Cold Room Solutions for Food & Drink Manufacturing

In the food manufacture industry, safety and hygiene levels are imperative. If you are looking for a new cold storage solution, or to modify your existing industrial cold room, MTCSS can create and deliver a system to exceed your expectations.

MTCSS have provided solutions for a range of business within the food and drink manufacturing industry – from cheese makers and breweries to food production warehouses and spice making facilities.

We understand that your food and drink manufacturing facilities require a temperature controlled solution which is food safe, energy efficient and suitable for your application. This why MTCSS consider all elements of your working processes when creating a cold storage system for your business.

What do you need to consider when making a decision on a food and drink manufacturing cold room facility?

At MTCSS we want to help your build a cold storage solution for your food & drink manufacturing company that will improve processes, work efficiently and fit to your exact requirements. That is why we work closely with you to understand your business needs and use our expertise to help design a temperature controlled solution bespoke to you. But what should you be considering when you are thinking about buying a cold room?

This will impact what temperature range is required in the cold room and whether you need a walk in chiller, walk in freezer or ambient room to ensure your products are stored effectively.
You also need to consider your size requirements – how much product do you need to store in your cold room?

You may not only have people walking in and out of your cold room – you may also have pallets, trolleys or cages entering your chiller or freezer. To ensure you can utilise your cold rooms most effectively, consider what type of door could benefit your business.

Hinged doors are ideal for pedestrian access and for cold rooms that do not have high levels of traffic. Whereas if you require pallet and trolley access an insulated sliding door or a food safe high speed door maybe be more suitable for your requirements. These doors can also be automated and open on a radar system to ensure doors close quickly to maintain internal temperatures, therefore saving energy and improving efficiency.

Does it need to be a reinforced concrete solution due to product weights being stored, or if you are using forklifts or electric pallet trucks? Or do you require an insulated floor for a freezer solution? If the chiller needs to be washed out regularly meaning an altro or resin finish could be better option for your the application. We have a flooring solution for all uses of temperature controlled storage.

MTCSS can provide refrigeration units for any size walk in cold room and various temperature ranges including chiller, freezer and ambient. We can also provide back-up refrigeration and remote monitoring to ensure your products are protected consistently.

Other things you may want to consider are whether you require shelving, windows, floor or wall protection, lighting and if your cold room is external the protection required for the walk in chiller or freezer.

MTCSS only supply and use the highest quality materials to build our bespoke temperature controlled rooms. This includes Kingspan Quadcore food safe insulated panels, sealed with food safe ancillaries, which are easy to clean and maintain. We can even provide fire rated panels for your food and drink manufacturing cold room if this is required.

MTCSS work with a range of world leading door manufacturers to provide the highest quality doors, including food safe hinged and sliding refrigerated doors. Our high speed door manufacturer has a high speed door range made specifically for food production with chiller, freezer and ambient rapid rise doors – these doors are food safe and easily cleaned to ensure hygiene levels are maintained.

You can be assured that MT Cold Storage will provide you with a solution that will consider every aspect of your industrial cold room requirements to meet your current business need and to future proof your facility and business model moving forward – to ensuring your business has the most efficient cold storage system for your application.

If you would like to discuss a project or find out further information, you can contact MTCSS by phone, 01886 833381, or via email, Alternatively, you can fill out an enquiry form here!