Horticulture & Agriculture Cold Room Solutions

MTCSS have worked with farmers, growers and distributers throughout the UK – so we understand the importance of high quality cold storage, fit for purpose and designed for your bespoke business needs.

Businesses within the agriculture and horticulture industry require a cold storage solution to protect their high volumes of products throughout the seasons – MTCSS has that solution. We provide modular and bespoke cold rooms; hinged, sliding and industrial doors; flooring, lighting, refrigeration and more to ensure your cold storage is an efficient and effective addition to your business.

What are the benefits of agricultural, farming & horticultural cold storage?

At MTCSS, we don’t just offer a ‘one size fits all’ cold storage solution – we take the time to understand your agriculture or horticulture business, its needs, its processes and its products. After understanding what you need when it comes to cold rooms and doors, we work with you to create a cold room ‘package’ to fit your requirements and specifications.

Why Choose MTCSS for your Agriculture and Horticulture Cold Rooms ?

MTCSS have worked with a range of companies over the years, including farmers in the Midlands, growers in the North West and fruit & veg distributors in the London area. We have installed a range of cold rooms, high speed doors and ambient areas for companies within the agriculture and horticulture industry – you can find out more here!

We understand the importance of providing a solution which is bespoke to your agriculture and horticulture business – which is why we get to know your requirements and needs before quoting, to ensure we offer you a solution which will improve productivity, processes and protect your products.

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