Pharmaceutical & Medical

At MTCSS we understand the importance of having high quality, innovative cold storage for the pharmaceutical and medical industry. This industry requires cold rooms which not only have solutions to ensure the products stored are consistently protected – but solutions that also adhere to specific health and safety regulations and procedures.

We have worked with pharmaceutical storage and distribution companies, hospital and research centres throughout the UK – so we understand how to design a cold storage solution for your industry.

Bespoke Cold Rooms for the Pharmaceutical & Medical Industry

Pharmaceutical and medical products require a specific temperature range to ensure they aren’t damaged or spoiled, which could result in costly losses. MTCSS ensure we select the highest quality products to protect the item stored in your cold room.

We supply and install insulated panels which adhere to safety regulations and are easy to clean when required.

When it comes to the pharmaceutical and medical industry we understand the importance of your temperature controlled storage functioning correctly at all times and in in any eventuality – otherwise there could be a costly loss of products. That is why at MTCSS we ensure you products are protected by taking into consideration every aspect of your cold storage :

• precision temperatures and bespoke cold storage – at MTCSS we work with innovative temperature controlled specialists to design refrigeration and air conditioning for your specific requirements where required.
• bespoke lighting – lighting is often an element that isn’t given enough thought when it comes to cold storage. Lights can emit heat which can effect internal temperatures, that is why MTCSS select the highest quality LED lighting made specifically for temperature controlled environments.
• 100% back up refrigeration – this can ensure than in the case of a refrigeration / air con unit failure, a second back up unit will kick in ensuring there is no downtime or changes in internal temperature.
• remote monitoring – you are probably not at your cold room’s side at all times. Remote monitoring allows you to know the cold rooms temperature and its status at all times, even altering the temperature remotely if required.

MTCSS work with you to understand how best to protect your products and your people by providing innovative solutions, the highest quality products and ongoing service.

Insulated doors are a vital part of your cold storage facility and you may require a range of doors from sliding and hinged doors, to high speed doors and fire doors. MTCSS have a complete door range to adhere your access, health and safety and fire rating requirements.

Hinged & Sliding Doors
MTCSS can supply and install a range of insulated hinged and sliding doors – including double hinged door and vertical sliding doors – that are food safe and available in a wide range of sizes. Hinged and sliding doors are ideal for rooms which require pedestrian, pallet or roll cage access. We can also provide hinged fire rated doors if these form part of your specification.

High Speed Doors
High speed doors are ideal for areas which have high volumes of traffic and / or have access via forklift and other vehicles. MTCSS high speed and rapid rise door range includes insulated chiller / freezer doors and a lab door, which is made specifically to be easily cleaned and with enhanced sealing.

If you are in the pharmaceutical or medical industry and you are looking for a temperature controlled storage solution or an industrial door solution – whether it be for an ambient, chiller or freezer room – you can be assured MTCSS will work alongside you to design an efficient cold storage system to suit your specifications and requirements.

f you would like to discuss a project or find out further information, you can contact MTCSS by phone, 01886 833381, or via email, Alternatively, you can fill out an enquiry form here!

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