it will also require less maintenance, lowering costs even further.

Cold Stop Insulated Curtains are User Friendly and Efficient

Durable and easy to install, Cold Stop curtains are the perfect solution for refrigerated areas with high traffic, and can withstand intensive use. Made from hard-wearing materials, they are easy to clean and maintain, and easy to replace – strip curtain versions can even be replaced one strip at a time whenever necessary, cutting maintenance time down to a bare minimum.

The clear antibacterial window on our Cold Stop insulated curtains make sure that you and your staff are able to clearly see the other side, increasing communication and workplace awareness and further improving the efficiency of your cold room.

Cold Stop Insulated Curtains Feature a “Cold Lock” System

Designed to fit neatly to the floor and ceiling, Cold Stop insulated curtains don’t leave any room for cold air to escape or warm air to enter, making a much more effective barrier against the invasion of heat and preserving the internal temperature of your cold room.

If you are interested in Cold Stop insulated curtains, you can get in touch with MTcss using their online contact form or call them on 01886 833381 today!

What Sorts of Cold Room Door & Wall Protection are Available?

Keeping your cold room in good condition is essential to making sure that it stays effective, keeping everything properly chilled and providing the service your customers need.

One of the most important components of keeping your cold room in the best possible condition is protecting it against damage. Wear and tear will take its toll on your cold storage solutions over time, and frequent small bumps and knocks will start to accumulate damage. Scuffing, scratches and impacts can all result in problems in the long run – so it’s best to be well protected and keep your cold storage solutions working optimally no matter what.

If you would like to invest in protecting against damage and wear, the sorts of protection available from MTcss for your cold room include:

5 Bar Wall & Door Protection

5-bar aluminium tread plate is an extremely sturdy and cost-effective way to protect your cold room floors, and is commonly used in this application – but it can also be an extremely effective cladding for walls and doors. If you install it on the lower half of your floors and doors, it will provide an excellent armour against impacts from trolleys, cages and pallets, keeping your walls, floors and doors in the best condition.

The 5 Bar Aluminium Wall & Door Protection can be cut to your requirements or fabricated to your specific angles and shapes to make sure that you are fully protected, no matter your needs.

Aluminium Angle Protection

For the corners and edges of your cold room or walk-in freezer, an aluminium angle extrusion may be the perfect protection. Available cut to any size, you can use this lightweight, hardy material to protect your corners or to line the perimeter of your cold room, to cover heaters and door frames or to reinforce the edges of structures in the room. Aluminium is corrosion-resistant and tough, and can be cut to your specifications or delivered with next-day delivery to make sure your cold room is protected and ready for use as soon as possible.

Food Safe Sheeting, Flashings and Trims

Food safe coated steel, available with an attractive and hygienic white finish, is extremely resistant to corrosion, easy to wipe clean and clearly shows any spills or marks, making sure your cold room stays clean and safe. Food safe white coated sheeting, flashings and trims can be made to fit your existing cold room, so whatever your requirements, MTcss will be able to accommodate you and ensure your customers and your business are safe.

For more information on our range of protection options for your cold room walls, doors and floors, you can get in touch with MTcss at any time by calling 01886 833381 or contacting us on our contact forms. One of our cold-storage experts will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you find the protection solution that suits your business and your needs.

What are the Advantages of a Commercial Cold Room?

When a business needs to be able to refrigerate its wares, then it will inevitably need to invest in a cold storage solution. For many small businesses, a large refrigerator or chest freezer may suffice, but for many more, a more spacious, more reliable and more efficient solution is needed.

Continuing to rely on chest freezers or refrigerators may be tempting for a business owner, since installing a commercial cold room can seem like a big investment – however, it can prove significantly more costly to continue using your old cold storage solutions!

For example, a properly installed commercial cold room can provide advantages over refrigerators and freezers like:


One thing that a commercial cold room can provide in abundance is space – above a certain volume, the number of refrigerators or freezers required to chill everything adequately will take up far more space than a single cold room would. A commercial cold room, on the other hand, is just one room, making it much more manageable and consolidating your cold storage into one single large space.

Within the commercial cold room, much more effective space management and organisation is possible, and your cold storage can be organised with shelves or other space-savers to make sure the items you are storing are more readily available than they would be if crammed into a conventional freezer.


When it comes to efficiency, a commercial cold room beats a collection of refrigerators and freezers on all counts. Energy efficiency is greatly improved when cold storage solutions are consolidated in a single well-fitted and well-equipped commercial cold room. The single room allows the use of only one large chiller unit instead of a large number of smaller units, and sturdier, more effective insulation means that less energy is needed to chill the same overall area, helping keep your electricity bills down. This consolidation also helps with maintenance, by providing one, easily-maintained system, and reduces maintenance costs and downtime.


A commercial cold room is also a safer option than a large number of smaller chillers. With fewer chiller units running and more integration with your building, the risk of a fire or electrical problem is lower, while employee health is improved by a walk-in commercial cold room versus a bank of chest freezers or a row of commercial fridges, which can be linked to increases in back pain and ache among your staff as they continually stoop to retrieve items or stretch to lift them.


With lower energy demands, fewer components and only one chiller instead of many, it’s easy to see how a commercial cold room could save your business money. For more information on how a cold room can help you, or to speak to one of our expert advisors about whether a commercial cold room is suitable for your business, you can get in touch with MTcss on 01886 833381 any time or email us on We’ll be delighted to help you.

MTH Hinged Door

What MTH Hinged Doors Can Do for Your Business

MTH Hinged Doors are cold room insulated doors designed to protect the internal temperatures of cold rooms and freezers against the higher temperatures of the outside world. With a set of MTH Hinged Doors for your cold rooms or freezers, you’ll be able to keep the rest of your premises at ambient temperature and maintain your cold rooms at the precise temperature they require for optimum functionality – but what kinds of applications does this technology have? What kind of businesses will benefit from this, and how will it benefit them?

Made of polyurethane and metal components, an MTH Hinged Door is a relatively lightweight and high-strength insulated door, and unlike folding doors or cold-room curtains, it is a solid mass, replicating the cold room walls and providing far greater insulation capacity than a curtain or other thin, flexible barrier could.

With this greater insulating ability, you will be able to maintain more of a temperature gradient between the cold rooms and the rest of your premises, and with a more lightweight construction than other, all-metal cold room doors, access to the cold storage area will quicker and easier. With reduced opening and closing times due to the lighter hinged doors, your cold areas will lose less of their chill to the ambient areas each time someone accesses the cold room, making your chillers more efficient and requiring less work to reach the optimal temperature after a member of staff opens and closes the door.

With less time spent reaching the optimal temperature, and better insulation properties than their rivals, MTH Hinged Doors reduce overall energy use and running costs of businesses, making multiple cold rooms more cost-effective and energy-efficient!

These cold room doors are available in specifications suitable for chillers and freezers. They are ideal for use in chilled cold rooms, and these chillers are commonly used to store and ripen fruit and vegetables, in meat processing plants and slaughters, cheese factories, shops specialising in large volumes of chilled food like delicatessens and dairies, and in the ice-cream making industry.

For more information about MTH Hinged Doors and their applications in your industry, your individual business requirements or the possible advantages and disadvantages that MTH Hinged Doors can have for your business, get in touch with MTcss today! You can go to the dedicated MTcss web page for MTH Hinged Doors or send them a message via their contact form to ask about what MTH Hinged Doors can do for your cold rooms – or, if you’d rather speak directly, you can call them on 01886 833381 at any time. The experts on the other end of the line will be happy to help you choose the perfect doors to suit your requirements.

The Importance of Using an Insulated Barrier in Your Cold Rooms

Having a cold room or refrigerated area without an insulating barrier to separate it from the ambient areas in your premises is a recipe for disaster. Without a physical barrier like a set of curtains or insulated doors to stop air movement, convection currents will carry cold air away from your chilled area and replace it with warmer air, putting more strain on your refrigerators and resulting in a cold room chiller attempting to chill the entire area of your premises. If there isn’t a good barrier between your temperature controlled premises and the outside world, your chiller will be trying to cool the external environment too – leading to an extremely high energy bill, a warm cold room and, most probably, a burnt-out refrigeration unit.

However, with a proper insulating barrier, these problems can be completely nullified. A door or curtain that is able to prevent air flow between the cold room and ambient areas, and which protects against heat intrusion by conduction and radiation, can preserve the internal temperature of your cold room much more effectively and reduce the wear on your refrigerator, saving you money and time. Good insulation will also result in reduced energy bills as your chillers and freezers work less strenuously to maintain the optimal cold room temperature, and reduced the cost of maintenance to the chillers themselves!

PVC Strip Curtains as Cold Room Insulating Barriers

One of the most popular methods of creating an insulated barrier to a chilled area is by using PVC strip curtains. Extremely cost effective and able to provide an impressive insulating effect, curtains and insulated parts can allow some vision into the cold room from outside and can be passed through easily by personnel and materials, providing unrestricted access to the area without breaking the insulating effect the way a hinged door would. Where a solid hinged door would need to swing open, opening a large gap in the insulation through which cold air could escape, PVC strip curtains will simply part around the people moving through it, only the individual strips in front of them moving to allow them through while the others remain in place. In this way, an insulated door made from strip curtains can make for a more effective barrier than a solid door over the long term, especially in high-traffic areas or areas through which large numbers of people must frequently work or move materiel.

For more information on cold room insulating barriers, including PVC strip curtains and insulated parts, call MTcss today on 01886 833381 or submit a Contact Form with your enquiry. The cold storage solution experts at MTcss will be happy to help you find an insulated barrier solution that suits your needs and the needs of your business!

MTcss are the industry leaders in cold storage and cold rooms, and will be able to work with you to achieve a solution that works for you.

Why Use Insulated Curtains in Cold Rooms?

Many cold rooms, chillers and freezers are fitted with heavy, insulated doors or thin plastic strip curtains, and while doors are excellent in terms of insulation, they are less than ideal in high-traffic areas, and need large amounts of clear space to swing open and closed every time a member of staff needs to move from one area to another. On the other hand, plastic strip curtains are comparatively poor insulators, and wear out relatively quickly, sometimes leaving gaps in your insulation or requiring urgent maintenance at inopportune times.

Both of these issues can be resolved with the use of an insulating curtain like the Cold Stop® curtains available at MTcss. These curtains combine the insulating qualities and durability of a heavy door with the flexibility and space-efficiency of a curtain to create an elegant solution to your insulation needs.

Insulated Curtain Design and Properties

The insulated Cold Stop® curtains available for sale from MTcss are able to provide minimum energy savings between 25% and over 33% compared to plastic strip curtains. Designed with Tempro® technology, these insulated curtains are able to keep out vastly more heat than their predecessors, providing unmatched insulation power for a curtain. With this increased insulative power comes a decrease in energy expenditure and a decrease in wear and tear on your refrigeration equipment, which don’t have as much heat sinking to contend with.

This allows your refrigeration unit to quickly reach an optimal internal temperature and maintain it with minimal expenditure; something which is reinforced by the low-maintenance nature and inexpensive initial investment involved with a Cold Stop®. Easy to wipe clean, hard to wear down or damage and very easy to repair in the event of accidental damage, a good insulated curtain will save you money on several fronts – costing less for installation, maintenance, and energy consumption as you run your cold rooms or chillers.

The insulated cold room curtains for sale from MTcss are user-friendly and slide easily to one side, with soft material covers, and are very firmly attached to their moorings, preventing accidental damage by staff.

Field trials of the Cold Stop® curtains also show a viable lifespan of 500%-600% the lifespan of plastic strip curtains, while remaining light, flexible and resistant to splitting, protecting your insulation at all times.

So long as you have space which the curtains can slide when opened, these cold room curtains are an ideal solution to your insulation needs.

Unlike PVC strips, the Cold Stop® cold room curtains come fitted to your door specifications, ensuring a tight fit and preventing any unnecessary heat intrusion, with a patented header arrangement that allows seamless opening and closing in even tight spaces. Quick and easy to install and replace, insulated curtains from MTcss come with deep, clear windows, helping avoid accidents and allowing your personnel to know what’s happening at all times.

If you are looking for a cold room curtains solution which provides the maximum return on investment in the minimum time, then call MTcss today on 01886 833381 – the experts on the other end of the line will be happy to help you!

Nergeco Lab Door

Can Nergeco Doors Help Your Business?

MTcss are proud to be a UK certified agent of Nergeco Doors, a world leading manufacturer of high speed insulating doors. Nergeco are the industry gold standard for both internal and external insulating doors thanks to a range of technologies and approaches, making their doors the best on the market for their three focus areas – Insulation, Access and Adaptation.

Nergeco doors are composed of a folding or rolling Intelligent Curtain®, designed and patented by the company, which works to reduce energy costs on several levels. The first and most constant energy-saving innovation used to by the Nergeco Intelligent Curtain is its passive insulating ability when closed. Modelled on the most successful insulation materials in the refrigeration industry, these doors preserve an isothermal barrier and prevent heat transfer, helping keep your chillers in excellent condition year in, year out.

Not content simply to create revolutionary chiller doors, Nergeco high speed doors can also be made to suit a variety of applications, from doors which separate a chilled and ambient environment without obstructing traffic, to an external door which works as a barrier to the climate at sizes up to 200m2 and from tightly-sealed laboratory doors and easy-clean, corrosion-resistant food service doors to high-speed insulating emergency exits. As a result of this versatility, a range of insulative properties are available for Nergeco high speed doors, allowing you to spend less time and energy achieving a workable chiller temperature and ultimately saving you money.

Nergeco High Speed Doors have one other major advantage when it comes to saving you money, however, and the clue is right there in the name: they open and close much faster than other insulating doors. With their high-speed automatic operation, Nergeco doors can cut your energy expenditure at each opening and closing cycle by as much as 30%!

Thanks to the design of the Intelligent Curtain®, this rapid opening and closing speed is coupled with safety and ease of use, as the automated door operator system will react to the presence of an employee and simply reopen. However, this high-speed door system will prevent most of the heat loss that occurs at the entryway to an isothermic environment, and help to prevent or mitigate the effects of thermal shock on your products or equipment, helping prevent wear and tear not only on your equipment, but your stored items as well.

Nergeco High Speed Doors have been the industry leader for years, and for good reason – their extremely adaptable formula means that they can provide the same great service at an exterior door, an interior door, a chiller door, an emergency exit and many more, while their revolutionary speed and ease of use makes them a perfect solution to energy loss at the entrances to your chilled areas. Able to operate without obstructing traffic, even areas with high footfall or frequent deliveries will be able to minimise the amount of time spent exposed to the outer climate and prevent roadblocks in the way of your personnel. The question isn’t whether they can help your business – it’s “can your business afford not to have Nergeco High Speed Doors?”

The Importance of Choosing Proper Cold Room Gaskets for Your Cold Storage

When setting up a cold storage area – whether that’s a full cold room or just a bank of refrigerators – it’s important to make sure that the seal on your cold storage units is up to scratch. A faulty or improper seal is the number one reason for cold storage failure, and a broken cold room gasket can lead to spoilage or loss of everything in the refrigerated area and even damage to the fridge itself, as it attempts to lower its internal temperature with the faulty seal preventing its door from closing properly.

With the broken seal essentially stopping the refrigerated area from closing itself off properly, the outside atmosphere will seep in, raising the temperature inside the refrigerated area and causing strain to the coolers.

Protect your stock and your refrigerators with proper gaskets, enabling a full seal and preventing the catastrophic loss that occurs when a cool area can’t cool itself down. MTcss has a wide range of gaskets available to help ensure that every one of our clients can find the component they need and keep their refrigerated units up and going!

Different sorts of cold room gasket

Cold room gaskets are crucial for keeping the seals intact on a cold room or other large refrigerated unit. However, not all cold rooms are alike – different styles of door, different sizes and levels of use, and different interior temperatures can all influence your choice of seal. Different models of fridge or freezer will have the biggest impact on which gaskets you’ll need, making certain shapes and sizes necessary for a good seal.

Before placing an order, you should consider the kind of door that your refrigerated unit uses, as the gaskets required for a sliding door are vastly different to those required for a swing-door fridge.

The range of cold room gaskets available from MTcss include sweeper gaskets and sliding door gaskets of all sizes, as well as gasket retainer corners and sliding door retainers to help keep your refrigeration up and running! Each of the gaskets from MTcss are available with retainers with predrilled holes to allow quick and easy installation, and we recommend keeping a few spares – after all, when you’ve lost the seal on one of your fridges, you may not have time to wait for delivery!

The seemingly-unusual shapes of many cold room gaskets are all specific to their function, and the kind of doors which they will be sealing closed. Each is carefully designed to form a tight seal – so before you choose one, check your refrigerated unit’s instruction manual or technical specification to see whether you can find the kind of seal or cold room gasket designed for use with this door type. If you can’t, then don’t hesitate to call the experts at MTcss on 01886 833381 – the experts on the other end of the line will be happy to help you work through the available cold room gaskets and find one that can solve your problem.

For other enquiries or to place an order, you can call MTcss on 01886 833381 or use the online ordering system on this site!

MTCSS – Shelving Solutions

Your cold room needs a suitable shelving solution, one that’s reliable and sturdy. Regardless of what products you store in your cold room, you should invest in a shelving solution that allows you to keep your products organised and contamination-free making it easier to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Here at MTCSS, we have a wide range of shelving units that have been designed with your specific applications in mind. No matter what industry you’re in, we are confident that we have the perfect solution for you!

When it comes to choosing hygienic shelving, you needn’t look any further than MTCSS. But why choose our shelving solutions?

Health and Safety

The hygienic shelving that we supply is designed to adhere to NSF standards, the protocol for sanitary food equipment and products. With our hygienic shelving, you have the opportunity to store your products safely in your cold room, ensuring that there is no compromise made to quality.

In terms of sanitation, our hygienic shelving is perfectly suitable. They are manufactured in adherence with health and safety regulations, allowing your industry to follow all relevant laws for the storage of certain products.

Hygienic Shelving

MTCSS are proud suppliers of hygienic shelving for cold storage. Should you need to store your products in a way that’s easily accessible and safe, you needn’t look any further.

Our hygienic shelving is manufactured to suit your individual requirements, using the latest innovations and maximising the space you have within your cold room.

As well as this, the shelving has a long-lifespan and offers remarkable resistance against corrosion, enabling you to get the most out of your cold storage shelving solution! You’ll also need something strong and robust, that can help reduce the spread and growth of bacteria and which can withstand various impacts.

When it comes to assembly, the hygienic shelving we provide is easy and simple to install. They can be set up in no time, meaning there’s little disruption made to your industry, whether you’re in the catering industry or healthcare sector.

Multipurpose Shelving

What about damp environments? How can you protect your products in cold storage when the room is susceptible to damp?

We provide the multipurpose shelving unit to prevent the spread of bacteria, ensuring that your products sustain high levels of quality. Our multipurpose shelving is made from anodised aluminium and has easy to clean slats, making it a whole lot more convenient for you.

The multipurpose shelving is an ideal solution for an array of industries, offering high strength and resistance to corrosion. Multipurpose shelving from MTCSS is best used in cold rooms and chillers because it can accommodate for more storage.

Why Hygienic Shelving and Multipurpose Shelving?

Here at MTCSS, we have a wide range of shelving solutions for you to choose from. Our hygienic and multipurpose shelving is perfect for food preparation and processing, meeting stringent health and safety regulations.

When it comes to shelving, you want to invest in something adaptable to your requirements and with our range of shelving solutions, you can do so! The shelving solutions we provide are flexible and are suitable for clean and sterile environments, like hospitals and clinics.

To keep your cold storage room clean and to keep contamination to a minimum, you need a shelving solution from MTCSS!

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All there is to know about Refrigerated Doors

Did you know MTCSS are the UK agent for Italian cold storage door manufacturer MTH?

When it comes to choosing refrigerated doors, you want to be able to trust that they’ll offer the best for your industry, hence why we provide only the best.

The cold storage door manufacturer, MTH, supply us with high-quality refrigerated doors that are easy to mount, helping you save time. The refrigerated doors we provide can be manufactured to suit various applications to ensure that cold storage is efficient.

Whether you’re looking to store pharmaceuticals or food and drinks, MTCSS has the perfect solution waiting for you! We have a complete range of refrigerated doors so it’s likely that you will find something suitable, however, our refrigerated doors can be manufactured to suit your  specific requirements if you don’t initially find what you’re looking for.

Here are some of the refrigerated doors that we offer:

Hinged Doors

The hinged doors are a clever addition to make to your cold room no matter what the temperature is! Within our range of 500TN, 604LWT and 740LWT hinged refrigerated doors, there are doors suitable for both positive and negative temperatures, so be sure to choose something that will maintain the quality of your products for longer.

All of our hinged doors are CSI handle certified to EN179: 2008, meaning they are safe to use and easy to open and close.

Service Doors

Now with these, the choice is yours. You can either choose to install one of the service refrigerated doors with a vision panel or without, we also have single options and double options, it simply depends on what you’d prefer to install to your coldroom.

The “Personnel” and “To and Fro” service doors are made from polyurethane meaning that they can handle various temperatures, while sustaining the quality of products, stored within your cold room. The refrigerated doors are semi-insulating, so you needn’t worry about keeping food fresh.

Sliding Doors

Why not consider one of our sliding doors? They’re suitable for all applications, whether you’re in the retail, warehousing or manufacturing industry. The refrigerated doors for cold rooms are designed to be hardwearing, and reliable, withstanding extreme temperatures!

MTCSS’ sliding refrigerated doors are perfect if you need to preserve food in your cold room. The fact that the doors slide makes it much easier to access the cold room and to transport goods in and out.

The cold storage door manufacturer, MTH manufacture the sliding doors to suit medium temperature cold rooms best.

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