What Are Nergeco Entrematic High Speed Doors?



If your business relies on cold storage, you’ll understand the importance of reliable, well-insulated doors that provide rapid access to stock, without affecting energy efficiency. Whether food production, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, or many other industries needing high speed doors, all businesses have different needs. That’s why having a bespoke, custom-designed solution is so important.

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At MTCSS, we are an approved agent for Nergeco Entrematic, who are world-leading manufacturers of high speed and rapid rise doors for a variety of industries.

Nergeco Entrematic: 35 Years In The Making

For over three decades, in more than 90 countries, Nergeco Entrematic have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing high performance doors that can drastically reduce energy loss, while providing easy access to cold rooms, storage facilities and laboratories.

Nergeco doors are specially adapted to each unique building and environment, both externally – featuring the Nergeco Entrematic Intelligent Curtain, to ensure fast, safe closure with minimal energy loss – and internally, with high speed doors perfect for the frequent movement of personnel or goods between areas

How Businesses Can Benefit From Nergeco Entrematic Doors

As a technical leader in the design and manufacture of high speed flexible doors, Nergeco’s business is built on insulation, access and adaptation, ensuring your business benefits from high quality, energy efficient solutions.

  • For food processing and manufacturing, their doors are easy to wash to maintain exacting standards of hygiene, provide a tight seal to keep hot air out of cold stores, and are corrosion-free to protect produce from contamination.
  • For laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Nergeco doors seal sensitive areas to keep them clean and free from contaminants.
  • In the cold chain, Entrematic doors feature a unique ‘just in time’ closing cycle, to ensure they are open only for the required amount of time, reducing wear of components and helping maintain the internal temperature to preserve produce and goods from spoilage.

Whatever your industry and requirements, Nergeco Entrematic doors can provide important benefits for your business, a genuine high-tech, proven solution to the need for quick-closing, safe doors.

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At MTCSS, we supply, install and service Nergeco doors for your business, providing fast, safe and efficient access for personnel or machinery. For more information, or to arrange a no-obligation quote, simply get in touch.

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