Chiller & Freezer Cold Room Maintenance – What, Why & How? The Ultimate Maintenance Checklist



Does your business have an existing cold room (or maybe multiple cold rooms!) that is getting old and looking a little tired? Perhaps you’re thinking that a chiller or freezer cold room replacement might be looming in the future – but with a full cold room replacement, comes an outlay of costs.

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This is where MTCSS may be able to help. MTCSS not only offer cold storage room design and installation – we can also offer cold room refurbishment.

What Is Cold Room Refurbishment?

Cold room refurbishment is essentially the process of sprucing up your existing cold room! The MTCSS team will improve the efficiency of your chiller or freezer cold room, improve its aesthetics and its safety, ensuring it adheres to health and safety requirements.

Cold Room Refurbishment Versus. Cold Room Replacement

So why would you choose a cold room refurbishment over a cold room replacement. Well, this is dependent on the state of your existing cold room – if your bespoke or modular cold room is beyond the state of repair, a refurbishment won’t be viable.

Signs Your Cold Room Needs To Be Replaced Include:

  • Large gauges in the panels which effect the cold room insulation
  • Cold room panels are delaminating – where the steel skin starts to pull away from the foam core – effecting the insulation properties

Sometimes elements of your cold room may need to be replaced, but the main panels of the cold room are intact. For example, your cold room door may be damaged upon repair and need replacing, or your cold room floor or ceiling may need removing and replacing.

If you are able to refurbish your cold room, instead of opting for a brand-new cold storage construction, this could save you time and money. Building a new cold room would involving dismantling and disposing of the existing cold room and building an entirely new cold room system.

In comparison to the time and materials for a cold room refurbishment – a replacement can be far more costly and put your cold storage out of action for a longer period.

What Is Involved In A Cold Room Refurbishment?

To transform your tired and inefficient cold room into an optimally working and aesthetic cold storage solution – MTCSS will undertake a site survey to understand what needs to be done in order to make your cold room like new.

The MTCSS team will review various elements of your walk-in cold storage, including:

  • The cold room door – to see what cold room door furniture needs replacing, from cold room door handles and handle parts to door gaskets and profiles
  • The cold room wall and ceiling panels – to make sure the insulation properties are maintained. If there is minor damage such as dents, hygienic planking and wall protecting can be overlaid to protect the cold room panels and improve the aesthetics.
  • The cold room floor – if there is minor damage to floor panels, or the surface is uneven, non-slip sheets can be overlaid to improve the safety, appearance, and cleanliness
  • The MTCSS team will also check the lighting, sealing of the room and ensure everything is safe

Cold room refurbishment can save you time and money, whilst ensuring your walk-in chiller or freezer cold room is working efficiently, aesthetic in appearance, and adhering to health and safety requirements.

If you are interested in getting your cold room refurbished, or you’d like a survey to review your current cold room, get in touch with our team today! You can call us, email us at or fill in an enquiry form here!

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