Cold Room Doors

When you are investing in cold storage, it is important not to overlook the door. A key piece of your cold room insulation, a good-quality insulated cold room door can make the difference between a well-optimised, efficient, cost-effective cold room and an expensive problem. It is important that you choose the correct cold room door.


Luckily, MT Cold Storage Solutions are here to help. Our industry-leading experience and dedicated expert team are here to help. We can provide the ideal cold room insulation for your needs, whatever they may be.

What to Consider When Choosing Cold Room Doors

When choosing cold room doors, there are a few aspects of the door to consider before making your decision. Do you need insulation at positive temperatures or for a freezer? Will the door need to handle trolleys or forklifts, or will the cold room see foot traffic only? How much space do you have for the door to operate? Do you need an automatic door?

The team at MT Cold Storage Solutions can help you to find the answers to these questions, and choose the ideal cold room door solution for your needs.

We provide the following door types:

Whatever door you require we can accommodate you. Each one has their own advantages and offers different levels of insulation.

What Level of Insulation Do You Need?

If your cold room door does not provide the required level of insulation, it presents a gap in the thermal protection of your cold room. This can then lead the room to act as a heat sink, pulling in thermal energy from the surrounding area. If the cold room is operating below the insulation rating of the door, then this is more likely to happen, warming up the inside of your cold room and forcing your cooling unit to work harder in response. This has a knock-on effect on your energy bills, maintenance requirements, and the quality of your cold storage.

It is imperative you make sure you choose a thermal insulated door that is appropriate to the temperature of the room you are going to be cooling. MTCSS has a full range of insulated doors available, to suit whatever temperature requirements you have.

MTCSS also supply and install a range of high speed doors to suit various applications, including chiller, freezer and food environments!

Sliding Doors


Our range of Sliding doors to suit all applications for negative and positive temperatures.

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Hinged Doors


Our extensive Range of Hinged doors to suit all applications for negative and positive temperatures.

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Service Doors


Our range of Service doors are typically used for technical areas, offices and toilets.

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