Nergeco Arctic 5

The high performance door for deep freeze environments – resistant to extreme cold.

The Nergeco Arctic 5 is a high performance and energy saving door, which can be used to separate two freezer areas – for example separating one freezer area at -20ºC in a warehouse from a second freezer area at -15ºC.

The Arctic 5 is designed to perfectly suit freezer areas with it’s de-icing system, deep freeze grade lubrication and thermally stable multi-composite.

Designed for exceptional durability and long lasting performance the Nergeco Arctic 5 uses Trekking Fold-Up technology ensuring better operation and a longer life time of the door.

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Nergeco Arctic 5

Structure                Multi-composite

Size                          Up to 14′ to 15′

Style                        Roll-up curtain

Speed                      Up to 40 inches per second

Insulation               Single layer 


  • Multicomposite frame designed for freezer applications
  • Specially constructed to create a natural thermal barrier
  • Equipped with low emission de-icing system and freezer grade lubrication
  • Single layer curtain to allow the separation of two freezer areas without condensation

Environmental Control

  • Designed to operate efficiently in high pressure differences
  • Shortened door opening and closing cycle to reduce loss and energy consumption


  • “Intelligent curtain” reduces risk of injury and damage
  • At the slightest impact the door will reopen
  • In case of accidental crash, the curtain will reset itself
  • Made from food grade material – ideal for the food industry

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