What Are Nergeco High Speed Doors And How Can They Benefit Your Business?



Walk-in cold rooms and temperature-controlled areas require an access point where people and products enter and exit safely. When your bespoke cold room needs a larger-sized door for access for vehicles, forklifts, and pallets – MTCSS has the perfect solution.

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MTCSS are UK partners of Nergeco Entrematic. Nergeco are manufacturers of high-speed rapid roll doors to suit a variety of temperature-controlled environments, including walk-in cold rooms. Nergeco have been in the industry for other 35 years and have adapted their doors to each trade, process and building in over 90 countries. So, what are Nergeco doors?

Nergeco high-speed doors are fast action, high-performance doors fitted with an insulated and Intelligent Curtain which is designed to cut your business’s energy spending, through reducing the exposure time when the door opens and closes. This means that the high-speed door opens and closes ‘just in time’ so that internal temperatures of your custom cold room aren’t affected.

Nergeco doors also use a system to protect against damage. In the case that a forklift or vehicle hits the high-speed door’s curtain, the flexible closing edge of the Nergeco fast action door can distort vertically and horizontally. Meaning if the curtain is knocked or touched by a vehicle, it shouldn’t cause any lasting damaged. The high-speed doors will also automatically reinsert itself into the correct position on the next cycle if dislodged.

Nergeco highspeed doors are also an ideal solution to reduce the spread of germs, following on from COVID-19. Nergeco’s doors can be fitted with a radar system, meaning they will open when personnel or vehicles are within a certain range of the door – reducing the spread of germs as no one has to touch the doors, or buttons, for access.

The Nergeco high speed door range is suitable for a huge range of industries and environments, from internal and external environments to chiller and freezer environments.

Internal High-Speed Doors

Nergeco Forum 5: This high-speed door is designed to separate areas within your premises and building, safely and efficiently. These doors are suitable for ambient applications and help to reduce maintenance costs.

Nergeco Food 5: The Food-5 high speed door is designed for the food industry. It is an easy to clean multi composite rapid rise door which reduce health risks and is corrosion resistant.

Nergeco Labo 5: Designed for labs and sanitised environment, the Labo-5 high speed door has enhanced sealing and is pressure-resistant. This allows the fast action door to be cleaned with high pressure (the curtain can withstand up to 40 Pa). The door was designed to be in accordance with the constraints of pharmaceutical environments and corrosive atmospheres.

Interior Insulated High-Speed Doors

The Nergeco high speed door range includes fast action doors for a variety of temperature ranges.

  • Separate two deep freeze areas: Two areas of negative temperatures (eg. between -30°C and -20°C) and manage the extreme cold without condensation
  • Separate chiller and ambient areas: These Nergeco High-speed doors are designed to protect refrigerated chiller cold rooms from external ambient temperatures.
  • Separate chiller and freezer areas: High-speed doors to separate a chilled environment (between +2°C and +10°C) and a freezer environment (between -10°C and -20°C). Designed with double and triple-wall curtains for heat regulation.

External High-Speed Doors

Nergeco high-speed doors can also be used in external environments – offering effective protection from the elements, these high-speed external doors use Trekking folding technology to provide greater wind resistance. The curtain for these fast action doors can distort without causing lasting damage.

MTCSS offer the Nergeco door installation, as one-off installation or as part of a bespoke cold room project. Nergeco doors are adapted to each building and environment, making them the perfect for solution for your cold room requirements no matter what industry you’re in.

To see more examples of Nergeco doors installed by MTCSS – find them on our case studies page here!

If you’d like to find out more about how a Nergeco high-speed door installed by MTCSS can help your business, get in touch with our team! Call us on 01886 833381, email us sales@mtcss.co.uk or fill in an enquiry form HERE!

We also offer Nergeco spares and parts which can be found on the MTCSS shop!

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