Importance of Horticultural Cold Storage Rooms

M T Cold Storage Solutions have a wealth of experience, boasting over 50 years of expertise: we’re sure to find you the very best solution, tailored to your specific requirements!

A horticultural cold storage room can hold cool air for prolonged periods of time, enabling you to create a more favourable environment for your crops.


Are you hoping to reduce the perishability of your fresh produce? A cold storage room could be perfect for you. Cold storage rooms are ideal for maintaining the freshness of crops, without compromising shelf-life!

MTCSS provide horticultural cold storage rooms to maximise space availability. With localised farms, there is usually limited space available, therefore, our cold storage rooms allow you to make the most of your facilities and store crops in an effective way.


Agricultural cold storage rooms are a safer alternative if you require something that reduces the contamination of chemicals and the production of bacteria within agriculture.

Is your agricultural produce prone to mould and pesticides?

MTCSS have a practical understanding of customer needs – no matter what concerns you may have – consider us at MTCSS! We have an abundance of knowledge and expertise when it comes to solving your storage problems – our cold storage rooms are perfect for maintaining the quality of your produce, ensuring it is safe to distribute to local businesses and customers!


Our cold storage agricultural rooms are highly efficient. Whether you want to expand the facilities you have or; you want to take on a greater workload, MTCSS provides efficient installation, allowing you to continue with your day to day duties without disruption! The process of installation is quick and reliable – don’t hesitate to Request a Free Quote Today!


At MTCSS, our Refrigerated Doors are suitable for agriculture. We also offer a wide variety of options to meet your specific requirements; our range includes hinged doors and sliding doors – these are apt for both high and low temperatures – making them extremely desirable for horticulture.

In addition to this, our Rapid Roll Doors offer functionality for your agricultural business, you can choose whether they are installed internally or externally. The speed of the roll doors is quick, which is effective for reducing the loss of heat from the cold room, maintaining the idyllic temperature your horticultural and agricultural produce requires.


If you’re looking to produce large quantities of crops, have you considered a reasonable storage solution? How will you ensure that your crop production is safe and suitable? Can you guarantee that your produce has been stored at the appropriate temperature?

With an MTCSS agricultural cold room, you can maintain high-quality crops: you are in complete control of the storage conditions.

So, what are you waiting for?

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