Top 4 Reasons to Install Cold Storage for Food and Drink

If you require a food and beverage cold room, you’ve come to the right place!

MT Cold Storage Solutions combine safety with hygiene, we don’t compromise. If you work within a food and drink manufacturing industry, you’ll already know how important it is to have equipment that is up to date and cost-effective – ultimately keeping products fresh.


A retail food and drink cold room is ideal for maximising the space you have – you can store all your product in the cold room where the conditions are suitable. At MTCSS, we ensure your cold room is appropriate for your requirements, whether you have an immense space to play with or whether you are looking for a more convenient storage solution for your food and drink reserves, we ensure you’re completely satisfied!

If you do have limited space within the workplace, a walk-in storage room would possibly be preferable – allowing you to access the cold room with ease. Alternatively, our industrial doors meet the hygiene regulations of food industries – particularly our Flip-Flap Swing Doors! These are safe to use for refrigerators and freezers.


Do you wish you could be in control of the environment for your food and drink?

Well, you’re in luck! M T Cold Storage Solutions allow you to dictate the temperature of the storage cold room – creating the ideal environment for your manufactured products to last, maintaining that crucial freshness.

After all, you’re probably using cold storage for food and drink to get the most out of your products – ensuring they provide excellent value for money. A cold room can achieve this because the temperature doesn’t make any alterations to the products themselves and stores them safely (without contamination) for longer periods of time!

Are you wanting to reduce perishables?

MTCSS have the perfect solution! Our food and beverage cold rooms are particularly effective for providing optimum shelf-life, however, they are also advantageous if you want to retain the quality of the products you manufacture and cut down on food wastage.

Energy saving

Did you know that you can save energy by installing a cold room to your workplace?

If you work within the food and drink industry, you are ultimately saving money because you are storing food that is long-lasting – allowing you to produce it in bulk. With this said, the quality is not compromised! An example where our cold rooms offer suitability include the storage of seasonal goods – they don’t go out of date too quickly.


A retail food and drink cold room can offer suitability for your specific business – at MTCSS we tailor our storage rooms to meet your needs accordingly. Taking into consideration space, at MT Cold Storage Solutions we provide you with a service that not only meets your requirements, but also exceeds them!

As with anything, to benefit from consistently excellent value for money – you must maintain the cold room – regular cleaning will ensure the storage facility is hygienic and safe to use for food and drink storage! 

If you seek any further advice, CONTACT US TODAY! Our team of experts will happily provide you with any relevant information you require!