Industrial Cold Rooms

3 Benefits of Bespoke Industrial Cold Rooms for the Food Industry

Have you ever considered installing a bespoke industrial cold room?

If your business is experiencing cold storage problems, look no further than MTCSS. We have an exceptional understanding of cold storage and we would be more than happy to provide you with any information that you may require.

The process of installing a bespoke industrial cold room is straightforward; you can expect the following:

Discuss any ideas and requirements that you have regarding the design of your cold storage room with an MTCSS expert and we will work with you to create exactly what you’re looking for.

Once we have established what you aim to achieve with your bespoke cold room, we’ll provide you with an estimate that’s fair and affordable.

After this, it’s time to plan the project, ensuring all deadlines are met in time.

When your cold room is complete, it will be tried and tested to make sure it’s safe.

All that’s left to do after this is to finalise the documentation.


The freezers we have, here at MTCSS, are set to the optimal temperature ensuring products are stored efficiently. You’ll find that our freezers are available from -40°C to 0°C which will enable you to sustain the quality of your products.

Our range of freezers include the Blast, Carton, Tunnel, Spiral and deep freezers. These are all extremely accommodating for an array of products, whether it be for raw, pre-cooked or fresh foods – choose your cold storage solution today from MTCSS!

MTCSS industrial freezer rooms are airtight which means no air can enter the freezer where your products are being stored and neither can they become damaged.


Our chilling industrial freezer rooms are perfect for storing dairy foods and pre-prepared foods that are “ready to eat”.

No matter what products your business manufactures, MTCSS can help you to sustain high-quality products. One of the chilling freezers can keep your products fresh but also help to keep your business clean and hygienic.

The freezers that are for chilling are set between 0°C and 5°C, making sure that food is preserved. We are confident we won’t be beaten on price and you’ll receive the best value for money if you choose one of our chilling industrial freezer rooms.

Food preservation.

If you work in an industry where hygiene is of the utmost importance, you’ll want to consider how beneficial one of our bespoke industrial cold rooms would be for your business.

Food that’s been cooked and raw foods must be kept separate for safety. If the two come into contact with each other, your products will be contaminated and bacteria spread.

To preserve your products for longer, maintaining quality so that they’re edible, choose one of the bespoke industrial freezer rooms we have here at MTCSS! The walls are kept tight to prevent any water from entering and there are joints which have been sealed, to prevent bacteria.

For the team at MTCSS, no job is too big or too small, we have the perfect off the shelf solution waiting for you.

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Restaurants Kitchen

Restaurants and Hotels – Our Cold Storage Systems keep your food safe

Has eating out in restaurants and hotels ever been more popular? Think of the millions of people that enjoy the services of hotels and restaurants, and you can begin to see why this is a multibillion-pound industry. Do you work in this sector? Then you know how important it is to store food in line with stringent regulations and guidelines. MT Cold Storage Solutions are cold storage experts and have many years of experience working with those in the hotel and restaurant sector. Our cold storage systems are an effective way to protect your food products and leave you free to concentrate on delivering excellent service to your customers.

The Importance of An Efficient Cold Storage Room

The importance of an efficient cold storage system can never be overstated. When food is stored and maintained at the correct temperatures, the risk of food contamination is drastically reduced. As you know, cold temperatures slow down the growth of bacteria. It is well known that temperatures below 5°C are recommended for chilled food and our cold storage rooms efficiently maintain optimum temperature levels. No restaurant or hotel wants to deal with problems associated with food poisoning – it could irreparably damage your reputation and your business. Installing one of our bespoke cold storage rooms will be a wise investment, both now and in the long-term. We can help to create a refrigeration unit to meet and even exceed your business requirements.

A Design to Suit You

As you are in the restaurant or hotel industry, your refrigeration requirements are unique to you. What if you need sizeable cold storage facilities? Then our industrial cold storage rooms could be perfect for you. In addition to keeping your food products at the perfect temperature, people can easily walk in it and vehicles, including forklift trucks, can gain entry as well. We can design any configuration to suit you. Do you prefer to install a modular cold room? The panels are constructed in such a way which makes it easy to clean. These virtual flatpack designs are quick to install and can be created to attain any temperature that you require. The beauty of our cold room systems is that you can add to them, or change the configuration of them as and when required.

Our Cold Storage Systems Can Save You Money

Our cold storage systems are incredibly energy efficient. We use a PIR insulation core which offers the highest level of insulation performance. Think what this can mean for your hotel or restaurant. Although you may heavily use your new MTCSS cold storage facility, you can have peace of mind knowing that it is exceptionally energy efficient, thereby saving your company money. So, why not seriously consider installing one of our premium cold storage rooms? You will never regret it.

For more information, or to have your questions answered, please contact us on our website. Why not take advantage of our online enquiry form today? We look forward to hearing from you.


How to keep your Meat Lean using our Industrial Cold Room Storage Equipment?

Industrial cold rooms are a perfect addition to a commercial kitchen or food business, helping to keep meat, fruits, vegetables, and other foods perfectly cool and safe for consumption or processing.

When professionally installed by a high end cold storage team, you’ll have no worries whatsoever about keeping your meat completely cool and at a safe temperature for use or consumption. This is the most efficient way to make sure that your meat is stored appropriately, and the best way to guarantee that your foods never spoils too quickly.

Of course, you need to make sure that you’re taking advantage of all the big benefits that the right cold room freezer facilities have to offer, especially when it comes to keeping meat fresh and useable going forward. A contamination of your meat can cause cross contamination everywhere in the freezer – or anywhere else in the restaurant/commercial kitchen – and that’s when things can go wrong.

Here are some of the advantages of the best industrial cold rooms that we have to offer, specifically when it comes to keeping your meat safe and useable going forward.

Let’s dive right in!

Plenty of space for air circulation, keeping meat cold and safe while in cold storage

One of the most important – and often overlooked – aspects of keeping the meat you have in your cold storage space fresh is making sure that your food has plenty of room to allow proper air circulation.

When your food (especially meat, which can be wet and sticky – a perfect breeding ground for bacteria at the wrong temperatures) – is stacked too closely together, or kept too close to your other food and ingredients in the storage, spoilage and contamination goes through the roof.

With our cold room freezer facilities, you don’t have to worry about that becoming a problem!

Instead you’ll find plenty of room to make sure that the meat you’re storing can breathe and is aired out properly, all of which will have a significant impact on your food keeping for longer than it would have otherwise.

Energy efficient power system allows you to keep your meat storage at perfect temperatures without adding to food costs.

Of course, the best meat storage solution isn’t going to be all that effective for your business and your bottom line unless it is energy efficient and cheap to run around the clock.

You always want to make sure that you have your food costs under control (especially if you are running a professional kitchen), but you also need to be able to inexpensively run your meat storage solution 24/7 without any bumps or blackouts along the way.

The right system is going to draw plenty of power for maximum cool temps – controlled completely by you, of course – without sucking so much power than the cost of running it (and the total cost of ownership) shoots through the roof.

Properly installed industrial cold room facilities help you better optimise and organise your restaurant or food business.

At the end of the day, the best meat storage industrial cold rooms are going to require professional setup and installation so that you’re able to get the most out of them.

Well, that just happens to be right up our alley!

MTCSS have years and years of experience assisting businesses large and small with all of their industrial cold room facility’s needs. If you’re looking for a great service that can help you pick out or design the cold storage you need we are here to help. We can also help you install and properly setup this kind of equipment, we’re happy to help in every way that we’re able to.

What are the different types of food that can be stored in a cold room?

Meeting the cold storage needs of modern business requires a smart plan and an experienced team capable of getting the job done.  Whether you are in food and drink manufacturing, horticulture, warehousing, pharmaceuticals, hotels, restaurants, or one of the dozens of industries that require cold storage, MTCSS can meet your needs.  Providing flexible cold storage solutions designed around your available space and specific requirements, they have the answer.

A common question that we sometimes get involves cold storage and food.  In particular, individuals have wanted to know what types of food can be stored in a cold room.  Let’s take a moment to answer this question and provide you with several options offered by MTCSS.

Food That Can Be Stored in A Cold Room 

Consider your fridge for a moment.  What is the interior temperature?  When it comes to cold room freezer storage, a lot has to do with the temperature.  If kept above freezing but cold enough to slow down bacterial growth, then the majority of food out there will be able to be stored in a cold room.  You may want to consider separate cold storage rooms if you have products that are capable of absorbing the flavours of things around them.  For example, basil is commonly not put in cold rooms with other food because it absorbs the flavour of everything around it.

As there are only a few categories of food that should not be stored in a cold room, let us list them.  Tropical and subtropical fruit will commonly not do well in a walk in cold room.  This includes things like avocadoes, and bananas.  In addition, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, melons, and garlic all are known to do poorly in colder temperatures.  Honey, bread, and fresh herbs will also do poorly in cold storage rooms.  Storing these items in a cold room will affect the texture of the food.

MTCSS & Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems 

Known for their cold storage solutions, MTCSS is a trusted name in cold storage.  Providing building contractor services, refrigeration contractor’s end users services, and a cold storage enclosure provider, MTCSS is responsible for overseeing every aspect of the cold storage installation.  Their supply of cold storage rooms includes industrial cold rooms, modular cold rooms, refrigerated doors, industrial doors, spare parts, and maintenance.

Handling food in an intelligent manner, the walk in cold rooms designed by MTCSS takes into account proper food storage.  The storage for food is between 10-18C and included sealed joint gaps to help prevent bacteria.  Tight walls and floor junctions along with durable surfaces that can be repeated cleaned and disinfected means that you have an easier to manage storage space.  With non-toxic, smooth, durable, and impervious finishes on all surfaces, condensation and mould are prevented.  Cold room freezers are typically from -40-0C while the walk in chillers are from 0-5C.  Aiding in proper food storage, all the cold storage rooms are fibre free, hygienic, fire safe, airtight, and guarantee thermal bridging.

Our process is straightforward and designed for your convenience.  It begins with an initial chat where we discuss what your needs are and how we can help.  From there, we go through the requirements gathering and then work through detailed estimates and project planning.  The manufacturing, installation, and testing follow.

MTCSS:  Make Cold Storage Simple 

Don’t let cold food storage be more complicated than it needs to be.  Instead go with a trusted name in walk in cold rooms and benefit from their time, expertise, and top quality cold storage rooms.  Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to continue the conversation.

5 Benefits of a Cold Storage Room

A cold storage room is a great place to store fruits and vegetables, as well as other products, as they prolong the life and help prevent spoilage of foods. Cold Rooms are a great idea as they will keep items much cooler than regular room temperature. This makes cold storage rooms and cooler rooms refrigeration a great choice for storing perishable items. There are several benefits that these units provide, they are also beneficial for both personal and business use.

A Wide Range of Benefits

1. A Range of Uses

Cold storage rooms are temperature adjustable, they can be used for different functions by adjusting the temperature to change from a drying room to help control the moisture content of the products being stored to a blast freezer. These units are airtight, they will also help to protect your products from extreme temperature and weather changes that will happen outside of the unit. Another great thing about these containers having an adjustable temperature range is that they can be used as a dehumidifier to help to dry out and control the moisture content when dry storage is needed. The temperatures inside most of these units can be adjusted from a low of negative thirty degrees Celsius to a plus thirty degrees Celsius. Simply set the unit to the preferred temperature and the cool storage unit will take care of the rest.

2. Customisable sizes and settings

Cooler rooms refrigeration technology has developed to the point where many different sizes and types are available for your particular need. These custom units can be fitted with the correct refrigerant system to meet the particular needs you may have. You may not need a unit that is constantly working at a freezing temperature to keep your products frozen. If this is the case a refrigeration unit is available to keep your products dry and cool. Not only can you select different refrigeration types, these units can be constructed to any shape, as well as the particular size you may need. Portable units and permanent stationary units are available in many sizes.

3. Freeing up space

Having enough space and storage is a constant challenge we all face at home and at work. Depending on the type of business you have, a cold storage room is an added challenge we face. Inside coolers can take up space that can otherwise be used for other purposes such as food preparation and cooking. Not only do these inside coolers take up a lot of space they can also raise the temperature of the rooms they are located in because of the extra heat that is produced while they are in operation. The fans and compressors of these units develop heat while they are in operation. This extra heat is eliminated from the room if a cold storage unit is used outside of the building. Not only can the elevated room temperature be a factor, the noise level can also be affected. The noise of the constant running can be eliminated from the room when an outside cold storage room is used.

4. Backup Capabilities and Accessibility

Not only will a cold storage room provide an extra storage area they can also be used for added protection of your products. When you have the threat of losing electricity, the contents of the coolers and refrigerators can be moved into the cold storage area. The airtight construction of a cold storage room will allow the temperature of the area to remain at a lower and a constant temperature for a longer period of time. This will allow you to store more products for longer in the event of an electrical outage. Cold storage rooms can also be set up to meet the storage needs you require. By adding wire shelving racks any storage task can be accomplished. Free-standing storage racks can be used so they can be moved in and out as the storage needs change. Wire racks are great to use because fresh air can constantly surround the products that are stored on the wire rack.

5. Saving Money

We all have to throw away food and other products that spoil because we do not store them adequately. Cooler rooms refrigeration will help you to save money by keeping the spoils to a minimum. A cold storage room can keep fruits and vegetables at the correct temperature while controlling the moisture level to help extend the life of the fresh produce longer until it can be used. This will help to minimise waste and save money. Fruits left at room temperature can spoil quickly. If you grow your own fruits and vegetable a cold storage room can keep your harvest fresher and longer. Cold storage rooms will also benefit you if you purchase your fruits and vegetables in bulk. Furthermore, they can be used to extend the life of other bulk materials such as flour, sugar and other cooking ingredients. Canned goods can be kept longer and protected from spoilage as well by keeping them from coming in contact with direct lighting.

Another way cold rooms save you money is through your energy bills. An efficient, well run cold room will cost less to run than other forms of cold storage such as multiple traditional fridges and freezers.

Contact MTCSS For Your Cold Storage Needs

Whatever your storage needs are you may want to consider adding cooler rooms refrigeration or a cold storage room to your home or business. Regardless of how large or small your cold storage room needs to be, here at MTCSS, we can offer the perfect industrial cold storage room or modular coldroom for you.  Our cooler rooms refrigeration units can be custom designed to fit your personal needs and preferences and our team of experts can provide tailored advice on the best solution for you.

If you need any more details please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01886 481 041. You can also get a free quote by submitting your details and comments to our online contact form. Alternatively, reach out to us via We will be delighted to provide you with any additional information you require.

Why is White Wine best served chilled

If you’re a fan of white wine, you’ll know it’s best served straight from the fridge rather than at room temperature like its red counterpart. But do you know why white wine is best served chilled and that some white wines taste nicer when served at different temperatures?

The right temperature for the right taste
There are many reasons why you should serve wines at different temperatures, particularly white wines. If it’s too warm, the alcohol taste will take over and the wine will taste a bit flat. Too cold and you’ll taste the tannins. Ideally, you only need a couple of hours to chill a bottle of white to the right level from room temperature.

What temperature is right for particular wines?
If your favourite tipple is a sparkling bubbly or a light Pinot Grigio, 40o– 50o is ideal. That’s because bubbles are kept fine rather than frothy in between these temperatures and anything sweet, such as desert wine, also tastes better. Any whites with a bit more body will benefit from being chilled to 50o – 60o. White wines are best served chilled as it lets the fruitiness come to the fore making them taste more pleasant and refreshing.

How do you know when a bottle’s at the correct temperature?
An easy way to check if your wine’s at the correct temperature is with a digital thermometer. You can pick one up relatively cheaply and it will tell you instantly whether your bottle’s cold enough. If you need to cool it down quickly, pop the bottle into the freezer or an ice bucket for about 15 minutes. And if it’s a bit too cold, most wines will warm up when you hold the glass in your hands or if you place it in a container of warm water.

Let your wine warm up after opening
Once you’ve poured your first glass, leave the wine out to breath and sweat a bit as it warms up. This lets the wine’s character change a touch along with the flavour and makes for a really enjoyable experience. The only exception to this is sparkling white wine as this should always be served very cold. If you don’t finish your bottle, put in back in the fridge and follow the process again next time you drink it.

Cold Storage Hazards

When you’re dealing with cold storage, there can be hazards involved. Some of these can result in goods being lost so it’s in your best interests to be aware of them and monitor your cold storage for potential issues. So let’s have a look at the most common hazards and how you can minimise them.

Packaging is key. Always check any goods you store are properly packaged. Look out for holes in the packaging and make sure the right film wrap is used whether you’re involved in cold storage haulage or warehousing.

How you store goods is really important too. Incorrect storage could mean your products will freeze when they’re not meant to. If this happens, check your evaporator coils are set at the right temperature or positioned correctly. Pallets of goods need to be stacked so the air can flow evenly around them, and remember to leave a bit of a space between them and the walls. If they’re stored too close to the walls, freezing might occur.

Humidity can also be a big problem in cold storage. You’ll know if you’re suffering from this as some of your goods will shrivel. The good news is it’s relatively simple to solve, and installing a few more evaporator coils should do it. Sometimes wooden storage crates are to blame for shrivelling too, as they can suck the moisture from the air and whatever’s stored in them. If this happens, change the container and thoroughly dry the products before you store them. Occasionally, certain agricultural products are more likely to shrivel than others so it’s worth doing a bit of homework about the best way to store these.

Another serious problem is condensation. This will occur on either the outside or inside of the packaging. It can be caused by warm air hitting the packaging which you can sort out by simply moving them somewhere else. And don’t forget to check products near to where you’re experiencing condensation as it could be water dripping from them – or evaporator coils – on to the goods that’s causing the problem. If this is the case, move the goods and make sure you’ve got somewhere for the excess water to drain from the floor.




Unusual uses of Refrigeration.

We all know refrigeration units – or fridges – are meant to be used for keeping food and drink cold. Some items go off quickly if they’re not kept cold and everybody has a fridge in their home today.

But it appears there’s other uses for fridges that often don’t involve anything edible. Here are some of the most weird and wonderful.

  1. Storing medical supplies – this isn’t advised as most domestic or commercial refrigerators don’t have the sensitive settings of medical ones but nonetheless, it has been known.
  2. Keeping dead cats in – this is actually true. A medical school in the US asked a nearby restaurant if it could look after some cat corpses safe until its medical students could pick them up.
  3. Separating gasses – now for the sciency bit. In the petrochemical industry, gasses need to be chilled down to -150C to separate through fractional distillation. Specialist refrigeration units have to be used to do this.
  4. Creating ice rinks – skaters and ice hockey players no longer have to wait for Mother Nature to do her thing as ice rinks can be created through refrigeration by simply freezing water directly onto a floor.
  5. Cheating death – many people believe it’s possible to escape the clutches of the Grim Reaper by being cryogenically frozen and thawed out sometime in the future, provided there’s someone around who knows how to do it.
  6. Helping hedgehogs hibernate – surprisingly a refrigerator can be a great place for hedgehogs, tortoises, snakes, lizards and even bats to sleep safely through the winter. A fridge offers a perfect environment to hibernate as it will stay constantly at around 3-5C. Special boxes can be bought but make sure you don’t get them mixed up with your leftovers.
  7. Brewing your own beer – if you strip the shelves and compartments out of a fridge (probably best to use and old one) making a tasty tipple is easy. Make sure your fermenters fit inside and your ale will brew quite nicely as the fridge keeps the temperature constant.
  8. Storing some surprising items – it’s amazing what everyday household items you can store in the fridge. In fact, some of them last longer or work better if you do. Batteries won’t drain as fast as the coldness stops electrolyte fluid inside them draining; ladies tights extend their life and won’t be as likely to run; laundry popped in the fridge will be free of dust mites; lipstick won’t go bad as quickly, fresh flowers stay fresher longer after a spell in the chiller, and you can even open an envelope you sealed by mistake before you stuffed the cheque inside.

Where can the biggest fridges in the world be found?

Fridges come in all sizes whether you need a small fridge to keep your beer cold or a huge industrial fridge to keep the food needed for a restaurant chilled. Some however are truly enormous, so where are the biggest fridges in the world found?

You might be surprised to learn that, according to The Guinness Book of Records, the largest fridge in the world is actually located in the Hadron Collider. This magnificent machine has 9,300 magnets inside it which need to be cooled to -271.3C to keep it operating. It achieves this feat by adding 10,800 tonnes of liquid nitrogen and 60 tonnes of liquid helium. That’s a lot of effort to keep it cold!

The Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market is also one of the biggest fridges in the world. In fact, it’s nicknamed the ‘world’s largest refrigerator’ thanks for the most part to its 2,800 tonne refrigeration system. Articulated lorries can back up to the facility and deliver fresh produce straight into a fridge and members of the public and traders can buy direct from the stall holders inside.

Over in Russia, there’s another of the world’s largest fridges. This chilled behemoth in the city of Samara was converted from a mine in 1939 when the Soviet authorities decided to store fishes in it during the Second World War. Today, it can hold 16,400 tonnes – or 200 railway carriages – of food at any one time in underground stores cooled to -26C by Freon gas-powered refrigeration units.

Outside of the scientific and industrial worlds, you probably won’t be surprised to learn it’s the Americans that have the biggest fridges in their homes. The average size of a domestic fridge in the USA is a whopping 22.5 cubic feet, compared to Europe where it’s a much-more slender 9.7 cubic feet. Stores such as Sears and Walmart sell massive refrigerator units that can measure over 30 cubic metres which that means American families can fit large pizza boxes whole inside their fridges and store more food than ever before. It’s also said some domestic fridges in the USA can hold a whole cow though definitely this isn’t the norm.






Ways to avoid Frozen Foods sticking to your Tongue and why does It happen In the first place?

Whether it’s an ice cube or a frozen lolly, most of us are familiar with the painful feeling that your tongue is stuck. Although you can often get free by applying some gentle heat or, in the case of an ice cube, even just waiting for it to melt, it can save you a lot of hassle and potential pain if you just learn how to avoid it in the first place!

As with a lot of things, the best way to avoid this awkward situation is to understand what makes it happen in the first place. We doubt that many of you have gone out with the intention of sticking your tongue to that bag of frozen peas (or flag pole if we’re living in the movies!)… so what causes it?

Well, it’s all down to science – and, more specifically, something called ‘thermal conductivity’, which causes heat to transfer from a relatively warm object to a colder one. In the case of your tongue getting stuck to frozen food, the ice is taking some of the heat away from it. In turn, this leaves you with frozen saliva, and that’s the culprit responsible for leaving you stuck!

So How Do I Avoid It?

The principle of thermal conduction shows that the exact temperature of the food in question is a highly relevant factor, so one option would be to allow it to warm up a little before you try and take a bite.

We also know that it’s the saliva that actually freezes, not the tongue itself, so if you can avoid producing too much then you may be able to limit the problem. Of course, not many of us are experts at timing when we salivate, especially when there’s some delicious looking food to enjoy.

Just remember that while getting your tongue stuck to frozen food is pretty rare and generally harmless, the same thing can also happen with metal surfaces… and that can have a far more serious impact. Hopefully it goes without saying that the best way to avoid getting your tongue stuck to anything worse than a snow cone is simply not to put it there in the first place!

Good luck using these great tips, and just remember that if your tongue does get stuck don’t panic – you can warm it up, wait for it to melt or get a friend to help you get free.