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MTCSS prides itself on supplying quality, innovative solutions for cold rooms including storage. We aim to bring you the very best, offering an extensive range of cold room equipment, industrial and refrigerated doors.

With a professional installation service and a can-do attitude, we address the individual requirements of all our customers and produce the results you, and your business, need.

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MT Cold Storage Solutions is proud to the be UK Agent for MTH, a leading Italian manufacturer of cold room doors, modular cold rooms, and cold room parts. Thanks to their continuous research strategy and development process, MTH is at the forefront of their industry and are the very best in the business.



Effective cold storage is a top priority for a range of industries, and we strive to provide the perfect solution for everyone.

We offer a comprehensive range of cold storage equipment from cold rooms and walk-in freezers to industrial and refrigerated doors. Over the years we have worked across all sectors including retail, farming, catering and hospitality, warehousing, IT and pharmaceuticals.

Whatever the individual needs and requirements of your business, you can count on MTCSS to provide the perfect cold storage solution for you.

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We have a vast range of high-quality doors with options to suit any size and type of application – including retail, food manufacture, farming and pharmaceuticals. To find out more about the different sectors we work within you can view our industries page.

MTCSS provides a comprehensive service, taking care of everything from installation to after sales care. We operate nationwide. Our highly-qualified, professional team of engineers are on hand to provide a maintenance service. We can fix any issues you have as well as supplying you with cold room parts and spares.

We are the industrial door company for you! So why not get in touch today and speak to our team of experts for more information. Call 01886 481 045 today or email sales@mtcss.co.uk.


A cold room is used to house food stock such as fruit and vegetables. The controlled temperature inside the room acts in the same way as a traditional fridge or freezer and prevents the items from spoiling. Another common use for a cold room is in the IT industry to keep large servers cool and running at their optimum level. They can also be used to store medical supplies that need to be kept at a specific temperature.

There are many benefits to a cold room and we work with businesses from number of sectors and industries to provide them with a cold storage solution that suits their exact requirements.

Cold rooms can work at a range of different temperatures. What you will use the storage room for will determine the type you need. We can provide cold storage at both negative and positive temperatures.

Normally food products that are going to be consumed in a few days will remain chilled a low, positive temperature. Items that need to be frozen or require a cold room that operates at a negative temperature. As well as our cold rooms we also offer walk in freezers for firms who need regular access to their storage facility.

Cold rooms are insulated and set at a specified temperature. The air inside a cold room is cooled using a series of components and parts. The inside is cooled while any hot air is allowed to escape out of the room.

A storage room that stays at the optimal temperature your stock requires can vastly improve the quality of your business services. It can also reduce your outgoings and overall energy consumption. Our industrial cold rooms are designed for use on a large scale, while our modular cold rooms are manufactured with PUR-insulated panels.

As well as our industrial and modular cold rooms we also provide bespoke cold rooms to suit your exact specifications. Our experienced team can advise on you on the best cold storage solution for your business.

Everything we construct is built using the highest quality materials that meet the respective safety, hygiene and building regulations. Our processes begin with a chat that allows us to get a picture of your ideas and requirements. We then provide you with an estimate and once the cost is agreed upon, we begin manufacturing your cold room. We install and test the room prior to the handover.

At MTCSS we supply, install and maintain cold rooms, cold room door and their parts. We supply innovative rooms and a wide range of doors. You can choose from a sliding or hinged door while we also provide service doors and specialised doors.

We install cold storage facilities at business premises up and down the country. Our maintenance services are performed by our highly qualified team of engineers. They can rapidly solve any issues you have with your cold room. Thanks to the large stocks of spares and parts we have we can return your storage unit to working order as quickly as possible.

Whether you place your cold room inside or outside your business building you can rest assured that its contents will be safe and secure. Our cold rooms are constructed to be able to withstand the most adverse weather conditions and are secure against thieves too.

Among our cold room parts is a selection of entrpament alarms that alert staff if another person becomes trapped inside the cold room.




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