Energy Saving Rapid Roll Doors

With the doors to your business unit continually opening and closing, speed of access can affect the efficiency of your business and the cost of heating the business unit or warehouse can also be affected. Many business owners want to know how rapid roll doors can help improve the ease of access and reduce energy costs.

With the ever increasing cost of fuel, companies and business owners are all doing everything necessary to insulate their premises and help reduce heat loss. This includes everything from installing insulated roller shutters for windows and doors to draft excluders and cavity wall insulation.

In addition to these energy saving initiatives, it is worth considering Rapid Roll Doors for your business premises. This is especially relevant when the door to your industrial warehouse or business unit is opening and closing repeatedly throughout the day. By installing a High Speed Doors that are able to open and close quickly, (around 1 metre per second) businesses can help reduce heat loss as well as increase the efficiency of their operation.


Rapid roll doors are an ideal solution for businesses that require ready access for cars, vans and delivery lorries into and out of their buildings and have been shown to significantly increase the productivity of businesses, as their effectiveness in opening and closing means that you don’t waste time waiting for the manual operation or normal roller shutters and

A Rapid Roll Door as the main vehicular entrance to your business unit not only improves efficiency of the workplace, it will also assist in reducing your energy costs. This is due to the speed they operate at, as they open and close so quickly there is much less time for heat to escape, thus maintaining the temperature in your building. This contrasts with standard roller shutters and doors which are slow in comparison and therefore allow much more heat to escape which results in your heating system having to pump out more warm air in order to maintain the temperature and to continually reheat the business unit.

Rapid roll doors are suitable for use both internally and externally and can be installed with a range of operational controls including:

  • Under floor induction loops.
  • Remote  Controls
  • Radar Sensors
  • Standard activation buttons/ ceiling mounted pull cords.       

 For use in all areas including:
· Industrial warehouses
· Supermarkets
· Loading bays
· Logistics buildings
· Cold storage

Internal Rapid Roll Door