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What are Nergeco Doors and How Can They Help My Business?

From food and drink manufacturing and retailing to the pharmaceutical and laboratory industry; as a business owner, we understand, your main priority is to store your products in the safest, most reliable and energy-efficient way possible. It doesn’t matter which sector your business falls under, an energy-efficient storage unit can only be achieved with a purpose-designed door – a door that is high-performing and fast-acting and adapted to meet the specific needs of your trade.

This is where Nergeco Entrematic comes in. As a world-leading manufacturer of high-speed automatic doors, Nergeco offers an industrial door solution that prevents energy loss at all stages of operation, streamlining the efficiency of your workplace and making sure that your business performs as well as possible. MT Cold Storage Solutions are absolutely delighted to be a UK agent for Nergeco Entrematic and we believe their quality and performance cannot be beaten!

What is a Nergeco Door?

Nergeco Entrematic are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-speed automated industrial doors, with interior and exterior door options to fit any requirements you may have. Whether you’re looking for a high-speed insulated freezer door to provide efficient access to a walk-in freezer or a rapid-rise clean room door which minimises exposure to the outside world, Nergeco doors are safe, reliable and fast-acting automatic doors.

Why Do I Need a Nergeco Door?

An industrial door is a crucial part of your storage strategy, improving the flow of goods in a safe and high-performance manner and – in some instances – increasing thermal insulation. Nergeco currently offer a wide range of external flexible folding doors and interior high-speed flexible doors and, although they differ in terms of their particular specification and potential applications, they often meet three main requirements; enhanced insulation, access, and adaptation.

Here we take a look at the main advantages of a Nergeco Entrematic Door and explore how they could benefit you and your business.


Without adequate insulation, a door may present a sort of chink in your storage room’s thermal armour. Heat may enter through the door, raising the internal temperature of the room and causing the cooling unit to work harder in response, potentially failing. It’s the business-scale equivalent of leaving the refrigerator door open, and it can have very expensive consequences.

So how can a Nergeco Door help? Some types of Nergeco Door offer thermal insulation. They prevent heat from slipping into the room through any of the main energy transfer methods – including conduction, convection and radiation. Due to their fast-acting nature, the door also opens at the last moment and closes twice as fast as a standard door, thus reducing both energy consumption and the risk of air exchanges. In fact, in a recent study by the CETIAT laboratory, this high-speed feature of a Nergeco door was shown to significantly reduce energy consumption.


Industrial doors – especially those used in busy thoroughfares such as an industrial warehouse – need to have quick, easy access. Ideally, they need to reduce the amount of time that the door remains open, thus letting staff and products to move quickly and ultimately increasing the efficiency of your business. An industrial door also needs to be able to accommodate the sort of traffic it will face, allowing easy (and uncomplicated) access for trolleys, forklifts, and much bigger vehicles. And as you may have already guessed, a Nergeco Door ticks all of these boxes.


Industrial storage units must be durable enough to stand up to the demands of everyday business use, providing a service that can be fully relied upon. After all, if something was to go wrong with your storage unit and you could not supply products for your customers, the integrity of your business would be at risk. That’s why, here at MTCss, we only stock industrial doors that can withstand commercial use, such as the Nergeco door – a reliable multi-composite or steel door which automatically rolls or folds up and out of the way of any forklifts or trolleys, avoiding damage and ensuring a long working life.

What Sets Nergeco Doors Apart from Other Cold Room Doors?

Nergeco high-speed doors can be held apart from other industrial doors thanks to the advantages outlined above. Since it’s establishment over 35 years’ ago, Nergeco have become known as a technical leader across the world – a designer and manufacturer of high-quality automatic industrial doors that adhere to the safest technological standards and are reliable, efficient, and easy to use.

Nergeco high-speed doors are fully automatic and roll or fold quickly up out of the way of oncoming workers or material, closing quickly behind them to minimise energy loss. Their rolling action prevents air disturbance and further reduces the amount of warm air that is able to enter the room, while their industry-leading insulation prevents energy loss while the door is closed.

Faster, better insulated, more reliable and designed for efficiency, it’s easy to see why Nergeco doors are one of the best in the world.

How Can a Nergeco Door Help My Business?

As mentioned above, Nergeco doors have a suite of advantages which ensure superior performance to other industrial door options. They are designed and engineered to minimise energy loss in various ways, with many designs offering excellent insulation and fast operation to reduce heat invasion and minimise the work which your cooling unit has to do. This helps to cut costs for your business, not only in electricity bills, but in maintenance and replacement of your cooling unit, which will last longer and avoid overwork thanks to your Nergeco door.

As well as these attributes, Nergeco high-speed doors are also optimised for rapid movement and automatic use, opening ahead of workers and closing behind, preventing your staff from having to wait and streamlining the operation of your business.

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Our Nergeco doors offer the ideal combination of speed, efficiency of access and adaptability, with full automation to provide maximum flexibility with regard to client needs – meeting Nergeco’s mission statement of “insulation, access and adaptation.” They are the safest and most reliable doors on the market and MT Cold Storage Solutions are proud to stock Nergeco doors.

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