The Elements Of A Bespoke Cold Room Project – From Your Walk-In Cold Room To Refrigeration & Lighting


The Elements Of A Bespoke Cold Room Project – From Your Walk-In Cold Room To Refrigeration and Lighting


When it comes to designing your custom cold room, there are many elements to consider to ensure your chiller, freezer or ambient area suits your requirements and will function optimally.

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If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for when it comes to your walk-in chiller or freezer – don’t worry! That is why MTCSS Contracts is here. We will answer your questions and take out the guess work when it comes to designing the perfect cold room for your business. Our expert team will provide you a comprehensive cost/quotation and provide high quality, professional cold room installation.

So let’s look at the process of designing a bespoke cold room:

Cold Rooms & Ambient Areas

The walk-in cold room itself is probably your main focus, as this is where you will store your products. The main question when it comes to the cold room is – what temperature range do you require? This will be dependent on the products you’re storing.

Chiller cold rooms maintain temperatures of between +0°C and +8°C, making them ideal for storing fresh produce, prepped food and drink products, pharmaceuticals and other products which require this positive temperature range.

Freezer cold rooms maintain temperature from -5°C to -40°C, which can be used to store frozen food, bring products from positive temperatures to negative temperatures (eg. freezing meat) and store any products that require a negative temperature.

Ambient temperature-controlled areas maintain temperatures between +10°C and +30°C. These are suitable for a variety of applications, including storing pharmaceuticals, automotive and aeronautical parts, prepping food products and more.

We can also build non-temperature controlled ambient areas from Kingspan IPN panel. This is ideal for when you require a food safe area, or can be used to build office areas, dividing walls in warehouses, and even changing facilities.

Cold Room Doors & Rapid Roll High Speed Doors

To get in and out of your cold room or ambient room, you need some form of door. MTCSS Contracts have a range of insulated and high-speed doors to suit any application and access requirements.

Insulated hinged doors are ideal for cold storage areas which have predominantly pedestrian access, or pallet access. But if you are looking for a larger cold room door, a sliding door maybe better suited to your needs as these are easier to open and stay safely in the open position.

Insulated rapid roll doors are perfect for environments which need forklift or vehicle access. They have automated opening systems, meaning you can push a button, pull a cord or even have the door open when you go near it.

Cold Room Flooring

You maybe just have people walking in and out of you chiller or freezer, but you may have pallet trucks, roll cages or even small vehicles. The traffic in your cold room dictates the type of floor you need – for example, for walk in chillers / freezers with only footfall an insulated floor could suit your requirements. But if you’re storing heavy products, with pallet trucks coming in and out you would need a reinforced floor to withstand the extra weight and pressure.

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Lighting

The refrigeration or ambient temperature control system is vital to keeping your bespoke cold room or ambient room within the correct temperature range. Without an efficient cooling system your temperature-controlled room can be rendered useless.

MTCSS selects a refrigeration solution to suit your temperature requirements, as well as your space, ventilation and back up needs. We have options for small to large capacity cold rooms, internal and external chillers and freezers.

If you need to maintain ambient temperatures, we can design an ambient temperature controlled solution. We can also provide air conditioning for office areas, kitchens and more.

MTCSS Contracts collaborates with our customers and contractors to design and develop a temperature-controlled solution to meet you specifications and application. We also work as main contractors on projects, taking on the health and safety, waste disposal and everything else you might require on site.

If you are interested in how MTCSS Contracts can help you design and build a bespoke cold room project, get in touch today! Call us on 01886 833381, email us at, or fill in a form here.

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