Cold Room Refurbishment for Food & Drink Retailer

You have noticed your existing cold room isn’t working efficiently and is starting to look a bit tired – and you have a health and safety audit coming up… So do you need to replace your cold room, or can it be refurbished?

MTCSS refurbished a chiller cold room for a supermarket within the food and drink retail industry – improving the efficiency of the cold room, improving its appearance and ensuring it will pass any upcoming audits.

What exactly is involved in a cold room refurbishment and how can it benefit your business?

The MTCSS team relined all the internal walls and ceilings of the walk in cold room with hygienic planking – not only improving the appearance of the cold room, but ensuring it continues to be food safe and easy to clean.

MTCSS removed the existing modular flooring, replacing it with a new modular cold room floor with floor overlay, ensuring insulation is maintained and improving the safety of the room with the non-slip floor overlay.

5 bar wall protection was fitted to the exposed front walls and the external side of the door to protect the cold room walls against damage from trolleys and cages.

We installed a PVC strip curtain in the door opening to improve insulation and keep the cold in when the door is left open.

MTCSS can survey your walk in chiller or freezer to help you understand whether you require cold room maintenance and refurbishment, or if you require a new cold room installation. Refurbishments, where possible, can save your business money by ensuring your cold storage remains efficient and meets health and safety requirements.

If you would like the MTCSS to quote for a cold room refurbishment, or you would like further information, please get in touch with us! You can call us on 01886 358272; email us at or fill in an enquiry form!


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