Kide Modular Coldrooms

Easy to assemble and dismantle, Kide’s modular cold rooms use vertical panels giving you the choice of where to position your cold room door. The invisible joints and vertical panels give the cold storage a more aesthetic appearance, whilst ensuring it is easily cleaned and fully insulated.

Quick and Safe Joining System

The fastening system developed by KIDE, in addition to being quick and simple, guarantees perfect adjustment between vertical panels, as well as between vertical and ceiling panels.

Due to that, the insulation of the cold Room is total. The KIDE joint system is as simple to loosen as to adjust, and facilitates dismantling quickly in case of need.

Design at the Service of the Installer

The KIDE MODULAR COLDROOM, not only makes the assembly and dismantling easy with total insulation, but also gives a cleaner aesthetic design by hiding the joints.

KIDE has developed an exclusive system for joining vertical panels with ceiling panels. This system results in important advantages:

  1. Ease of assembly and dismantling: The union system with the joints between the panels goes in vertical sense, allowing the ceiling to be assembled after assembling the vertical panels and to be dismantled without unfastening the joints.
  1. A perfect aesthetic sense thanks to the invisible joints: The vertical panel goes from the floor up to the ceiling in one piece. Its union with the ceiling panel is made through a single joint which, thanks to our exclusive joint system becomes invisible, giving perfect aesthetics.
  1. Great ceiling stability: The horizontal panel is supported 55mm on the vertical panel, giving total stability to the ceiling.
  1. Total Insulation: All joints, instead of being plane, are in male-female format, which guarantees a perfect adjustment between the panels, obtaining a complete insulation.

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