The 4 Essential Cold Room Spares To Keep In Stock



For businesses who store products that are prone to premature spoilage if exposed to warmth, a cold store is non-negotiable. Without it, products deteriorate quickly, making them unsafe for sale, and stringent health and safety laws could be broken, particularly if consumer welfare is at risk.

So, if your cold room unexpectedly breaks down, the effects can be disastrous, with stock consigned to the bin if it can’t be stored correctly. It can, therefore, be helpful to keep a stock of cold room spares to hand, so that you can undertake immediate repairs should the unthinkable occur.

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The Cold Room Spares It’s Worth Keeping In Stock

While you can’t maintain a full stock of all cold store spare parts, it can be advantageous to keep the most essential spares to hand:

1) LED Tube Lights:

There’s little fun trying to locate stock in the pitch dark if the LED tube light fails and it’s likely to encourage staff to leave the door wide open to let some light in (and the cold air out).

2) Internal Alarm:

Getting trapped in a cold store is potentially life-threatening for employees so, if the internal alarm fails, it’s imperative to replace this immediately.

3) Door Accessories:

Spares for the door can be extremely useful to have available, as regular access to the cold store will, most likely, cause wear to the key components. When selecting spares to maintain on-site, consider the parts that are most subject to wear, such as the handle, hinges, and lock. Moving parts, such as the runner system on sliding doors, are also more likely to wear over time.

4) Gaskets And Seals:

Efficiency is key to the operation of your cold store, partly to keep energy bills low, but also to keep your stock in prime condition. A failed gasket or seal could affect the cold room’s efficiency, so maintain a stock for quick and timely replacement if needed.

Keeping Your Cold Store Operating Effectively

At MTCSS, we stock the widest range of spares for cold rooms, walk-in chillers, and cold store doors, so you are never left out of the cold for long if something goes wrong. Waiting for a new part to arrive is frustrating and costly, so at MTCSS we’re committed to quickly supplying your business with the spares it needs. Order by 1.30pm and we’ll guarantee that in-stock items are with you on the next working day. If you’re not sure which part you require, our team of specialists are ready to answer your questions, by phone or email.

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