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Why Choose Cold Room Refurbishment With MTCSS Over Other Companies?

Refurbishing your cold room can be a costly process, so you need to take it seriously. Go to the wrong company, and you could find yourself with more problems a few months down the line. To avoid that, rely on the experts at MTCSS. Here’s why asking MTCSS to refurbish or repair your cold room […]

How Cold Room Refurbishment Can Help Your Business Avoid Downtime?

When you work in the food industry, there are few words more frightening than “downtime”. They say time is money – and in this case, that’s definitely true. If your cold room is out of action – especially if you’re relying on it to keep produce fresh during lockdown – you’ll be waving goodbye to […]

Does Cold Room Refurbishment Increase Efficiency?

Inefficient cold rooms can quickly become both expensive and unreliable. This can be offset through regular servicing, professional maintenance, and high-quality parts. However, long term inefficiency, or spiraling repair costs, is a sign that more fundamental changes are needed. In these cases, your two options are to replace the old system with a new cold […]

How Can Cold Room Refurbishment Benefit Me?

Farms, restaurants, shops, and catering services all rely on cold rooms. Sadly, this rather unglamorous part of the business often gets neglected – which can lead to problems over time. If you’ve forgotten about cold room maintenance, you could see running costs creeping up, product damage, and even develop issues with your building. Luckily, cold […]

Cold Room Refurbishment: Should I Buy Sliding Cold Stop Insulated Curtains or Non-Sliding Cold Stop Insulated Curtains?

You’ve decided to refurbish your cold room – but what should you change? Doorways in and out of your cold room or walk-in freezer are the most important elements to consider. What could insulated curtains do for you? Related posts: Which Type of Insulated Curtains Should I Use? Why Should I Choose Cold Stop Insulated […]

Cold Room Maintenance & Refurbishment

Cold rooms are carefully constructed environments. Like any piece of advanced machinery, on-going maintenance is required to ensure that it remains operational, and also to prevent costly damage. With older units, simply maintaining parts in working order may not be sufficient. Lost revenue through inefficient operation and frequent repairs can make an old cold room […]

MTCSS Covid-19 Update: Open As Usual For Quotations & Supply

After more than a month of lockdown, we’d like to wish our customers and suppliers the very best of health in these troubled times. We hope you’re all keeping safe and sane, and that your businesses are running with as few disruptions as possible. With talk of easing the lockdown on the cards, and an […]

5 Important Considerations When Purchasing Your First Cold Room Unit

Cold room units are a vital element of many cold storage, farming and distribution businesses. As such, they are one of the most important investments that many new businesses are required to make. To ensure that the installation is a successful one, there are a few important details to get right. Here are the five […]

How Much Should I Be Prepared To Pay For My Cold Room Installation?

The installation of a cold room is essential for many farm shops, food retailers, and pharmaceutical businesses but, with pressure growing on finances and the looming threat of economic uncertainty in the UK, it may be tempting to reduce costs in the short-term. However, the cold room installation cost should never be the sole consideration […]

What Do The New EU Refrigeration & Cold Storage Laws Mean For Your Business?

Like many aspects of handling or processing food and drink, various rules and regulations govern cold storage and refrigeration. The new EU refrigeration and cold storage regulations have a direct impact on all businesses in the UK that use cold storage facilities, because EU laws continue to be adopted into domestic law during the Brexit […]

Can Condensation Occur In Cold Rooms And Cold Storage?

Condensation in cold rooms can be a persistent and problematic issue, caused when warm air from outside contacts the cool surfaces of cold store doors, door frames and metal fixtures. Condensation should never be ignored in cold rooms as it can cause mould to grow, cause costly damage to the structure of the store, and […]

Key Things I Wish I Had Known When Choosing A Cold Room Door

The purpose of a cold room door is to provide effective thermal insulation of the doorway, through which access (including pedestrian) may be required or goods are loaded into or from the store. While a variety of doors are available, offering different technical specifications, whichever type is chosen must avoid creating a thermal bridge, as […]

What To Look For When Purchasing A Cold Storage Room To Maintain Farming Produce

Agricultural producers in the UK face several challenges. Fresh food, such as fruit and vegetables, doesn’t stay fresh for long: within days of picking, it is unfit for human consumption as potentially harmful bacteria develop, while the appearance of deteriorating food is off-putting to consumers, so preserving produce for as long as possible is central […]

Everything You Need To Know To Spec The Perfect Cold Room Installation

Cold storage rooms are functional but invaluable facilities that are essential for preserving fresh produce and maintaining it in the best possible condition prior to sale. They may not be particularly elegant, but that doesn’t lessen the need to choose one carefully based on several key variables. The more suited your chosen cold room to […]

3 Essential Tips To Lower Your Costs Without Compromising The Function Of Your Cold Room

For many businesses, cold storage rooms are essential assets, keeping produce or other goods in the best possible condition before sale. However, operating costs can be high: they tend to be in use 24 hours a day, and maintaining cool temperatures is demanding on electricity. Whichever unit you choose to install, important installation, operational and […]

Can You Claim Capital Allowances On Cold Rooms?

When you’re running your own business, it’s worth taking every little bit of help on offer. Capital allowances can be claimed when you purchase essential assets that you use regularly in your business, including machinery, equipment, and vehicles. These are classed as ‘plant and machinery’, the cost, or partial cost, of which can be deducted […]

How to keep your walk in freezer working perfectly with MTCSS

If you’ve installed a walk in freezer you want to make sure you get the best from it, and knowing how to maintain it properly is one of the main queries our team of expert engineers get asked. A walk in freezer is often a vital piece of equipment for your business, so understanding how […]

The importance of cold storage with MTCSS

Ever worried about what could happen if your customers consume produce that hasn’t been stored correctly? The consequences could be devastating, and efficient cold storage is imperative to ensure this problem never arises. This vital equipment maintains products at a specified cold temperature to keep them fresher for longer. Here we highlight the main benefits […]

All you need to know about walk-in freezers

Walk-in freezers can reach far colder temperatures than your regular walk-in chiller or cold room. It’s this extra chill factor that keeps products fresher for longer and can help to maximise your business’s potential. There are some key differences between a walk-in freezer and a walk-in cold room, but let’s focus on learning more about […]

Identifying a problem with your cold room

The job of a cold room is to maintain the premium condition of products. Used to store everything from food produce to medicines, whatever business you are in, if you’re a cold room owner you should be taking the necessary action to ensure your cold room is in optimum condition. Often cold rooms are in […]

The benefits of a top-quality cold room in a morgue and funeral home

Death is a sensitive subject and, as a morgue or funeral home, it goes without saying that treating bodies with dignity and respect is of paramount importance to you. Here at MTCSS, we provide the highest quality cold rooms to ensure your company provides the best available body preservation service. Key reasons why investing in […]

The importance of a cold room in agriculture

You wouldn’t want to sell a product that risked illness to your consumer, would you? This is why it is essential to install a top-quality cold room in an agricultural setting. MTCSS are proud to help you with keeping your produce fresh with our professional cold room installation service. Still not convinced? Check out the […]

Cold Storage for Pharmaceutical and Medical Businesses

Do you work, or have a business, in the pharmaceutical and medical industry? You will know that it is imperative your medical products are housed in a temperature-controlled unit. Here at MTCSS, we provide bespoke cold rooms that are designed to suit your specific requirements. We have over 50 years’ experience and work to supply […]

Why Your Farm Shop or Deli Needs Cold Storage

Do you run a farm shop or deli that is home to a wide variety of products like cooked meats, dairy items and fish? It is imperative they are stored at the correct temperature. At MTCSS we offer various chillers and cold rooms that are ideal for your local deli or farm shop. We are […]

Benefits of Insulated High-Speed Doors for Industrial Cold Rooms

At MTCSS we provide a range of high-speed doors for use with an industrial cold room. We are a UK agent for Nergeco Entrematic whose high-speed doors offer many benefits to companies who use them. You are sure to find the ideal cold room doors amongst our selection. Varied Speeds Our doors operate at speeds […]

How To Correctly Use Cold Storage For Food

At MTCSS we supply cold rooms that are used by businesses from a variety of industries. They include food and drink manufacture, food and drink retail as well as the hotel and restaurant sector. Our experienced team have put together a few tips that will help you to correctly use cold storage for food at […]

New Products! MTH Aluminium Door Frame & Handles

MTCSS can now offer the supply and install of MTH Aluminium Frames and Aluminium door handles for hinged and sliding doors. But what are the features and benefits of using an aluminium door frame and handle for your insulated doors and service doors? MTCSS are here to answer your questions. Who are MTH? MTH are […]

How to Manage Your Cold Room

Have you recently invested in a cold room? At MTCSS we know exactly what steps you need to take to correctly manage your new cold storage solution. Our team have a combination of more than 50 years of industry related experience so you can rest assured we know what is required to properly look after […]

Ways to Achieve Efficient Cold Storage

Does your business use cold storage to house stock? Are you struggling to get it to run efficiently? At MTCSS we offer a wide range of solutions that provide effective cold storage. Our team collectively have over 50 years of industry experience. We know exactly what it takes to efficiently store your products and stock […]

What Parts Do You Need For Your Cold Room Door?

Do you know the parts that make up your cold room door? It is imperative with any cold room product that you are aware of the type of spares or parts they need. In the event of a breakdown or fault, this knowledge can save valuable time when the door is getting fixed. Here at […]

A Step-by-Step Guide To Choosing A Cold Room Door

Unsure what you need to consider when choosing a cold room door? At MTCSS we know exactly what you need to know before making a decision. Our team have more than 50 years of cold rooms related experience between them. Since 2007 we have been providing cold storage door installations to businesses from various sectors. But […]

Features of MTCSS Freezer Doors

Looking to install a cold room with a freezer door? Here at MTCSS, we provide a huge variety of state-of-the-art cooling solutions, like cold rooms. We have a wide selection of chiller and freezer doors available. Each have a multitude of features and can be utilised by businesses from a range of industries and environments. Freezer […]

4 Advantages of an Insulated Door

Are you looking to install an insulated door? Here at MTCSS, we have a combination of more than 50 years’ industry experience providing a range of innovative cooling solutions – there are many benefits to our selection of doors. Various Models to Choose From The doors we provide are available as both sliding and hinged […]

Signs Your Cold Room Needs a Service

Are you unsure when your cold room requires a service? Here at MTCSS, we recognise the exact signs that mean your unit needs maintenance. Our staff has in excess of 50 years’ industry experience. We call on this to quickly solve any problems your cold storage facility has, but when does your cold room require […]

5 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Cold Room

Are you struggling to efficiently run your cold room? At MTCSS we understand how costly this can be to your business. Formed in 2007, our staff have a combination of more than 50 years of industry related experience. This allows us to provide cold storage installations across numerous sectors. We know exactly what it takes […]

What is the difference between Split and Monoblock refrigeration systems?

A refrigeration system is a unit which ensures that your goods are protected through the correct temperature flow, by eradicating heat and introducing cold air to ensure that the refrigerated contents are preserved efficiently. If you are looking to implement a refrigeration system for your business, then you should understand the components of the system. […]

Everything you should know about personnel doors

Whether you’re setting up a new business or looking to update your current business premises, the chances are, you will need to invest in personnel doors. They’re probably not something you have given much thought before; however, they can be integral to the smooth day-to-day operation of your business and it is important to do […]

Why should I invest in MTH cold room products?

Before investing in a refrigerated door or spare part for your cold room, it’s worth conducting a little research first. You want to be sure you have browsed the full range of products currently available and made the right decision. Such products have the potential to either significantly improve or reduce the efficacy of your […]

5 Reasons to Invest in an Industrial Cold Room

The Importance of Industrial Cold Rooms If your organisation relies on high-quality refrigeration solutions to ensure that its products are always kept in the best possible condition, an industrial cold room may just be the ideal storage option for your needs. There are many clear benefits inherent in opting for an industrial cold room and […]

How Could an Industrial Cold Room Help My Industry?

If you thought that industrial cold rooms were only for large-scale distribution centres dealing in pre-packed meals and similar products, you’d be completely wrong; there is a wide variety of other industries that are already reaping the benefits offered by the installation of industrial cold rooms, and yours could very likely be one of them. […]

Why Do I Need Cold Room Shelving?

Cold Room Shelving? Cold room shelving consists of custom-built shelving units that are suitable for containing items in rooms that reach extremely low temperatures. Used in a number of different industries, mainly supermarket retail outlets, cold room shelving has various benefits that not only help retailers but also help customers in the long run. Below […]

Furnishing Your Cold Room

Why Furnish Your Cold Room? The furnishing of your cold room is important when it comes to organising and maximising your space. The use of different storage equipment within a cold room facility can help in making your storage area more effective in terms of arrangement and the cleanliness of the storage area. MTCSS create […]

How Insulated Curtains Can Help Your Cold Room

For years, insulated curtains supplied by MTCSS have been a leading, efficient way of keeping cold rooms at an appropriate temperature. For industries focused on areas such as food distribution and hospital data storage, these types of thermal insulated curtains have been a positive factor in ensuring their processes run smoothly and professionally. Of course, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cold Room Insulation

We at MTCSS take the sales and manufacturing of cold room equipment very seriously. It is important that you are entrusting your needs with the right company/people and that you know important information when seriously considering cold room appliances. The main thing you need to understand is cold room insulation: the component of cold rooms […]

Why Should I Choose Cold Stop Insulated Curtains?

Cold Stop Insulated Curtains may have been several years in the making; however, they are now accepted as one of the most effective products on the market – particularly within the food manufacturing, food processing, and supermarket sector. When it comes to chilled and frozen products, we understand, keeping your products at the optimal temperature […]

Which Type of Insulated Curtains Should I Use?

For many businesses, keeping products at a low temperature is of paramount importance and, in order to do so, it’s important to invest in a high-performance and energy-efficient cold room. When striving to achieve this, one aspect that business owners often overlook is the use of thermal insulated curtains. Typically constructed from a lightweight material, […]

Choosing A Cold Room Door

Your cold room door can all too easily become an afterthought when you are choosing and installing cold storage – but it is a vital component of your insulation strategy and has a major effect on the efficiency of workers using your cold storage area. That’s why MT Cold Storage Solutions stocks such a wide […]

What are Nergeco Doors and How Can They Help My Business?

From food and drink manufacturing and retailing to the pharmaceutical and laboratory industry; as a business owner, we understand, your main priority is to store your products in the safest, most reliable and energy-efficient way possible. It doesn’t matter which sector your business falls under, an energy-efficient storage unit can only be achieved with a […]

What Do You Need to Create a Cold Storage Warehouse?

Cold storage warehouses are a vital component of the food industry, agriculture and any industry involving storage at set temperatures. They allow food to be transported to its consumers safely, help to prevent market price fluctuations by stabilising the supply, and make it possible for businesses to flourish which would otherwise lose huge amounts of […]

Should I Invest in Specialised Doors for my Cold Room?

A hallmark of a cold room or walk-in freezer is a sturdy, insulated door or a heavy curtain, protecting the chilled environment from intrusion by heat and contaminants from outside. It’s no coincidence that so many cold rooms and chilled storage areas use these specially-designed doors – they are vital for proper insulation. Cold Room […]

Are Modular Cold Rooms Suitable for Food and Drink Retail?

Modular Cold Rooms are an excellent cold storage solution for businesses which need a versatile, adaptable and efficient cold room. Nowhere is this truer than in the food and drink industry, with restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and many other retail outlets in the position to benefit from the many advantages they bring to the table. Modular […]

What is a Modular Cold Room?

When you are looking for a cold storage solution which suits your needs, you will have many factors to take into account. Cost, installation, space requirements, fitting with your current premises and facilities and the cost of maintenance (among many other factors) will all contribute to your choice, and can cause all sorts of headaches. […]

Why You Need Insulated Industrial Doors

Industrial refrigeration can be a big undertaking, with large-scale cooling solutions and powerful demands on energy, space and effort to keep your chilled area at the right temperature and provide the right results for your business. However, all of this investment and equipment may be for nothing if you don’t have a well-insulated industrial door. […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Cold Room

Choosing a cold room for your business is no easy task; you’ll need to take into account a wide range of factors and requirements to make sure you get the cold room that is best suited to your needs. An essential component of many facilities, a cold room allows you to store and preserve a […]

The Importance of Always Stocking Cold Room Spares

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and nowhere is this clearer than in the world of business. Without preparations laid in ahead of time to counter potential problems as they crop up, your business is vulnerable to disruption, lost profits and dependent on external help. This could potentially delay your recovery and cost you […]

The Advantages of Cold Stop Insulated Curtains

Cold Stop Insulated Curtains are a revolutionary new alternative to the plastic strip curtain doors commonly seen in cold rooms and refrigerated warehouses. With the appearance of broad, padded plastic strips, usually with a clear window section, these soft curtains are able to insulate more effectively and can be easily maintained, cleaned or replaced for […]

What is the Kide Monoblock?

Kide Monoblocks are a sort of packaged, complete refrigeration unit manufactured by Kide, a Spanish refrigeration company specialising in the design and production of efficient cooling solutions. Designed to fit neatly onto the ceiling of a cold room or mount on the wall to maximise available space, a Kide Monoblock can be ordered to provide […]

What Sorts of Cold Room Door & Wall Protection are Available?

Keeping your cold room in good condition is essential to making sure that it stays effective, keeping everything properly chilled and providing the service your customers need. One of the most important components of keeping your cold room in the best possible condition is protecting it against damage. Wear and tear will take its toll […]

What are the Advantages of a Commercial Cold Room?

When a business needs to be able to refrigerate its wares, then it will inevitably need to invest in a cold storage solution. For many small businesses, a large refrigerator or chest freezer may suffice, but for many more, a more spacious, more reliable and more efficient solution is needed. Continuing to rely on chest […]

What MTH Hinged Doors Can Do for Your Business

MTH Hinged Doors are cold room insulated doors designed to protect the internal temperatures of cold rooms and freezers against the higher temperatures of the outside world. With a set of MTH Hinged Doors for your cold rooms or freezers, you’ll be able to keep the rest of your premises at ambient temperature and maintain […]

Why Use Insulated Curtains in Cold Rooms?

Many cold rooms, chillers and freezers are fitted with heavy, insulated doors or thin plastic strip curtains to insulate the cold room and prevent the movement of air from one area to another. If allowed to form natural convection currents without a barrier, air will flow into and out of your refrigerated area, carrying warmth […]

Can Nergeco Doors Help Your Business?

MTcss are proud to be a UK certified agent of Nergeco Doors, a world leading manufacturer of high speed insulating doors. Nergeco are the industry gold standard for both internal and external insulating cold room doors thanks to a range of technologies and approaches, making their doors the best on the market for their three […]

The Importance of Choosing Proper Cold Room Gaskets for Your Cold Storage

When setting up a cold storage area – whether that’s a full cold room or just a bank of refrigerators – it’s important to make sure that the seal on your cold storage units is up to scratch. A faulty or improper seal is the number one reason for cold storage failure, and a broken […]

5 Benefits of Roller-Shutter Doors

Roller-shutter cold room doors are commonly seen in commercial or industrial settings where large areas must be chilled and kept cool, but where traffic is high, making it necessary for a specialist door system that will keep the temperature down but will not impede traffic flow and movement of material. In busy chilled environments, roller-shutter […]

MTCSS – Shelving Solutions

Your cold room needs a suitable shelving solution, one that’s reliable and sturdy. Regardless of what products you store in your cold room, you should invest in a shelving solution that allows you to keep your products organised and contamination-free making it easier to find exactly what you need, when you need it. Here at […]

Introducing Kide Monoblocks

MTCSS is your go-to provider of refrigeration equipment for cold storage, so if you’re looking for the latest innovations, you’ve come to the right place! We provide the Kide monoblocks to suit an array of industrial applications, ensuring that you have quality control. Our Kide monoblocks are designed to offer a suitable alternative for cold […]

All there is to know about Refrigerated Doors

Did you know MTCSS are the UK agent for Italian cold storage door manufacturer MTH? When it comes to choosing refrigerated cold room doors, you want to be able to trust that they’ll offer the best for your industry, hence why we provide only the best. The cold storage door manufacturer, MTH, supply us with […]

Choosing the right Cold Room Handles

If you’re looking for cold room door handles, look no further than MTCSS. Whether you’re looking for a replacement handle for your cold room or you’re considering the installation of a new handle to enhance the storage space you have, MTCSS has a wide variety for you to choose from. Not only do cold room […]

It’s A Knockout

MTCSS are not only expert cold room fitters, outstanding project managers and responsive engineers – we are also superhuman, sponge throwing, giant suit wearing, bouncy slide climbing Game Show Challenge winners! Well third place bronze medal winning runners up… Taking on yet another challenge – this time outside the realms of cold storage – the […]

What is the difference between a walk in cold room and a walk in freezer?

With superficially similar appearances and layouts, walk-in cold rooms and walk-in freezers could easily be confused for one another. While they look alike, particularly from the outside, very different demands are placed on each of them, with very different temperature ranges, and the applications for which they are used vary enormously. The walk-in freezers and […]

Top 4 Uses of Cold Storage in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries

Working in an industry that requires strict quality control needn’t be difficult with the help of MTCSS. We supply cold rooms to accommodate your individual needs and requirements, no matter what industry you are in! We can install small and large storage units, dependent on the volume of stock you have. If need be, we […]

3 Benefits of Bespoke Industrial Cold Rooms for the Food Industry

Have you ever considered installing a bespoke industrial cold room? If your business is experiencing cold storage problems, look no further than MTCSS. We have an exceptional understanding of cold storage and we would be more than happy to provide you with any information that you may require. The process of installing a bespoke industrial […]

Nergeco: World Leading Manufacturer of High-Speed Doors

About Nergeco As a UK agent, MTCSS supply Nergeco doors. Nergeco Entrematic has a wealth of knowledge and skills, offering up to 35 years of experience in the industry – you can guarantee that their products will be of only the highest quality! Their high-speed doors provide practicality for various industries, offering the flexibility to […]

MTCSS 10th Anniversary Charity Summer Ball

MT Cold Storage Solutions celebrated its 10th Anniversary in May this year – hosting a spectacular Summer Ball. They not only celebrated their business success with customers, suppliers and friends, but raised money for an incredible cause – Acorns Hospice. After visiting Acorns Solihull and witnessing the amazing work they do every day, MTCSS wanted […]

Modular Cold Rooms

As their name suggests, modular cold rooms are made up of individual panels to suit your bespoke needs and requirements. The cold room chiller is energy efficient and can maintain the desired temperature your chosen application requires be it for the medical, food or tech industry. But why do you need a cold room chiller […]

6 Tips For Cold Storage Efficiency

When it comes to cold storage efficiency, look no further than MTCSS! Here at MTCSS, we have a range of cold rooms available, whether it’s a chiller, freezer or holding room. Our industrial cold rooms can be tailored to suit your needs. And it’s inevitable you’ll want to maintain them, ensuring you receive the best […]

Top 4 Reasons to Install Cold Storage for Food and Drink

If you require a food and beverage cold room, you’ve come to the right place! MT Cold Storage Solutions combine safety with hygiene, we don’t compromise. If you work within a food and drink manufacturing industry, you’ll already know how important it is to have equipment that is up to date and cost-effective – ultimately […]

Importance of Horticultural Cold Storage Rooms

M T Cold Storage Solutions have a wealth of experience, boasting over 50 years of expertise: we’re sure to find you the very best solution, tailored to your specific requirements! A horticultural cold storage room can hold cool air for prolonged periods of time, enabling you to create a more favourable environment for your crops. […]

3 Reasons why Modular Cold Storage is ideal for Body Preservation

When it comes to morgues and funeral homes one of the main priorities is the preservation of your clients loved ones, and a perfect way to do that is through modular coldrooms. So, let’s look at three ways coldrooms can be used by morgues and funeral homes. Green body storage As concerns for the health […]

Why your Technology Company would benefit from using a Cold Storage Room

Do you work in an area that has advanced technology? For instance, a server room. For your business to maintain the performance of systems, MT Cold Storage Solutions Ltd installs IT and commercial temperature control systems within the workplace. The use of air conditioning provides reliability, allowing all your members of staff to work efficiently, […]

How to keep your Company Server Room cool

In the last decade over 98% of the world’s data has been gathered, analysed and stored and all of that needs masses of servers, storage area networks and cables. Some businesses will do this in-house in a server room while others will use public cloud solutions, hosting their servers and storage in data centres across […]

3 Industries that benefit from Modular Coldrooms

Modular Coldrooms are made up of individual panels to produce energy efficient coldrooms that maintain a desired temperature, from anywhere between -40 to +60 degrees Celsius and can be used by a whole host of industries for a variety of applications. In this article, we’ll outline how three different industries benefit from the use of […]

The MTCSS Team celebrated Christmas in style this year at the beautiful Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire

Greeted by flutes of champagne after driving up the long lane to reveal the stunning Abbey lit up in the wintery, dark evening – the party began in the beautifully decorated bar, before wandering through the halls of the venue from room to room on the way to dinner. The team enjoyed a festive 3 […]

Custom-Made Cold Storage Systems for the Warehousing and Distribution Industry

Many businesses within the warehousing and distribution industry commonly store and handle massive amounts of perishable food, which could be valued at millions of pounds. The need to store food products safely and correctly presents a formidable challenge, to meet both industry regulations and logistical requirements. As cold room storage specialists with many years of […]

Restaurants and Hotels – Our Cold Storage Systems keep your food safe

Has eating out in restaurants and hotels ever been more popular? Think of the millions of people that enjoy the services of hotels and restaurants, and you can begin to see why this is a multibillion-pound industry. Do you work in this sector? Then you know how important it is to store food in line […]

Versatile Applications of our Cold Room Storage Solutions

Does your business require that you need a cold storage room? Whether you work in an industry that requires a cold temperature environment, the right cold storage system is essential for you and your business. At MT Cold Storage Solutions Ltd, our combined experience of over 50 years means that we can construct the precise […]

MTCSS – Unbeatable Cold Room Storage Experts

Cold storage solutions can be complex and challenging and when a contract is secured, this represents only the beginning of the full installation process. When a company can offer the full complement of cold storage solutions, this can influence a client as to who they will go to. Do you prefer to work with one […]

Food and Drink retail Cold Storage Solutions

An efficient cold storage system is essential, especially for those within the food and drink retail industry. It is imperative that any refrigeration system within this sector works well, as it contributes billions of pounds to the UK economy. Would you like to increase the efficiency of your cold storage room? Are you thinking of […]

Cold Storage Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

Do you work in the pharmaceutical and medical industry? Then you are aware of the vital importance of storing medical products at the correct temperatures. At MT Cold Storage Solutions Ltd, we are experts in cold storage technology. By using one of our cold rooms, you guarantee that the patient is protected and ensure that […]

The different types of doors that can be used on your Modular Cold Room

The value of a cold storage room to a professional kitchen or commercial food company cannot be understated. It’s a critical component of any business that deals with raw food or ingredients, and you’ll need to do absolutely everything in your power to make sure that the cold storage area in your business is working […]

How to keep your Meat Lean using our Industrial Cold Room Storage Equipment?

Industrial cold rooms are a perfect addition to a commercial kitchen or food business, helping to keep meat, fruits, vegetables, and other foods perfectly cool and safe for consumption or processing. When professionally installed by a high end cold storage team, you’ll have no worries whatsoever about keeping your meat completely cool and at a […]

6 Reasons to add a Modular Cold Room

MTCSS is a proven name in meeting the modular cold storage needs of countless industries looking for reliable, stable, and dependable cold storage.  Regardless of your purpose, MTCSS will work with you and your available space to answer your cold storage needs. Below, we list 6 reasons why you should add a modular cold storage […]

What are the different types of food that can be stored in a cold room?

Meeting the cold storage needs of modern business requires a smart plan and an experienced team capable of getting the job done.  Whether you are in food and drink manufacturing, horticulture, warehousing, pharmaceuticals, hotels, restaurants, or one of the dozens of industries that require cold storage, MTCSS can meet your needs.  Providing flexible cold storage […]

How to design a Coldroom?

Design Fundamentals in Industrial and Modular Cold Rooms Industrial cold rooms are vital in several applications. A cold room is designed to provide very low temperatures for the storage of different products. There are precision instruments used in the construction to ensure that temperatures remain at desired levels. Some of the industrial applications that utilise […]

How to select the perfect Coldroom?

A cold room is a room or modular structure designed to optimise uniform temperature within. You need to be well informed when selecting a cold room at MTCSS in order to spend your money wisely. A perfect cold room should be energy-efficient, reliable and ideal for its main function – keeping your products at the […]

Principle Contractors / Designers Status

In addition to the SMAS Worksafe certificate, an organisation can apply to be assessed for additional scopes.   A Principal Contractor has successfully demonstrated that they plan, manage and monitor the construction and coordination of matters relating to health and safety to ensure that, so far is reasonably practicable, construction work is carried out without […]

Successful assessment by SMAS Worksafe

Successful assessment by SMAS Worksafe means that an organisation meets the recognised Stage 1 standard for H&S. This standard is recognised by the HSE and accreditation schemes that have quality assurance processes.  SSIP assessments are all judged on core criteria approved by HSE. These core criteria describe what it means for a construction business to comply […]

Press Release – Top Safety Accreditation for MT Cold Storage Solutions

Local business MTCSS has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety.   Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.   Employing 17 people, MTCSS is principally involved in the food chain sector, specialising […]

5 Benefits of a Cold Storage Room

A cold storage room is a great place to store fruits and vegetables, as well as other products, as they prolong the life and help prevent spoilage of foods. Cold Rooms are a great idea as they will keep items much cooler than regular room temperature. This makes cold storage rooms and cooler rooms refrigeration a […]

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Hello, My name is Emma and I’m a local mum from Walmley, Sutton Coldfield. This past year I have faced a rather large mountain to climb! I received the diagnosis of stage 4 secondary breast cancer which had sadly spread to my ribs and my lower back. We were devastated when my breast surgeon claimed […]

Why is White Wine best served chilled

If you’re a fan of white wine, you’ll know it’s best served straight from the fridge rather than at room temperature like its red counterpart. But do you know why white wine is best served chilled and that some white wines taste nicer when served at different temperatures? The right temperature for the right taste […]

Cold Storage Hazards

When you’re dealing with cold storage, there can be hazards involved. Some of these can result in goods being lost so it’s in your best interests to be aware of them and monitor your cold storage for potential issues. So let’s have a look at the most common hazards and how you can minimise them. […]

What would happen If there was no Refrigeration?

It’s hard to imagine life without being able to pop to the fridge whenever you fancy a snack, and being able to choose from delicious produce like milk, cheese, cold meats, yoghurts, different fruit and veg, and a whole load else whenever you want. And being able to keep these food fresh weeks at a […]

Unusual uses of Refrigeration.

We all know refrigeration units – or fridges – are meant to be used for keeping food and drink cold. Some items go off quickly if they’re not kept cold and everybody has a fridge in their home today. But it appears there’s other uses for fridges that often don’t involve anything edible. Here are […]

Where can the biggest fridges in the world be found?

Fridges come in all sizes whether you need a small fridge to keep your beer cold or a huge industrial fridge to keep the food needed for a restaurant chilled. Some however are truly enormous, so where are the biggest fridges in the world found? You might be surprised to learn that, according to The […]

Ways to avoid Frozen Foods sticking to your Tongue and why does It happen In the first place?

Whether it’s an ice cube or a frozen lolly, most of us are familiar with the painful feeling that your tongue is stuck. Although you can often get free by applying some gentle heat or, in the case of an ice cube, even just waiting for it to melt, it can save you a lot […]

Safety Checks to keep staff safe around Walk-In Refrigeration

There’s no reason that a walk-in refrigerator needs to be dangerous to your staff… so long as you keep on top of all of the necessary checks and regulations. A lot of health and safety in the workplace is simply about common sense – and walk-in fridges are no exception – however that doesn’t mean […]

Ice Importing as a business.

Not many of us get to learn about the ice trade in our history lessons – which is a shame, as it was an interesting and innovative 19th Century industry that actually had a key part to play in shaping the modern world, as it allowed Americans and others across the world to revolutionise their […]

What happens to our sense of taste when we eat cold food?

The sense of taste is a sensation elicited by stimulation of the taste receptor cells, enabling you to enjoy food and beverages that the world has to offer. The flavour of food is inspired by the sense of smell, which is why the flavourings to several dishes disappear when we have a cold therefore becoming […]

Mike And his Refrigeration related accident

A service worker – we’ll call him Mike – goes to work inside a commercial refrigerator; it’s almost the end of his shift at the supermarket, but he needs to restock before the fresh products spoil. Each fridge has an emergency handle inside in case the door shuts, but it doesn’t work and Mike becomes […]

How to avoid getting locked in the walk-in freezer

Commercial walk-in freezers can be found in just about every commercial kitchen, restaurant and supermarket. When it comes to the food industry, they are an essential requirement – exactly what you need to keep perishable goods and frozen foods at the right temperature (i.e. somewhere between 0°C and -40°C). But what happens if something goes […]

Why do we use refrigeration and what did we do before it

These days, refrigeration is a necessity. From the hotels of Hollywood to the dives of Doncaster, the refrigerator is king of the kitchen. Standing proud, back to the wall, it towers above the worktops and dwarfs the other appliances. Between it and the freezer, they provide a safe, sanitary, but more importantly, cool space to store food. Today, this is […]

Refrigeration Fails

Walk-in freezers are used to preserve substantial amounts of perishable foods, from meat to ice cream. Although that ’90s Corrie episode was great,  walk-in freezers really are a dangerous environment for employees. Here’s a round-up of fails relating to cold storage. Related posts: How to avoid getting locked in the walk-in freezer What is the difference between […]

RAC Cooling Awards

On Wednesday 23rd September  we attended the RAC Cooling awards with Gareth Cleaver and Chris Arnold from Kingspan supporting one of our customers who was nominated for their contract at a large meat processing facility. From MTCSS we had Martin Borg Managing Director, Darren Tomlinson Contracts Director, Gary Henderson Project Manager and Stuart Croker Project […]

Why do we like a Cold Beer?

Welcome to one of the age-old questions humans have been asking since the invention of the refrigerators: why do some foods taste better when cold? It’s one of those quirky little thoughts we all have now and again, along with “Why does cola taste horrible when it’s flat?” or “Why do drinks taste better in […]

What happens when someone gets locked in a Walk-In Freezer?

It could be straight out of a ’90’s soap opera, but employees getting trapped inside walk-in freezers is not as uncommon as you might think, and with temperatures below freezing, hypothermia can take just a couple of hours to set in. Related posts: Ways to avoid Frozen Foods sticking to your Tongue and why does […]

Rapid Rise and Rapid Fold Floors

For reliability and speed choose MTCSS Rapid Rise and Rapid Fold doors. Our full range of doors for internal & external locations. The MTCSS range of high speed doors are designed, manufactured and installed by skilled craftsmen to be fully compliant with all relevant European safety directives, particularly EN 13241-1. Download Related posts: What are […]

Newsletter – Spring Edition

Welcome to our newsletter, designed to keep you up to date with everything we are doing here at MT Cold Storage Solutions. In this issue, we are focusing on the Rapid Rise and Rapid Fold doors from our industrial doors range. Download Related posts: What Do You Need to Create a Cold Storage Warehouse? The […]

A brief history of Refrigeration

The humble refrigerator has become such a mainstay of our lives that we barely stop to think of a time before its existence. This post will offer a brief history of refrigeration, asking questions such as what happened before refrigeration, when was refrigeration invented, when did it become mainstream and what does the future hold? […]

Newsletter – Autumn Edition

We are aiming to send it out regularly and hope it will be informative about the range of cold storage solutions, industrial and refrigerated doors we supply and install. Download Related posts: Should I Invest in Specialised Doors for my Cold Room? The Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Cold Room What Do You Need to […]