When it comes to making sure that you have the most effective refrigeration system available, you’ll want to have all of the necessary ancillaries ranging from silicone caulking to plastic curtains. All of these accessories are important as they help you to not only make the most out of your cold storage but they also make it more functional. Below are just some of the most important ancillaries to take into consideration when you start shopping for cold storage accessories.

When you’re storing important items in your freezer, you’re going to want to make sure that you have the tightest seals possible around all entrances, floors, and even the ceiling. Instead of using industrial grade silicone that would contaminate any food products, there’s specialty food safe silicone. It is constructed with highly durable ingredients that are designed to keep the cold in and warm air out.

Having strip curtain panels to hang on a strip curtain rail is a great way to maximise the space that you have available in your cold storage. You will be able to separate different parts of the freezer that are designated for different items. It is also incredibly useful for helping to promote a colder environment inside of the freezer and keeping it incredibly sanitary. There are several types of strip curtains that you can choose from to customise to the size of your cold storage.

Whether you’re building your cold storage on your own or if you’re looking to upgrade or repair an existing one, it’s important that you have all of the right components. Be sure to browse through the different ancillaries available to help fortify the strength of your storage unit. For example, nylon faced washers, MTH nuts, RH brackets for the door, spindall’s, and hinges.

Clear Food Safe Silicone

Product Information
For sealing joints in food and drinking water applications.
Meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 51

Ali Silicone

Product Information
For connecting, expansion and sealing joints indoors and outdoors. Suitable for cold climates

White Food Safe Silicone

Product Information
For sealing joints in food and drinking water applications
Meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 51

Rapid Foam

Product Information
Installation and filling foam for gun application – please enquire about application guns
Excellent adhesion to most building substrates (except PE, PP, PTFE and silicone)

Two Part Covering Corner

Product Information
2 part coving corner with aluminium backing angle and PVC cove section
Flexi-edge or rigid PVC coving held in stock
All profiles are in 4 metre lengths

Bituthene Tape

Product Information
100m x 10m roll
Strong adhesive flashing tape. Natural lead look finish
Creates strong waterproof seal

Masking Tape

Product Information
100m x 10m roll
Dry natural rubber and resins solvent based adhesive, with 60 temperature resistance

Double Sided Tape

Product Information
50mm wide x 25m length
High tack tension

Ali Foil Tape

Product Information
72mm wide x 45m length
40 micron film with strong adhesive system. Fire resistant

Roll of Rag

Product Information
16/10 800gm roll. Made with soft materials for use on wet and dry surfaces
Workshop wipes effective for all sites and cleaning activities

Cable Ties

Product Information
Black or white ties available
-35°C to 85°C

Industrial Cleaner

Product Information
500ml Spray Bottle – NSF certified and contains no phosphates, organic solvents or caustic substances
Food safe & tested in food contact areas such as industrial kitchens, canteens, food processing and more
Powerful remover of oil and grease
Optimum preparation for further renovation

Gasket Glue

Product Information
50ml Bottle
Creates a secure seal on all corners and joints with a superior adhesive bond
Cures in 0-25 seconds, full cure within 24 hours

Nylon Faced Washer

Product Information
12mm white
Lightweight and strong
Resistant to vibration
Made with standard thermoplastic materials

Round Headed Nylon Bolt

Product Information
300mm x 12mm
Manufactured using nylon 6.6 threaded rod
Strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant
Excellent insulation properties

Nylon Washer

Product Information
For use with Nylon Bolt
Made from Standard Thermoplastic Materials

Cap for Nylon Bolt

Product Information
Practical, lightweight and easy to fit
Extremely effective protection against damage from snagging


Product Information
MTH Nylon Nut
To be used with MTH Nylon Bolt

MTH Nylon Bolt

Product Information
Square headed nylon bolt

Grey Nylon Bolt

Product Information
Buffalo bolt pan head M12mm x 305mm in nylon grey head

Protective Grey Cap

Product Information
Protecting cap M12 in LDPE Grey to suit M12 nylon bolt set

M12 BZP – All Thread

Product Information
Threaded rod is used in the majority of support applications – ideal for suspending / fixing channel, cable tray, pipe and ducting work.
Supplied in 3m lengths

M12 Nylon Bolt Set

Product Information
M12 nylon bolt, 305mm length (can be cut down to suit)
Includes nut, washer and protective cap

PVC Coving with Aluminium Backer
A30201 / A30202

Product Information
Supplied in 4 metre lengths, 62mm wide (available in other widths)
Compliments panel temperature controlled rooms