Nergeco Enduro 2 – External High Speed Door

Steel folding doors for large outdoor applications – weather proof and wind resistant.


Designed with flexibility for wind load for even distribution over the whole door for wind resistance up to class 5
Leakproof and weather resistant
Available as insulated double layer curtain, incorporating an air blanket to maintain interior temperature
Self supporting structure, suitable for large dimension doors up to 11 x 11m

Speed & Safety

“Intelligent curtain” reduces risk of injury and damage
At the slightest impact the door will reopen
The shortened door cycle reduces temperature and energy loss by up to 32%
Transparent material allows people to see oncoming traffic – the vision panels span the width of the whole door


Trekking Fold-Up technology assures better operation and longer life time of the door
Direct drive motor provides long lasting performance
Impact absorption to avoid permanent distortion and high repair costs
Even in the event the door is hit, the folding door will continue to work without interrupting production flow