split and monoblock refrigeration system

What is the difference between Split and Monoblock refrigeration systems?

A refrigeration system is a unit which ensures that your goods are protected through the correct temperature flow, by eradicating heat and introducing cold air to ensure that the refrigerated contents are preserved efficiently.

If you are looking to implement a refrigeration system for your business, then you should understand the components of the system. These should include the following:

  • A thermostatic expansion valve, which is used to regulate the amount of refrigerant that reaches the evaporator
  • An evaporator, which removes unwanted heat away from all refrigerated goods
  • A capacity control system, which is used to regulate energy and power consumption
  • A compressor to ensure that heat vapour is compacted enough to be released with ease
  • A condenser that expels heat from the refrigerant, in order to cool the condensation within the refrigeration system and return the vapour back to liquid
  • A receiver, which works to preserve and seal the liquid vapour that is created, thus ensuring that a constant temperature is maintained

Although most refrigeration systems work the same and have almost the same components, there are a range of different refrigeration systems that you must consider when installing your industrial cold room. These include Split and Monoblock refrigeration systems, which are similar in many ways, although they do have an array of differences.

In this blog, we will answer any frequently asked questions, as well as establish the clear differences between Split and Monoblock refrigerated systems to ensure that you have all the information you need to invest in your own refrigerated unit.

Split refrigeration systems

A split refrigerant system consists of two separate units, which work together to remove hot air from the inside and replace with cooler air from the outside, thus creating the ideal temperature for your cold room.

Whilst split refrigeration systems can be effective, they are a lot more intricate than Monoblock refrigeration systems, therefore you would have to instruct an engineer to perform the installation and this can incur a substantial fee.

Monoblock refrigeration systems

In contrast to a split refrigeration system, Monoblock refrigeration units are combined and compact fixtures – making them ideal for when you have limited fitting room available. They can easily be fitted on to the ceiling or on a nearby wall in order to maximise space.

Here at MTCSS, we offer several high-quality Kide Monoblock systems that are ideal for industrial and commercial applications. These refrigeration systems are all made to fit in restricted spaces and are usually fitted on ceilings or walls to accommodate more space.  We currently stock the following Monoblock refrigeration systems:

  • The EMR KideRoof is a high-performance system intended for use in small spaces, where a small volume of goods needs to be refrigerated. It benefits from a thermostatic expansion valve and a hot gas defrost function.
  • The EMF KideRoof Centrifugal is also built for compact refrigeration and can be used for low to medium temperatures. This system includes a centrifugal fan, which is used to remove hot air and therefore avoids a build-up of condensation.
  • The EMB KideBlock is the perfect refrigeration system when a medium volume of goods need to be refrigerated. It benefits from a thermostatic expansion valve and is extremely efficient and waterproof, making it the ideal application for your cold room.
  • The EMC KideBlock Centrifugal is one of the latest Kide products. It offers a wide range of benefits and, thanks to its multi-functional abilities, it can expel defrosted water (via evaporation) whilst also steadily maintaining electronic control.

All of our refrigerant Monoblock systems are the ideal fit for any sized cold room, where the temperature-controlled preservation of goods is necessary. They can lead to improvements in productivity and profitability for the end-user and are a highly worthwhile investment.

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What is the Kide Monoblock?

Kide Monoblocks are a sort of packaged, complete refrigeration unit manufactured by Kide, a Spanish refrigeration company specialising in the design and production of efficient cooling solutions.

Designed to fit neatly onto the ceiling of a cold room or mount on the wall to maximise available space, a Kide Monoblock can be ordered to provide refrigeration to chillers or freezers, and comes already complete, with no need to assemble or order multiple components before use. Pre-charged with refrigerant, it simply needs to be connected to a power supply and it’s ready to go to work!

Well suited to cold rooms or walk-in freezers with limited space, Kide monoblocks are universally fixed to the ceiling or through the walls of the cold room, reducing the amount of space which the refrigeration unit consumes and maximising available room. With the monoblock connected up out of the way, you will have more room for goods and can operate a more efficient, more profitable business.

Another advantage of a Kide Monoblock is its adaptability. Each one comes with a programmable temperature display to ensure the exact right conditions in your cold room, and many of the monoblocks available from MTcss are also equipped with voltage protectors, warning lights and automatic defrosting, keeping them at peak operating ability for longer and reducing the time and money spent maintaining them.

Maintenance is made even easier with automatic evaporation of defrosting water in the Kideroof Centrifugal Monoblock and select others, while ceramic filter dryers and probe alerts which warn you when the condenser needs to be cleaned prevent any problems from developing.

In short, a Kide Monoblock is a self-contained, packaged refrigeration unit which fits onto the ceiling or wall of your cold room, minimising required space, and comes ready to use. Its sturdy construction and a range of features designed to automate maintenance or assist it as much as possible make the Kide Monoblock an excellent choice for long-lasting, high-quality refrigeration. Ideal for small or medium-sized cold rooms or walk-in chillers, monoblocks are quick to install and easy to use, and a range are available depending on your requirements, from through-wall models and roof-mounted chillers to freezer-capable refrigeration units and chiller units suited to higher temperatures. Don’t settle for less than the best – a Kide Monoblock could be the perfect cooling solution your business is looking for!

If you are interested in ordering a Kide Monoblock for your cold room or walk-in freezer, you can get in touch with MTcss by calling them on 01886 833381 or visiting their website and using their contact form. You can also get in contact with MTcss on the same details to enquire about a quote for a Kide Monoblock based on your requirements, or simply to ask for some advice on whether a Monoblock is the right solution for you based on your needs – and, if so, which one suits you best.

The refrigeration experts on the other end of the line will be happy to help you find a Kide Monoblock cooling solution that perfectly fits your requirements!