Walk-In Freezer Door Replacement: A Step-By-Step Guide



Investing in a walk-in freezer or cold room is an important decision for your business to ensure that your valuable stock is stored safely and at the right temperature, but it’s easy to overlook the importance of the door. Not only must a walk-in freezer door offer sufficient insulation to maintain the temperature of the interior, but it must also be designed to facilitate easy access so that staff aren’t constantly held up as they move stock into or out of the store.

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Sometimes it may be necessary to replace the door of your existing walk-in freezer, but when do you know if it’s the right time?

Reasons Why A Walk-In Freezer Door Should Be Replaced

Replacing the door to your walk-in freezer may be essential for the efficiency of the unit, or advantageous if a new door promises to improve the operation of your business. Common reasons for replacing the door include:

Your Existing Door Is A Hindrance Not A Help

When you need to regularly move large amounts of stock into or out of your freezer or cold room, a door that must be manually opened can be problematic, as it means your staff cannot work productively and stock is subjected to warmer temperatures longer than necessary. Replacement with a rapid opening and closing insulated door can significantly improve workflow and reduce exposure to warmer air, as well as assisting in high volume traffic for easy, quicker access.

Your Freezer Fails To Maintain A Consistent Temperature

Leakage of air around the frame of your door makes it harder for the unit to maintain a constant internal temperature, as the thermal bridge is breached. With frozen goods needing to be kept at the correct temperature, often for safety reasons, it’s vital to prevent the leakage of air. A new door could solve this problem.

Repairs Are Costing More Than A New Door

If you’re constantly spending on repairs to your existing freezer or cold room door, it may be more cost-effective to replace it entirely. A new door, complete with the latest energy-saving features and materials, will not only save on repair costs, but will also reduce your energy bills by improving the thermal efficiency of your walk-in freezer, and eliminate the problem of spoiled stock.

Your Cold Room Or Walk-In Freezer Is Old

If you’ve had your walk-in freezer for many years, or its door is looking old, worn out or damaged, replacing the door could be a good cost-saving option. It’s likely that the door wouldn’t serve many more years anyway and, as it endures more manual use every day than the freezer itself, is more prone to wear. Replacing the door is cheaper than investing in a new cold room/freezer and could add extra years of productive use to your asset.

Freezer Door Replacement

Choosing the right door for your walk-in freezer is the first step to replacing it. At MTCSS we supply a range of sliding and hinged doors, with a level of insulation to meet your business’ unique needs. We also supply rapid opening and closing entrematic doors for businesses who require regular fast access to their cold rooms, without affecting the internal temperature of the store.
Once supplied, your walk-in freezer door is fully fitted, including the insulated frame, opening and closing mechanisms and door furniture. We ensure that the fitted door is airtight, to prevent the ingress of warm air.

Next Steps

At MTCSS, we also provide outstanding aftersales service and maintenance, ensuring that your walk-in freezer door continues to offer the protection required to keep your products in optimum condition. Get in touch to find out more.

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