Multi Stop Curtains

Part of the Back Stop Range, Multi Stop Curtains are used to maintain the internal temperature of refrigerated vehicles using insulated strip curtains – but Multi Stop insulated curtains open entirely to the left, or to the right, for easier access to products within your chilled or frozen storage.

MTCSS provide a wide range of insulated products, including their range of insulated curtains for refrigerated vehicles. These curtains retail the air which has been expensively chilled and with multi stop insulated curtains, accessing your products is as simple as sliding the curtains to the left or right.

• Unique header system holds four moveable curtains, creating an outstanding thermal energy barrier, saving enormous costs.
• Available in either a manual or touch button air-compressed configuration.
• Driver friendly, and easily repaired, replaced or recycled.
• Curtains fitted with Bio-Gard anti-bacterial windows.

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