Nergeco Enduro 5 – External High Speed Door

Multi-composite folding door for outdoor applications – weatherproof and wind resistant, suitable for corrosive environments.


Designed with flexibility for wind load for even distribution over the whole door for wind resistance up to class 5
Leakproof and weather resistant
Available as insulated double layer curtain, incorporating an air blanket to maintain interior temperature
The multi-composite material is developed to perform in the most rigorous applications, providing 45% higher corrosion resistance than stainless steel
Suitable for humid, wet and even acid environments

Speed & Safety

“Intelligent curtain” reduces risk of injury and damage
At the slightest impact the door will reopen
The shortened door cycle reduces temperature and energy loss by up to 32%
Transparent material allows people to see oncoming traffic – the vision panels span the width of the whole door


Trekking Fold-Up technology assures better operation and longer life time of the door
Direct drive motor provides long lasting performance
Impact absorption to avoid permanent distortion and high repair costs
The multi-composite frame guides the sides of the Intelligent Curtain, reducing wear and noise