Kide Modular Coldrooms

Easy to assemble and dismantle, Kide’s modular cold rooms can be used for chiller and freezer applications and are ideal for small to medium cold storage requirements.

These modular coldrooms use vertical panels, which gives you the choice of where to position your refrigerated cold room doors. The invisible joints and vertical panels also give the cold storage units a more aesthetic appearance, whilst ensuring it is easily cleaned and fully insulated.

Suitable for temperatures between -40°C and +75°C

Made from food safe materials, making these cold rooms ideal for food & drink retail and manufacture

The quick and safe joining system guarantees perfect adjustment between vertical panels, because of this the cold room is totally insulated and highly efficient

The design allows for easy install and dismantling, in addition to providing a more aesthetic appearance by hiding the joints

The monoblock refrigeration units for these cold rooms are designed to maximise space, with through wall and through roof installation

Available with or without flooring

Technical Specification

Rigid polyurethane foam

White food safe
Galvanized slight ribbed steel with a peelable protective film

Type of Joint
Male-female format with tongue and groove connectivity

Temperature Ranges

Freezer Cold Rooms: -40°C to 0°C

Chiller Cold Rooms: 0°C to +8°C

Ambient & Other Temperature Controlled Rooms: +8°C to +60°C


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Ideal for use in a variety of industries requiring small to medium cold storage

Including food & drink retail – butchers, farm shops, fisheries, restaurants, fast food shops

Logistics & Warehousing

Agriculture & Horticulture

Morgues & Funeral Homes

And more…

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