Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Unit

When you need a solution that offers chilled storage for pharmaceutical products and a cold room with floor space of 394m² – who do you contact? MT Cold Storage Solutions.

Storing pharmaceuticals at the correct temperature is vital to ensure the products are protected. This is where MTCSS can help. Specialising in temperature controlled installations, we offer options for small and large projects that enable your critical temperatures to be maintained. Thus ensuring that your products are not only protected from external influences but also stored according to guidelines and standards.

Pharmaceutical Cold Rooms

The Brief

One of our customers, based in the North of England, required a solution to hold pharmaceutical products at a temperature range between 15 to 20 degrees. As part of the brief we were tasked with offering temperature and lighting options to achieve the best energy efficiency and longevity possible.

Faced with the challenge of a tight delivery schedule and fast approaching deadline, the MTCSS team had just 5 weeks, from order placement to project completion and handover, to build the 400m² rooms.

The Plan

MTCSS supplied and installed a dual compartment room, consisting of a chilled holding room and an ambient holding room with the required temperature range and forklift access. Once the project had commenced, the team built the dual compartment cold room – a 102m² chilled room with adjoining ambient room at 292m². All the panels used in building the cold rooms were the new hybrid quad core solution offered by Kingspan, all half-hour fire rated and LPCB approved.

Pharmaceutical Cold Rooms
Pharmaceutical Cold Rooms
Pharmaceutical Cold Rooms

The Solution

The door package consisted of: 2 large sliding doors to allow for forklift access, a chilled hinged door for access between the rooms and a 1 hour Robust fire door, leading out to the fire corridor. Cold rooms need a cooling solution. Our ambient solution was achieved using air conditioning ceiling cassettes to reach the desired temperature of 15 to 20 degrees ensuring all products are stored safely and correctly. As a prerequisite from our customer, MTCSS needed to supply 100% back-up for the chiller’s refrigeration unit.

This meant that if one unit were to fail, the other unit would instantly kick in – avoiding millions of pounds worth of loss in products due to the temperature change.

In order to sustain the best energy efficiency in the rooms, they were fitted with state of the art low energy PIR lighting solutions. We also installed emergency lighting and all lighting included switching via microwave sensor as per the client’s request.

MTCSS took on the task of building the dual compartment room with full temperature and lighting solutions wired in and commissioned in just five weeks. The build was successfully completed on time, with days to spare and signed off by our satisfied customer.

If you would like to know more about how MTCSS can help and solve your pharmaceutical cold storage problems – please call us on 01886 833381, or email us at,  for a no obligation quote or more information on the services we have to offer.

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