Choosing A Cold Room Door

Your cold room door can all too easily become an afterthought when you are choosing and installing cold storage – but it is a vital component of your insulation strategy and has a major effect on the efficiency of workers using your cold storage area. That’s why MT Cold Storage Solutions stocks such a wide range of cold room door solutions – from hinged or sliding thermal insulated doors and cold room curtains to insulated high speed and roller shutter doors – to ensure all of our customers can find an door solution that fits their needs perfectly, saves them energy and streamlines their business!

Reasons to Invest in an Insulated Cold Room Door

A cold room door helps to prevent heat energy from creeping into your cold room, whether by conduction, convection or radiation. Conduction and radiation are stopped by the high-quality insulating materials of the door itself, while quick, easy operation and secure closing facility means that convection currents never have the chance to become established.

Without a thermal insulated door, it is likely that your cold storage won’t be anywhere near as effective or efficient as it could be, and you’re likely to suffer the consequences in increased electricity bills, reduced cold storage quality and disappointed customers. Don’t leave out one of the most important parts of your cold room insulation – make sure the door is up to the task!

What Sorts of Cold Room Door are There?

MT Cold Storage Solutions offers a wide range of cold storage solutions to our customers, with cold room doors and access solutions available to suit any needs. No matter what the requirements of your business, MTCss has a cold storage door solution that can meet those needs and provide an unbeatable level of insulation! The cold room doors and curtains available from MTCSS include, but are not limited to:

Cold Room Hinged Doors

Manufactured by industry leaders, MTH, our fantastic range of Insulated Hinged Doors are ideal for use in the food and drink manufacturing and retail industry, warehousing and logistics, and more. They are perfect for both chiller and freezer cold rooms; CSI handle certified and suitable for cold temperatures up to – 45°C. We can also provide all spares and parts for this hinged door range, thus ensuring that your door works to maximum efficiency all-year-round.

Cold Room Sliding Doors

In areas where space is at a premium, or to accommodate trolleys, forklifts, or large levels of footfall, cold room sliding doors are the ideal solution for chiller or freezer applications. Simply sliding off to one side or up out of the way, a cold room sliding door provides rapid access to a cold storage area and doesn’t cause large amounts of air disturbance when opening and closing, reducing the amount of warm air that enters the cold room with each use and preserving the interior temperature. MTCSS can also supply and install automatic cold room sliding doors to allow for increased efficiency and improved access.

Nergeco Doors

Nergeco Doors are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high speed rapid rise industrial doors. Thanks to revolutionary design and innovation from Nergeco Entrematic, these doors operate incredibly quickly, minimising exposure to external conditions and maximising energy efficiency. Rapid-acting and automatic, a Nergeco door streamlines the day-to-day operation of your business, making sure that workers and material can move freely through the cold storage area. Many designs often benefit from excellent insulating properties.

Providing unparalleled ease of access, reliability, safety, and insulation when necessary, Nergeco is a leading cold storage door manufacturer – contact us today to see what sets them apart!

Roller Shutter Doors

If a building or cold room is frequently accessed by members of staff, a roller shutter door may be the best option for you. Suitable for both internal and external use, this type of door combines high speed and efficiency with high-quality insulation and security. They are very low maintenance and they offer great value for money; in fact, roller shutter doors can often have economic benefits, such as reducing the amount of energy a business consumes on a day-to-day basis. Here at MTCss, we currently stock 3 types of roller shutter door, including standard, fire-resistant, and high speed.

Do I Need a Cold Room Door, Cold Room Curtains or Both?

A cold room insulated door offers optimal levels of security and solidity, whilst also providing excellent insulation properties. If your cold storage area requires constant access, easy access, or experiences heavy traffic, you may want to invest in a set of cold room curtains as well. Curtains should not be used as an alternative, but simply in conjunction with a cold room door – offering continuous insulation when the door is briefly and temporarily opened.

Cold Room Curtains

An excellent solution for busy cold storage areas or to separate one cold storage area from another, insulated cold room curtains provide a durable, cost-effective, efficient way to maintain insulation. Air movement is radically reduced as the curtains can allow workers to pass through with only the minimum opening, closing behind immediately, while the curtains can be fitted with viewing panels and other safety features to improve efficiency and safe operation.

At the same time, the expert engineering of the curtains themselves makes sure the cold storage area stays well-insulated and reduces energy loss. Cold room curtains from MTcss may be exactly what your business needs!

Contact MT Cold Storage Solutions for Cold Room Doors Today!

With a thermal insulated door from MTCss, you know that you’re getting industry-leading quality and cutting the costs of your cold storage operation with superior insulation!

If you would like more information about the cold room door solutions we have to offer, whether it’s cold room curtains, thermal insulated doors or rapid rise and roller shutter doors, you can get in touch with us at any time by calling our telephone number, 01886 833381 or sending us a direct message on our online contact form!  You can also use the same contact information to request a quote on any of our products and installation, to arrange a site visit, or to place an order.

The experts at the MTCss head office have decades of experience and have been at the forefront of the UK cold storage industry for years – they will be happy to answer any questions which you may have about our cold room doors and they can provide any advice on insulation and cold room setup which you might need to choose the ideal cold storage solution for your needs! Get in touch today and find out how our industry-leading cold storage solutions can help you.

Industrial Roller Shutter

5 Benefits of Roller-Shutter Doors

Roller-shutter doors are commonly seen in commercial or industrial settings where large areas must be chilled and kept cool, but where traffic is high, making it necessary for a specialist door system that will keep the temperature down but will not impede traffic flow and movement of material. In busy chilled environments, roller-shutter doors are the perfect choice thanks to offering the following benefits:

  1. High Speed Operation

Commercial roller-shutter doors are designed to open and close quickly, preventing any unnecessary loss of heat while still allowing easy transport and movement of people and material through the facility. The commercial roller-shutter doors available from MTcss are all available with an electric motor which allows easy and rapid operation, with gears allowing a controlled descent of the curtain and a manual override which lets operators work the door manually, if need be. However, manual use of the roller-shutter is much slower, making it less efficient for insulation and allowing easy transport through the area, so it should be used only when necessary.

  1. Fire Protection

As a steel-based door curtain, the roller-shutter doors from the MTcss Fire Resistant range are able to quickly close to seal off a fire area, and are constructed from interlocking galvanised steel bars, with galvanised steel coil casing and flame trap fascia provided to slow the spread of flames and prevent them rising too high. When closed, a steel fire resistant roller-shutter door is able to provide up to two hours of fire protection, up to a size of 7000mmx7000mm.

  1. Great Insulation

A roller-shutter door is the ideal door option for a chilled area or freezer area which experiences heavy traffic. Where other door types may take long periods of time to open or close, compromising the insulation of the chiller, roller-shutter doors open only as high as they are required and move quickly, without generating a draft. This allows them to preserve the insulation properties of the chiller even when the door is in operation!

When closed, roller-shutter doors provide excellent insulation, helping to save energy and keep the chiller cool.

  1. Security

A high speed insulated roller shutter door is a great choice for the access to a building, where a combination of fast, easy movement, great insulation and security are required. External roller-shutter doors can provide all of these features, with electrically-operated motors which facilitate quick opening and closing, steel curtains and locks which provide excellent security and industry gold standard insulation to maintain the internal temperature.

These high-speed roller shutters can be installed with automatic opening and closing, or with a smart control interface to allow maximum efficiency and security.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

When comes to efficiency and cost effectiveness in chilled rooms and buildings, it’s hard to beat roller shutters. With electric motors quickly opening and closing them, roller shutters keep the flow of traffic through the area moving, facilitating transport and preventing delays, while their superior insulation and quick turnaround time makes sure that your electricity bills stay as low as possible.

With maximum draught prevention, and low maintenance needs, roller-shutter doors help to keep your operation as cost-effective as it can be!

For more information on how Roller Shutter Doors may suit your business, call MTcss today on 01886 833381 or visit our Contact Page!

Introducing Kide Monoblocks

MTCSS is your go-to provider of refrigeration equipment for cold storage, so if you’re looking for the latest innovations, you’ve come to the right place!

We provide the Kide monoblocks to suit an array of industrial applications, ensuring that you have quality control. Our Kide monoblocks are designed to offer a suitable alternative for cold storage where there is limited space, they can either be mounted to the roof of the cold room or through-mounted. No matter what you’re looking for, MTCSS’s Kide monoblocks are guaranteed to provide you with extra space for your cold storage.

We have recently introduced a new range of products, including the Kide monoblocks; find out more about them here!

EMR Kideroof

The EMR Kideroof is ideal if you have a small volume of cold storage. These blocks will be mounted to the roof of your cold room where they’ll be out of the way and enable you to maximise the space you have available.

In terms of performance, the EMR Kideroof is reliable, it specialises in pressure control and is suitable for applications of medium and low temperatures.

EMB Kideblock

This is our compact cooling system for refrigeration. The EMB Kideblock is another monoblock which can control high and low pressures, ensuring that the optimal temperature is achieved.

As well as this, the EMB Kideblock is a Hermetic compressor meaning that it’s watertight and extremely efficient.

EMC Kideblock

MTCSS are always looking for opportunities to provide you with more reliable products and thanks to our latest introduction of Kide monoblocks, we can provide you with a more efficient refrigeration unit!

The EMC Kideblock has multi-functional properties, including the electronic control and evaporation of defrosting water. The design of the EMC Kideblock is convenient for a variety of industrial settings, offering a practical solution for a lack of cold storage space!

EMF Kideroof Centrifugal

Kide monoblocks are set to take industries by storm- our EMF Kideroof centrifugal is a compact addition to make to your cold room, extracting cold air efficiently.

These are best mounted to cold rooms and controlling condensation through the flick of a switch. Similar to the other Kide monoblocks, the EMF Kideroof centrifugal system offers hot gas defrost, making it ideal for various types of cold storage.

The EMF Kideroof Centrifugal can be installed quickly and easily and is designed to perform exceptionally well under pressure, allowing you to use it for longer.

Our range of monoblocks are suited to a variety of applications and can be adapted to suit your specific requirements if need be, simply speak to one of the experts, here at MTCSS, we will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements and provide you with an appropriate solution!

Call us today on 01886 833 381!

It’s A Knockout

MTCSS are not only expert cold room fitters, outstanding project managers and responsive engineers – we are also superhuman, sponge throwing, giant suit wearing, bouncy slide climbing Game Show Challenge winners! Well third place bronze medal winning runners up…

Taking on yet another challenge – this time outside the realms of cold storage – the team at MTCSS’ competitive nature prevailed, when they took down their rivals to take third place at It’s A Knockout!

The 80’s TV Show has been revamped for fun with family, friends and colleagues – the It’s A Knockout day at Malvern Rugby Club raised money for worthy causes, with over £4000 raised for Alzheimer’s UK, St Richard’s Hospice, Parkinson’s UK and MS Society UK.

The events of the day saw our very own Sam, one of the fabric engineers, take multiple dramatic tumbles over magic carpets in a giant suit – only to spectacularly take the win against the other giants!

The engineer’s continued to show their prowess, with Tony donning a penguin suit and taking part in, what can only be described as, penguin tag… Chasing one another round in circles, until only two were left standing. The final two penguins remaining were to try to take each other down, Last Man Standing style. The luck of the team held strong – and so did Penguin Tony – taking yet another win.

The team saw a wet soapy end to the day with every team member climbing over and throwing themselves down a bouncy slide repeatedly, whilst the weather had given up by then, the team’s spirit’s were still high and ready to take on anything thrown at them. Even more sponges.

A fun and messy day for all, the MTCSS team demonstrated why they are so successful as a team both in and out of work, whilst supporting and raising awareness for some amazing causes.

The WCCC Marquee

MTCSS 10th Anniversary Charity Summer Ball

MT Cold Storage Solutions celebrated its 10th Anniversary in May this year – hosting a spectacular Summer Ball.

They not only celebrated their business success with customers, suppliers and friends, but raised money for an incredible cause – Acorns Hospice.

After visiting Acorns Solihull and witnessing the amazing work they do every day, MTCSS wanted to support the charity and raise as much money as possible at the Ball.

Held at Worcestershire County Cricket Club, the evening started with champagne as the marquee flooded with guests whilst the MTCSS team started the sale of Raffle tickets. Following an introduction by our MD – Martin Borg – the guests sat down to a fantastic three course meal.

Joanne Danaher from Acorns Selly Oak led the speeches, bringing tears to many people’s eyes – her words really hitting home the importance of the charity’s work, and the life changing impact of donations from the public.

A surprise speech from Martin’s son, James, warmed the hearts of the guests – followed by a speech from Martin, thanking his customers, suppliers, friends, family and employees who have contributed to the company’s success.

With the formalities over, the raffle started – the lucky ticket winners got to choose from over 16 prizes, from a £600 travel voucher to a case of wine. The auction saw many hands in the air from the generous guests, with auction prizes ranging from a bottle of Pol Roger champagne to a signed WCCC cricket bat.

A huge thank you to all who donated the incredible prizes. Without their generosity we wouldn’t have been able raise as much as we did.

Raffle and auction complete, prizes collected and money counted – more drinks were poured and more shapes were thrown on the dancefloor as the DJ took centre stage. Ending on a high, all the guests had a laughter filled evening with the drinks flowing freely – and most importantly money raised for an incredible cause.

The evening was a huge success, raising £4,701.85 at the ball from donations, ticket sales, raffle tickets and the auction. With a total of £8083 being donated to Acorns, thanks to the generosity of Martin and everyone who attended and supported the evening.