Cold Storage Background

6 Tips For Cold Storage Efficiency

When it comes to cold storage efficiency, look no further than MTCSS! Here at MTCSS, we have a range of cold rooms available, whether it’s a chiller, freezer or holding room. Our industrial cold rooms can be tailored to suit your needs. And it’s inevitable you’ll want to maintain them, ensuring you receive the best value for money. But how is this possible?

Keep it clean

Remove any debris that may have built up since your cold room was installed. The condenser unit needs to be clean and free from debris otherwise it won’t work efficiently. The condenser in your cold room is responsible for removing heat, so you will need to ensure this is well-maintained for consistent high-quality performance.

Sealed doors

Cracked or broken doors will allow heat from outside to enter, making the cold room less efficient. If you notice your cold room door is damaged, it’s advisable you replace it as soon as possible – especially if your cold room is used for food or pharmaceutical storage!

React to discoloured ceilings and walls

Discolouration of the ceilings and walls of your cold room can indicate there is a fault and is a clear sign that something is wrong – therefore, MTCSS don’t advise you to use your cold room if walls or ceilings are discoloured. Check for cracks or structural damage and seek the advice of our professional team at MTCSS, you can call us today on 01886 833381.

Monitor temperature

The temperature of your cold room is an important factor and needs to be regularly measured and recorded. If there are any changes to the temperature, the quality and freshness of your products may be compromised.

MTCSS can help you to control heat loss and adhere to building, hygiene and fire safety standards and regulations.

How does it work?

Here at MTCSS, we will discuss exactly what you’re looking to achieve through the installation of a modular cold room and provide you with a fair estimate with a detailed project plan, making sure that we supply your cold room to suit your business’ individual needs! After this, MTCSS will install your cold room and test it is working efficiently – then you are all ready to go.

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Modular Coldroom

3 Industries that benefit from Modular Coldrooms

Modular Coldrooms are made up of individual panels to produce energy efficient coldrooms that maintain a desired temperature, from anywhere between -40 to +60 degrees Celsius and can be used by a whole host of industries for a variety of applications. In this article, we’ll outline how three different industries benefit from the use of modular coldrooms.

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The Food and Drink Industry

Within the food and drink industry hygiene is imperative and the use of modular coldrooms can allow you to control the temperature of the food and drink being stored, ensuring quality and taste. Modular coldrooms also provide you with increased space for your food and drink storage, allowing an even cooling of your produce.

The IT Industry

Most IT businesses will rely on servers and storage to run their applications and keep data safe but these technologies generate huge amounts of heat which can cause overheating, leading to downtime and revenue loss. But by using modular coldrooms you can create temperature cooling systems ensuring that your servers don’t overheat and put you and your client’s businesses at risk.

The Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

Medical products are required to be kept at certain temperatures by EU GDP Guidelines, and the use of modular coldrooms can help you ensure that your medical products are not effected by negative influences such as sunlight, moisture and extreme temperatures.

So, there you have it three very different industries that all benefit from the use of modular coldrooms. Why not request a quick and easy free quote from us today and see how we can help you with your modular coldroom needs!

Unusual uses of Refrigeration.

We all know refrigeration units – or fridges – are meant to be used for keeping food and drink cold. Some items go off quickly if they’re not kept cold and everybody has a fridge in their home today.

But it appears there’s other uses for fridges that often don’t involve anything edible. Here are some of the most weird and wonderful.

  1. Storing medical supplies – this isn’t advised as most domestic or commercial refrigerators don’t have the sensitive settings of medical ones but nonetheless, it has been known.
  2. Keeping dead cats in – this is actually true. A medical school in the US asked a nearby restaurant if it could look after some cat corpses safe until its medical students could pick them up.
  3. Separating gasses – now for the sciency bit. In the petrochemical industry, gasses need to be chilled down to -150C to separate through fractional distillation. Specialist refrigeration units have to be used to do this.
  4. Creating ice rinks – skaters and ice hockey players no longer have to wait for Mother Nature to do her thing as ice rinks can be created through refrigeration by simply freezing water directly onto a floor.
  5. Cheating death – many people believe it’s possible to escape the clutches of the Grim Reaper by being cryogenically frozen and thawed out sometime in the future, provided there’s someone around who knows how to do it.
  6. Helping hedgehogs hibernate – surprisingly a refrigerator can be a great place for hedgehogs, tortoises, snakes, lizards and even bats to sleep safely through the winter. A fridge offers a perfect environment to hibernate as it will stay constantly at around 3-5C. Special boxes can be bought but make sure you don’t get them mixed up with your leftovers.
  7. Brewing your own beer – if you strip the shelves and compartments out of a fridge (probably best to use and old one) making a tasty tipple is easy. Make sure your fermenters fit inside and your ale will brew quite nicely as the fridge keeps the temperature constant.
  8. Storing some surprising items – it’s amazing what everyday household items you can store in the fridge. In fact, some of them last longer or work better if you do. Batteries won’t drain as fast as the coldness stops electrolyte fluid inside them draining; ladies tights extend their life and won’t be as likely to run; laundry popped in the fridge will be free of dust mites; lipstick won’t go bad as quickly, fresh flowers stay fresher longer after a spell in the chiller, and you can even open an envelope you sealed by mistake before you stuffed the cheque inside.