Food & Drink Retail Cabinet Glass Door Replacement

MTCSS services extend beyond installing cold rooms and supplying spares – we can refresh, repair and service your existing chillers, freezers, cabinets and more!

MTCSS offer reactive call outs to ensure your cold storage is fully functioning, efficient, and most importantly, safe. Health and safety is a store’s primary concern when it comes to the front and back of house operations – MTCSS’s team of engineers can ensure your cold rooms, cabinets and doors adhere to all safety requirements with reactive and proactive site surveys and repairs.

We recently received an urgent call out to a retail store, upon attending the store our engineer discovered the chiller cabinet glass door was completely smashed and required a replacement as soon as possible. Our expert engineer’s not only surveyed the cabinet to ensure a quick, efficient fix could be made – but they also ensured the cabinet on the shop floor was made safe.

The unit was later replaced, installed and all existing debris removed. The store were then able to restock the cabinet, which was now fully functional and no longer a health and safety risk.

MT Cold Storage do more than install cold rooms and doors, we maintain and service them. We offer reactive call outs, scheduled services and more options in our service packages to ensure your cold storage continues to run safely and efficiently.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch! Contact us on 01886 833381 or

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