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Chiller Cold Rooms, Freezer Cold Rooms & Ambient Areas

Whether you require an walk in chiller, a holding freezer, meat cold storage, a pharmaceutical cold room, a temperature controlled clean room or an ambient storage area – MTCSS has the knowledge and expertise to design and deliver a cold storage solution to suit your application, specification and industry requirements.

MTCSS can design, supply and install every element of your cold storage solution – from your chiller or freezer cold room and insulated doors to refrigeration, lighting and flooring. We have worked with a huge range of industries, providing cold room design and installation to suit all applications and specifications. The MTCSS team work with you to understand your business and its processes to ensure we design and deliver an efficient and innovative temperature controlled solution.

Our walk in cold rooms are designed and built bespoke to your requirements, using high quality products and adhering to building, hygiene and health & safety standards when required.

MTCSS aim is to deliver a temperature controlled solution to enhance your business. Our custom cold rooms are designed with you, our customer, in mind – if you are unsure what you’re looking for you can get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your ideas and requirements. You can call us on 01886 358294, email us at or fill an enquiry form here!

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Ideal for:
• Fruit and vegetable produce
• Cooked food products
• Smoking or curing meats and fish
• Pre-prepared ready to eat foods
• Pharmaceutical and medical products
• Storing industrial components
• Bakeries, butcheries, restaurants, warehouses, farm shops, mortuaries and more…


For temperatures ranging from +0°c to +8°c

Walk in chiller cold rooms are ideal for a wide range of uses, from storing produce to preparing food products. With temperature ranges from +0 to +8 degrees, chiller cold rooms can be designed by MTCSS to suit any size requirements (from 2m to 200m and beyond!) and they are a more efficient alternative to using multiple commercial refrigerators.

Chillers or coolers can be built internally and externally dependent on the space you have available. We can weatherproof your unit, add locks for security and the MTCSS team will take any other requirements into consideration as we design your custom cold room.

Ideal for :
• frozen foods eg. ice cream, ready meals
• frozen meats and fish

• automotive and aeronautical parts
• electrical goods storage
• restaurants, butcheries, bakeries, blast freezers, holding freezers and more…


For temperatures ranging from -40°c to +0°c

Walk in freezers can be designed to suit your cold room requirements – whether you need to build your freezer inside a building or outside to save on space, MTCSS can provide you with a solution. Freezer cold rooms are ideal for a wide range of applications and industries, whether you need a small capacity walk in freezer for your butchery facility or you need a large capacity freezer cold room for an abbattoir – MTCSS can design and build a freezer cold room to suit your specifications.

But what if you want a walk in chiller AND freezer? MTCSS can supply and install dual compartment cold rooms, a combination chiller and freezer (or two chillers, or two freezers!) – which is essentially one cold room, split into two walk in compartments with separate refrigeration units.

Ideal for:
• food preparation areas
• pharmaceutical & medical storage
• food safe areas
• office spaces
• storage of electrical goods
• florists, agriculture & horticulture, food and drink manufacturing / retail and more…


For temperatures ranging from +10°c to +30°c

Ambient areas can be temperature controlled or without temperature control. Temperature controlled ambient areas maintain temperature ranges between +10 and +30°c, making them perfect for pharmaceutical / medical storage and for storing products which require a specific positive temperature to ensure the integrity of the goods is sustained. 

Ambient areas without temperature control, but built from insulated panel are ideal for building offices, for dividing walls within warehouses and for creating food safe areas. The MTCSS team can even clad an existing ambient area with panel to create food safe corridors, rooms and more. Areas such as offices can be installed with air conditioning and heating to keep your employees happy all year round!

How A Bespoke Cold Room Can Help Your Business

MTCSS’ custom cold rooms are designed and built with you in mind and we consider every element of your cold storage solution, from the traffic going in and out of your walk in cold room to the space you have available, to ensure we provide a solution to suit your cold room requirements and enhance your business.

We want to design a walk in chiller, freezer or ambient area to provide maximum energy efficiency, maximum longevity and to streamline your business. MTCSS have worked with a huge range of businesses in various, including food & drink retail and manufacturing, agriculture & horticulture, automotive & aeronautical and pharmaceutical industries.

At MTCSS you, our customer, are the priority. Our team will collaborate with you to design walk in cold rooms which will improve your business for years to come and provide cold room installation to fit in with your schedule, your budget and your needs. We offer bespoke and custom cold rooms built from the highest quality materials and we work with our supplier to provide innovative temperature controlled solutions.

You can find out more about the elements of designing and building a bespoke cold room below :
 Cold Room Doors & High Speed Doors Refrigeration & LightingFlooringShelving & Ancillaries

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If you would like to know more about our bespoke cold rooms, walk in chiller or freezer  installation, or anything else cold storage related – you can get in touch with the MTCSS team by calling our office  number, 01886 358259, or message us directly on our online contact form!

Whatever your cold storage needs, MTcss will be able to help – so contact us today. Our expert head office staff will be happy to answer any questions which you may have, and can provide any advice which you may need to ensure you design the best solution for your cold room requirements.

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