Cold Room Door & Wall Protection

5 Bar Wall & Door Protection

5 bar aluminium tread plate also can be utilised to ensure that walls and doors are safeguarded from potential impact damage caused by cages, pump trucks and trolleys internally and externally.

5 bar protection wall and door protection can be cut to suit and delivered based on your specific needs. We can also fabricate specific angles & shapes from 5 bar aluminium if you have a particular requirement or design in mind.



Aluminium Angle Extrusion

Aluminium angle can be supplied in a variety of sizes. Perfect for internal and external corner protection for cold rooms, as well lining the perimeter of a cold room when laying a new floor. Aluminium angle can also be used to line cold room door ways and as a cold room door frame heater cover.

Aluminium angle is available for next day delivery and can be ordered by the metre. We can even cut to suit upon request.

Sizes available:

  • 50mm x 50mm x 3mm thick aluminium angle
  • 38mm x 38mm x 3mm thick aluminium angle
  • 25mm x 25mm x 3mm thick aluminium angle

White Food Safe Sheeting, Flashings and Trims

White food safe coated steel offers excellent resistance against corrosion as well as a fitting and eye pleasing appearance. White food safe sheeting and flashings are essential in ensuring your cold room has a clean and comprehensive finish, internally and externally.

We are able to supply full sheets of white food safe sheet at 2500mm x 1250mm for next day delivery.

Specific fabrications can also be fashioned upon request to suit the needs of your cold room.

We also offer a number of standardised white food safe trims readily available for next day delivery. The following link contains a list of these trims and their sizes


Fixings & Sealants

All the above options are available to be supplied with suitable fixings and sealants upon request.
You can view our sealants, along with other ancillaries, in Spares and Products.

If you would like to enquire for any of the above products please email or call 01886 833381.