Cold Room Gaskets

If you need gaskets for your cold storage cabinets and you’re a UK resident, you should know that we offer practical styles for great prices. Our buyers know exactly which gaskets work best with cold storage cabinets and they have created an inventory which is beyond compare. As well, you’ll be pleased to know that these well-made and practical gaskets are priced affordably.

At the moment, we offer ten refrigerator gaskets to our customers. Please browse the selection below in order to find what’s right for your cold storage system. Examples of styles to consider include sliding door gaskets and gasket retainer corners. When you shop our products, we’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you need.

As well, when you choose us, you may be certain that you’ll access premium customer service. We are standing by in order to offer plenty of guidance if you want it! Also, when you call or email us today, we’ll be able to put together your order for you, in the promptest and professional manner. Since we have years of experience helping customers just like you, you’ll find that placing your trust in our company is a smart decision. We have the cold storage solutions that people need and we help clients from a range of niches, including catering, IT data and hospitality.

3000 Series Gasket


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2000 / 3000 Retainer


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2000 Series Gasket


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67 Gasket


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3000 Sweeper Gasket


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Sliding Door Gasket


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MTH Large Gasket


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MTH Large Bottom Gasket


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MTH Small Gasket


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Gasket Retainer Corner


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