Cabinet Parts

At MTCSS Cold Storage Solutions, we are committed to offering our customers the most practical, durable and affordable cabinet parts. We’ve been in business since 2007 and our team of buyers know which cabinet parts are most useful and most in demand.

When you place your trust in our company today, you’ll be primed to access exactly what you need, from cabinet hinges to milk chiller pulleys and beyond. Our cold storage cabinet parts are popular with a host of clients, including retail business owners/managers, farmers, caterers and IT data room managers. These examples just scratch the surface, as so many types of businesses require cold storage cabinets.

When you choose us, you’ll be able to order all of the cold storage cabinet parts that you need, just by connecting with our company representatives. We are based in Worcestershire and we’re known as one of the UK’s premier suppliers of cabinet parts and cold storage cabinets. Since we have so much experience and expertise, we are able to offer our customers plenty of guidance. As well, we are proud to offer all of the right products, for prices which are really competitive.

Our door stays, night blind handles and other cabinet parts are built to last and they are also quite easy to install. At present, we have an inventory of eight cabinet parts to choose from. These are the basics that everyone needs.

Cabinet Hinge

Product Information
Pivot spring hinge
Interchangeable for left or right hand doors
Minimum door thickness 40mm

Cabinet Door Handle

Product Information
Handle to suit a cabinet door on the BP estate

8 FT Milk Chiller Pulley

Product Information
3-4mm clear plastic coated wire sling
8.2mm length

12 FT Milk Chiller Pulley

Product Information
3-4mm clear plastic coated wire sling
9.48mm length

Night Blind Handle~

Product Information
Plastic night blind handle

Verco Door Stay

Product Information
Door limit to suit a Verco cabinet door

Velando Handle

Product Information
Handle for a Velando refrigerated cabinet

Remis Cord Kit

Product Information
Cord kit for a weighted pulley system for a Remis sliding door

Remis Door Seal 200mm Length

Product Information
2000mm length door seal to suit Remis sliding door

Remis Trolley Wheel Set

Product Information
Trolley wheel set to suit Remis sliding door

Night Blind Handle Hook

Product Information
Plastic night blind hook handle

Cisoplast Sliding Door Parts