Food & Drink Retail Cabinet Bumper Rail Replacement

MTCSS do more than install cold rooms and supply spares – we refresh, repair and service your existing chillers, freezers, cabinets and more!

The MTCSS team recently received a reactive service call from a client, requesting a site visit due to damage on a frozen food cabinet in store. One of our highly-experienced engineers surveyed the cabinet, identifying the problem and the parts required to rectify the issue.

Upon attendance to the store, our MTCSS engineer replaced the lower bumper rail and end caps – ensuring the cabinet was more aesthetically pleasing, back in its previous condition and protected from further damaged.

At MT Cold Storage Solutions we not only get your cold rooms, doors and cabinets up and running – but we ensure they remain running efficiently and safely. If you would like to know more about our service and maintenance packages, contact us today.



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