Walk-in Freezer

Walk-in freezers are the perfect answer for those requiring specific temperatures to preserve goods. Walk-in freezers by MTCSS are also easier to install than you probably imagine.

The installation process of our commercial freezers requires no reconstruction to the surroundings, with the assembly process of your walk-in freezer being simpler than ever.

Applications of Walk-in Freezers

Walk-in Freezers utilise the considerably low temperatures in which they can reach by preserving a range of products. Commercial Walk-in Freezers have the ability to preserve biodegradable materials, lengthening the lifespan of certain food products and pharmaceutical products and preventing the decomposition of cadavers.

This is possible as the incredibly low temperatures produced by walk-in freezers prevents microbes present from multiplying.

What temperature do Walk-in freezers operate at?

Freezer rooms can operate at varying temperatures, with some able to operate as low as -40 C. This makes walk-in freezers appropriate for a specific type of product.

The freezing temperatures of commercial walk-in freezers makes them unsuitable for many different products and materials, particularly those damaged by freezing temperatures and contact with ice crystals.

Storage Space in Walk-in Freezers

Although walk-in freezers carry a much more powerful cooling unit in comparison to walk-in cold rooms, the amount of storage space within a commercial walk-in freezer is not affected. Excluding the size of the freezer room, you decide to implement is a key factor to the storage space available, the methods you decide to implement will determine your storage allowance.

MTCSS offer a wide variety of solutions to maximise your walk-in freezer space, the most commonly used being the implementation of space-efficient shelving. This shelving system, designed by MTCSS, will allow for the contents to be neatly organised.

Safety in Walk-in Freezers

MTCSS have an extensive range of safety upgrades available if the contents of a walk in-freezer need to be protected. For this reason, MTCSS employ many high-quality solutions to keep the contents of your walk-in freezer are safe. The following can be implemented into commercial walk-in freezers:

  • Secure Locking Systems
  • Identity Authentication Systems
    • Time Delay Locks
    • Key-card and Keyfob locking systems
    • Fingerprint Scanners
    • Retina Scanners

If you think your company could benefit from the easy installation of a state-of-the-art walk-in freezer, don’t hesitate to contact one our Storage Solutions experts on 01886 481 040. Alternatively, fill in our enquiry form to the top of the page.

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