Nergeco Lab Door

Can Nergeco Doors Help Your Business?

MTcss are proud to be a UK certified agent of Nergeco Doors, a world leading manufacturer of high speed insulating doors. Nergeco are the industry gold standard for both internal and external insulating doors thanks to a range of technologies and approaches, making their doors the best on the market for their three focus areas – Insulation, Access and Adaptation.

Nergeco doors are composed of a folding or rolling Intelligent Curtain®, designed and patented by the company, which works to reduce energy costs on several levels. The first and most constant energy-saving innovation used to by the Nergeco Intelligent Curtain is its passive insulating ability when closed. Modelled on the most successful insulation materials in the refrigeration industry, these doors preserve an isothermal barrier and prevent heat transfer, helping keep your chillers in excellent condition year in, year out.

Not content simply to create revolutionary chiller doors, Nergeco high speed doors can also be made to suit a variety of applications, from doors which separate a chilled and ambient environment without obstructing traffic, to an external door which works as a barrier to the climate at sizes up to 200m2 and from tightly-sealed laboratory doors and easy-clean, corrosion-resistant food service doors to high-speed insulating emergency exits. As a result of this versatility, a range of insulative properties are available for Nergeco high speed doors, allowing you to spend less time and energy achieving a workable chiller temperature and ultimately saving you money.

Nergeco High Speed Doors have one other major advantage when it comes to saving you money, however, and the clue is right there in the name: they open and close much faster than other insulating doors. With their high-speed automatic operation, Nergeco doors can cut your energy expenditure at each opening and closing cycle by as much as 30%!

Thanks to the design of the Intelligent Curtain®, this rapid opening and closing speed is coupled with safety and ease of use, as the automated door operator system will react to the presence of an employee and simply reopen. However, this high-speed door system will prevent most of the heat loss that occurs at the entryway to an isothermic environment, and help to prevent or mitigate the effects of thermal shock on your products or equipment, helping prevent wear and tear not only on your equipment, but your stored items as well.

Nergeco High Speed Doors have been the industry leader for years, and for good reason – their extremely adaptable formula means that they can provide the same great service at an exterior door, an interior door, a chiller door, an emergency exit and many more, while their revolutionary speed and ease of use makes them a perfect solution to energy loss at the entrances to your chilled areas. Able to operate without obstructing traffic, even areas with high footfall or frequent deliveries will be able to minimise the amount of time spent exposed to the outer climate and prevent roadblocks in the way of your personnel. The question isn’t whether they can help your business – it’s “can your business afford not to have Nergeco High Speed Doors?”