MTH Service Doors


Semi-insulating hinged door, used for technical areas, offices and toilettes.

  • Hinged
  • Semi-insulating
  • Blade thickness 40mm
  • Polyurethane density 40Kg/m³

Mainly used in areas with a positive temperature (therefore T>0°C), in order to:

  • divide areas for the drugs processing, or areas for the blood processing and freezing, from the ones used as offices;
  • divide noisy areas (soundproof door) from the ones that must be deafened (for example in the hospitals);
  • divide cold areas (thermo-insulating door) from the ones used as offices;
  • divide projecting areas from the one used as offices, for example in the Communication and IT industry;
  • divide hygienic areas (toilettes, showers) from the dressing room.


  • Right handed or left handed
  • Can be adjusted to suit 100mm or 80mm panel
  • Vision panel or without vision panel


£450 + VAT without vision panel (ex. Works)

£475 + VAT with vision panel (ex. Works)

To enquire about delivery or bespoke sizes please email or call 01886 833381

To suit 900mm x 2000mm clear opening, readily available from stock