Handle Parts

There is an existing need for spares and parts to either replace or enhance your cold storage spaces. Here at MTCSS we understand that storage space is unique so we pride ourselves on having a variety of parts for you to choose from.

It is crucial that your cold room is sealed perfectly! The best way to do this is to find the ideal product for you. We have a range of merchandise to select from that will ensure the best fit for your storage system.

Ease of access to a cold room should be smooth, so whether it’s a hinge or slide door, we have the best cold room handles to suit your needs. Our products offer you a choice of both inside and outside handles, each having the option to enter from the left or the right.

If you are storing high value products and would prefer a safer approach, then we can guarantee a secure entry via admission code or card.

More convenient access is also available through our pull handles. This type of handle allows you to enter and exit at the busiest of times with your hands full. This style is more modern in comparison to the traditional type of knob or lever.

We have an existing range of recessed handles for a seamless surrounding. This is best for a weightier door. The handles are designed for an easy and strong grip so you don’t need to worry about wear and tear.

We sell a wide variety of cold room handle parts and accessories and pride ourselves on offering excellent quality products. We provide accessories, aiming for comfort with handle dish and handle strike plates that utilise the efficiency of our goods.

3000 Series Handle Dish


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Internal Handle Strike


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430 Handle Strike


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3000 Series External Handle Strike


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921 Cap Only


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921 Small Strike


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921 Large Strike


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217 Handle Block


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NO57 Lock


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MTH External Handle Strike


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MTH External Hinged Handle Strike


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530 Handle Strike


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