Refrigeration, Ambient Temperature Control & Lighting

MTCSS Contracts can design your temperature controlled room to suit any operating procedures and parameters – whether that be a -30°C freezer, a +2 to 10°C chiller or an ambient area between +10 to 30°C.

Our expert team will work with you to select a refrigeration solution that will suit your temperature requirements – in addition to considering your budget, space availability, access and monitoring needs.

MTCSS can provide monoblock refrigeration systems and split refrigeration systems for chiller and freezer cold rooms, as well as ambient temperature controlled systems and air conditioning.

Your temperature controlled room also needs a high quality lighting solution. MTCSS can provide innovative low energy PIR lighting systems for your cold rooms and ambient areas.

Find out more about temperature controlled solutions and refrigeration systems below, or get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you design the perfect cold room for your business.

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Monoblock Refrigeration

Temperature ranges :
• Chiller +0°C to +8°C
• Freezer -10°C to -20°C

Ideal for :
• Small to medium capacity cold rooms
• Chiller and freezer cold rooms
• Areas with limited external space
• Well ventilated areas
• Easy installation
• Rooms which may be moved in the future

What is a monoblock refrigeration unit?
Monoblock refrigeration units fit through the wall, or through the ceiling, within a cold room – they are self-contained systems which are ideal for use in confined and well-ventilated spaces, or as per of a walk-in cold room to optimise storage.

The systems are ‘plug and play’ so there is minimal fuss when it comes to installation and maintenance. The systems are self-evaporating, so there is no need to plumb into existing drainage or soak aways.

This system is ideal if your cold room isn’t required to run all throughout the year, as you can simply turn the integral unit’s power off and power back on when you would like to use the room again.

If you’re envisaging moving your walk in chiller or freezer in the future, monoblock refrigeration are a great option – you can simply turn off the unit, release the holding fixings and remove the unit, making it easy to transport and reinstall.

Split Refrigeration Systems

Temperature ranges :
• Chiller +0°C to +8°C
• Freezer -10°C to -40°C

Ideal for :
 Chillers and freezer cold rooms• Medium to large scale rooms
• Bespoke operating requirements and parameters
• External cold rooms

What is a split refrigeration system?
Split refrigeration systems consists of two units; one that sits within the chiller / freezer cold room (the evaporator) and another unit which sits external to the building (the condenser). In comparison to monoblock unit which is one unit which sits as part of the cold room.

Split refrigeration systems are ideal for medium to larger scale cold rooms and are suited to areas which have poor ventilation, as the external unit removes any heat / warm out and releases it outside. We can also offer different GWP refrigerant solutions, dependent on the application.

These systems are suitable for external use – so if you are looking to build your chiller or freezer cold room outside, this is an ideal solution!

Your business wants to ensure that your walk cold room protects your products in every circumstance. But what about in the event of a refrigeration unit failure? Or a power outage? MTCSS has a solution. We can provide back-up refrigeration – this can be offered for full assurance and compliance for accreditations and audits. Along with the peace of mind there’s full contingency in place for any failures and ensuring your products are continuously protected.

BMI refrigeration systems can be made bespoke to suit and ‘talk to’ any building management system in place. Or we can offer the option of remote management systems – meaning you can manage and monitor the units remotely, adjust the parameters, get data and record performance.

Ambient Temperature Control

Temperature ranges :
• +10°C to +30°C

Ideal for :
• Areas with a large footprint / capacity – eg. a large open plan warehouse
• Areas that need a consistent ambient temperature

Ambient temperature controlled systems can be designed to precise parameters – for example, they can design to maintain a temperature across a complete area to within
These can be designed to be as precise as keeping a constant temperature across the +1/-1 degree of the set temperature.

Ambient temperature controlled areas are ideal for pharmaceutical storage and food preparation areas, hydroponic / aeroponic indoor growing and automotive / aeronautical storage.

Air Conditioning

Ideal for :
• Smaller spaces
• Office spaces
• Larger open packing rooms

MTCSS can provide air conditioning as part of your bespoke temperature controlled envelope. Whether you need additional ventilation in a large open area, or you need a system in your warehouse office area, MTCSS can design a solution for your requirements.


MTCSS offers lighting solutions to integrate with insulated panel constructions and temperature controlled environments. The lighting solutions we supply and install are durable, in particularly in areas of extreme temperatures and where harsh chemicals may be encountered.

In food & drink areas, or pharmaceutical areas – we understand that hygiene is paramount. So we ensure that the lighting follows guidelines for hygienic design and use materials that are easy to clean and do not cause contamination.

Within chiller and freezer cold rooms where specific temperatures are required, we choose lighting solutions that minimize heat gain. The energy efficient LED lights offer full light when switched on, even in very lower temperatures.

There a various elements to consider when designing and building a temperature controlled room – MTCSS Contracts will take out any guesswork and answer any queries you may have. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today! You can fill in an enquiry form here, call us on 01886 358259 or email us at

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