Hinged Furniture

Whether you intend on building your own cold storage unit or if you are repairing an old one, some of the most important components that you’ll need are hinges. Hinges have a wide variety of purposes, from making sure that your doors are properly fixed to the walls to adding items to surfaces. With the array of hinged furniture that you can browse through online, you’ll easily be able to find the right items for every job. Below are some of the main reasons as to why you should consider the cold storage hinges available.

All of the hinges that you see will be entirely rust resistant, as they will be used inside of cold storage units. There is the possibility of ice accumulation inside of your unit and the last thing you want to deal with is a hinge that is rusting and falling apart. Instead, they are created with water resistant materials that are designed to last through the years in comparison to other man-made materials.

Your hinges are of the utmost importance and they’ll be used on a regular basis, so you’ll want to make sure that you choose pieces that are going to last. With the strength and resilience built into each individual hinge, you won’t have to worry about parts breaking over time. This is why many cold storage owners choose these hinges to add doors and other opening items to their unit.

Even though the inside of your cold storage doesn’t need to look beautiful, it’s important that it looks sanitary. The aesthetically pleasing hinges are designed to not stick out against plainly coloured walls and they create a seamless appeal that you wouldn’t get with other types of hinges. For industrial purposes, they are relatively aesthetically pleasing and easy to install.

556 Rising Hinge

Product Information
Rising hinge for overlapping doors
Invisible fixing
Immediate rising of door
Interchangeable for left and right hand doors

456 Rising Hinge

Product Information
Rising hinge for overlapping doors
Invisible fixing
Immediate rising of the door
Interchangeable for left and right hand doors

217 Block

Product Information
1220 Block to be used in conjuction with 1220 handle

1220 Strike

Product Information
1220 strike plate to be used in conjunction with 1220 block and handle

Shim For 217 Block

Product Information
Plastic shim for 217 block
5mm thickness

Hinge Cover for 480 Hinge

Product Information
Hinge cover to suit 480 hinge

471 Rising Hinge

Product Information
Composite hinge for overlapping doors
Interchangeable for left and right hand doors

480 Hinge

Product Information
Composite hinge for overlapping doors
Interchangeable for left and right hand doors

480 Hinge Packer

Product Information
9mm hinge packer to suit 480 hinge. Stackable

216 Strike

Product Information
216 enamelled closure strike
Easy installation
Suitable for low temperatures

Hinge Cover For 1573 Hinge

Product Information
Plastic hinge cover to suit 1570/73 hinge

MTH Universal Hinge

Product Information
Reversible hinge
To suit 92mm door blade

Intertecnica non-rising hinge, 78mm to 112mm offset

Product Information
Interchangeable right or left, for doors up to 80kg weight.
Available in rising version and also with the following offsets: 55-66mm & 67-90mm. 10mm shim also available.

1670 Non Rising Hinge

Product Information
For doors with a thickness of 88mm to 140mm (including gasket) for 180 degree opening.
Also available in rising version. Interchangeable left to right.

Catch for 216 Handle

Product Information
Large roller catch to suit Fermod 216 hinged door system
Part number for strike is A304216

MTH Reversible Hinge to Suit 68mm

Product Information
MTH reversible hinge to suit 68mm thickness hinged door blade

Lock for MTH Personnel Door

Product Information
Lock for MTH personnel door

MTH To & Fro Hinge

Product Information
To & fro hinge with in-frame spring RAL7004 with block

Rounded Strike

Product Information
Rounded strike to suit Porkka handle

Square Strike

Product Information
Square strike to suit a Porkka handle

520/521 Handle Strike

Product Information
Fermod 520/521 handle strike to hinged door depths of 44-60mm

65mm Aluminium Shim

Product Information
65mm aluminium shim to suit a Fermod 920/921 handle

50mm Aluminium Shim

Product Information
50mm aluminium shim to suit Fermod 920/921 handle

80mm Aluminium Shim

Product Information
80mm aluminium shim to suit a Fermod 920/921 handle

748 Hinge

Product Information
22mm enamelled Fermod 748 spring action door hinge for left or right opening doors
Spring action ensures a good seal even if the hinges shift or the door distorts
For doors up to 150kg weight

MTH Right Hand & Left Hand Service Door Hinge
A80741 / A80742

Product Information
Aluminium hinge to suit MTH 40mm service door

4120 Rising Hinge

Product Information
4120 Castel rising hinge in high quality composite materials for hinged overlapping pr semi-rebate doors

471 Hinge Cover

Product Information
Hinge cover to suit 471 hinge

Silver Door Closer

Product Information
Silver Door Closer size3 – fire tested and C.E marked
Ideal for MTH personnel doors

MTH Barrel & 2 Keys

Product Information
MTH barrel with 2 keys to suit MTH personnel doors

470/471 9mm Shim

Product Information
9mm shim to suit Fermod 470/471 hinge – to suit part number A30567