Insulated Flip Flap Doors

MTCSS supply and install Insulated Flip Flap Doors for chiller and freezer applications. The Green Door is a user friendly replacement for the unwieldy ‘night door’ – it is a light weight flip flap door which requires less physical effort to operate and also reduces the build-up of ice.

Insulated flip flap doors supplied and installed by MTCSS offer thermal protection to maintain internal temperatures and offer improved energy savings. These doors are ideal for areas with foot traffic and for applications within the food and drink industry. The Green Doors are currently installed in supermarkets and retail stores across the UK.

• Eliminates the use of a heavy night door, saving enormous, running costs and physical effort
• For freezer applications, doors with heater wires are fitted
• Unique profile and gasket prevents thermal bridging and servicing
• Built in shock resistant impact buffers

If you are interested in ordering a Green Door – please not you should add an extra 260mm to the width of your widest product entering for a single door, and 450mm for a double door.

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