Flexible PVC strip curtains provide an easy and cost effective method of reducing heat loss or retaining chilled air in areas where control of environment is important.

PVC strip curtains are ideally suited for a wide range of applications from factory units, welding booths, coldrooms, air-conditioned areas and many others. Standard grade, coldstore polar grade, ribbed in both grades, welding grade, anti-static and a wide range of coloured PVC strip is available, suitable for all applications.

We offer strip curtains in a wide range:

  • Standard grade
  • Polar (coldstore) grade
  • Ribbed standard and polar grade
  • Transparent Red PVC – Usually used for end marker strips
  • Welding Green
  • Welding Bronze
  • Solid and Transparent Blue
  • Anti-Insect Yellow PVC
  • Black
  • White

If you would like to enquire for PVC strip curtains please email spares@mtcss.co.uk or call 01886 833381.