Cold Rooms for Feltham Farms Cheese

Cheese making is an art. But so is building a bespoke cold room. When Feltham’s Farm needed a cold room to start their own cheese making business, MTCSS were there to provide a solution to his requirements.

The Brief

Cheese maker Marcus Fergussoon required a make room and an ageing room within the free space of the living quarters of his home to begin creating his own artisan soft blue, washed rind cheese. MTCSS needed to install rooms within the pre-constructed space – around doorways, windows and electric boxes – whilst utilising the maximum space available.

Feltham’s Farm Cheese
Cold Room for Cheese Maker

The Plan

MTCSS’ solution was to build a 4400mm x 4600mm cheese making room and a smaller 3300mm x 1700mm ageing room, with the refrigeration unit fit through the wall to maximise us of the space to achieve the customer’s requirements.

To build the room we used Kingspan PIR panelling throughout, fitted with MTH semi insulated personnel doors for access between the two rooms. All internal junctions were fitted with antibacterial coving with sealed corners to prevent any dust ingress, ensuring the room adhered to health and safety standards.

The cheese making room require an ambient temperature, whilst the ageing room needed to be within a specific temperature range. To achieve this, MTCSS installed a single phase refrigeration unit through the wall – saving on space to be utilised elsewhere. The unit maintained the temperature of 10 to 12 degrees required for the cheese ageing process.

As the cold rooms were built within the living quarters of the house – windows were already installed which needed to be fit around. We panelled up to the windows and flashed them in to form a food safe seal all round – whilst allowing natural light into the room.

The Solution

MTCSS facilitated the building of both rooms – resulting in two cold rooms adapted from the infrastructure of the client’s home which utilised the space efficiently. With MTCSS’ solution, Marcus was able to start his own cheese making business and begin creating his very own unique style of cheese.

Cold Room for Cheese Maker
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