Fire Rated Dividing Wall for Warehousing and Distribution

Fire Rated Diving Wall for Warehousing & Distribution Industry Did you know that insulated panels aren't just used to build cold rooms? MTCSS can supply and install insulated panels for a variety of applications, from chiller and freezer cold rooms, to offices and dividing walls. Kingspan Quadcore panels can be used for a variety of [...]

Multicompartment Ambient Food Safe Storage

Multicompartment Ambient Food Safe Storage Are panels only used for chiller and freezer storage facilities? The answer is no! Panels supplied by MTCSS are ideal for a range of specifications, from walk in chillers and freezer to ambient and food safe storage. And did you know you can clad your existing building or space to […]

Chiller & Freezer Cold Rooms with Ambient Room

Cold Rooms at Forge Bakehouse Forge Bakehouse first opened its doors in 2012 as a micro-bakery, when Martha Brown wanted to share her love for flavour, developing her passion and knowledge into a flourishing business. The bakery creates a range of long fermented artisan breads and pastries – in the words of Forge Bakehouse ‘bread […]

Offices from Insulated Panels in North England

Offices Built from Insulated Panels at Frank Rudd & Sons Did you know insulated panels can be used to build things other than cold rooms? MTCSS recently did just that and installed an office space for a customer in the North of England. Frank Rudd and Sons were looking for a solution for their requirement […]

Butcher’s Dual Compartment Cold Room, Scotland

Dual Compartment Chiller & Freezer Cold Rooms for Rendall's Butchers An award winning butchers needs equally outstanding cold storage. That is what the Rendall Brothers were looking for when they came to MTCSS. Rendall’s Butchers in Scotland is known for its award winning pies, burgers and chicken. After opening their local butcher shop in Alva [...]

Stainless Steel Triple Compartment Cold Rooms

Stainless Steel Triple Compartment Cold Room for Food & Drink Manufacturing When a specialist consultancy in resource efficiency need someone to supply and install a controlled contamination room - they contact cold room solution specialists MTCSS. Our customer required a solution to suit an environment with high risk processes for a manufacturer of food flavourings [...]

Front of House Refurbishment – Replacement Cabinet Door

Food & Drink Retail Cabinet Glass Door Replacement MTCSS services extend beyond installing cold rooms and supplying spares – we can refresh, repair and service your existing chillers, freezers, cabinets and more! MTCSS offer reactive call outs to ensure your cold storage is fully functioning, efficient, and most importantly, safe. Health and safety is a store’s primary concern when […]

Chiller & Freezer Cold Rooms for Tom Whitaker’s Tempus Foods – Pt.2

Tom Whitaker's Tempus Foods Pt. 2 Traditionally charcuterie is produced within the confines of stone cellars in Italy and France, with the cuts of meat being cured and aged to produce beautiful salamis, sausages and other flavoursome products. Tom Whitaker's flare and passion for charcuterie has brought this to process to Surrey, with the help [...]

Front of House Refurbishment – Bumper Rail Replacement

Food & Drink Retail Cabinet Bumper Rail Replacement MTCSS do more than install cold rooms and supply spares – we refresh, repair and service your existing chillers, freezers, cabinets and more! The MTCSS team recently received a reactive service call from a client, requesting a site visit due to damage on a frozen food cabinet [...]

Automated High Speed Doors in a Light & Temperature Controlled Facility

Automated Nergeco Doors in a Light & Temperature Controlled Facility When produce needs to protected from external environments, you require not only an effective cold room solution but also a highly effective door system. Nergeco High Speed Doors are that solution - and MTCSS supply, install and service Nergeco doors and spares. Our customer required a [...]