Walk-in Cold Rooms

Walk-in cold rooms by MTCSS are the perfect solution for those looking to maximise cold storage in supermarkets, restaurants, kitchens and much more. Designed to be easily assembled with no alterations to your premises or its construction needed, incorporating a walk-in fridge into your establishment could be the much simpler than you think. Our expert team at MTCSS boast over 50 years of experience in installing commercial cold rooms. Our team will ensure your walk-in cold room is installed efficiently, with as little hassle as possible.

Application of a Walk-In Cold Room

Walk-in Cold Rooms are ideal for storing products and materials just above freezing level, ensuring the contents are ready for imminent use without the need to defrost. This makes walk-in refrigerators the perfect solution for items that require preserving without freezing. Applicable Products and Materials include;

  • Fresh Food
  • Hospital Medical Supplies
  • Cadavers

What temperatures do Walk-in Cold Rooms Operate at?

Walk-in cold rooms can often be mistaken for industrial freezers, yet the two industrial storage solutions have some distinct differences. Most commercial walk-in cold rooms operate at temperatures remaining between 0 C and 5 C, therefore remaining higher than the freezing point of water- acting as a large refrigerator. For this reason alone, a commercial fridge the ideal solution for products and materials that are required imminently.

Storage Space in Walk in Cold Rooms

The amount of storage space you have available to you in your walk-in cold room relies on the methods you implement to maximise that space. Obviously, the size of the cold room itself has a prevailing effect on the amount of storage space, with the size of commercial fridges ranging from impressively large to fairly small. However, incorporating solution such as space-efficient shelving unit, allowing you to neatly organise all of your goods, can go a long way to maximising the space you have available to you. MTCSS offer many further solutions to maximising your cold room storage space.

Safety in Walk-in Cold Rooms

The safety measures that need to be taken when looking to implement a walk-in cooler largely depends on its contents. Safety is often of primary importance when cold rooms store medical supplies and other pharmaceutical property. Pharmaceutical items can often be at risk of theft and at risk of accidental contamination. As a result, MTCSS offer high-quality solutions to ensure that the contents of your walk-in cold room are kept in a safe, organised fashion. MTCSS Walk in Cold Rooms can be upgraded with the following:

  • Secure Locking Systems
  • Identity Authentication Systems
  • Time Delay Locks
  • Key-card and Keyfob locking systems
  • Fingerprint Scanners
  • Retina Scanners

Think your business would benefit from the installation of a walk-in cold room form MT Cold Storage Solutions? Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss the options available to you on 01886 833381 or email sales@mtcss.co.uk .

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Martha, Forge Bakehouse

MTCSS were great to work with, Darren made the long trip up North for meetings and introduced Mike as our Site Manager before the work started. They took the time to explain to me exactly how the new build would connect our current outbuilding and we modified the drawings and tweaked the layout as the project progressed.

The final building is great to work in, and adds so much capacity for my business, allowing us to expand over the coming year. It makes such a different having a walk in chiller and freezer rather than using lots of stand alone units. The new prep room with window is a lovely space to work in.

Thanks to everyone at MTCSS!