4 Reasons To Choose A Custom Cold Room For Your Food And Drink Business



The Food & Drink industry has a range of requirements when it comes to manufacturing, storing, and preparing food products. Whether your business is in the food and drink retail industry, or the food and drink manufacturing industry – MTCSS can provide a custom cold room to suit your specifications.

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MTCSS have worked within the food and drink industry for over 14 years so we understand the high standard required. We have provided cold room system design and construction for household brand supermarkets, food and drink distribution centres, charcuterie and cheese makers, butchers, bakers, and more. So, you know you are in safe hands with MTCSS when it comes to your walk-in cold storage.

So, what are the benefits of custom cold room designed and installed for you, by MTCSS?

Designed Exactly To Your Cold Room Requirements

A bespoke cold room is designed exactly your requirements – no matter the shape you require (there are some constraints!) MTCSS can design a cold room to your specification.

For example – maybe you have an L shaped space available for your cold room, the MTCSS team can provide a cold room design to fit into that space and maximise the area you have available. Or maybe you want to transform an existing space into walk in cold storage, we can insulate the space and install the appropriate refrigeration unit to make this happen. This is something we did for a cheese maker in Somerset by transforming rooms in his home into walk in cold rooms!

MTCSS can also supply and install cold room doors for your food and drink cold rooms, whether you require hinged or sliding cold room doors, or high-speed rapid roll doors – we have a cold storage solution.

Bespoke Cold Rooms Built To Any Size

Custom cold rooms can not only be built to fit any shape or space, they can also be built to your exact size requirements – unlike modular cold rooms which come in a range of predetermined sizes.

Whether you require a 2m x 2m chiller cold room for your bakery, or a 20m x 20m for your food distribution company – MTCSS can accommodate your cold room requirements whatever the size, scale, or specification.

MTCSS’ Custom Cold Rooms Are Food Safe And Easy To Clean

Custom cold rooms supplied and installed by MTCSS are made from Kingspan Quadcore cold room panels. These provide high-quality insulation, and their properties are perfect for the food and drink industry.

Kingspan cold room panels are food safe, and their flat surface makes them easy to clean, which is important in food environments. We can also install cold room flooring to make maintaining and cleaning your cold room easier – for example, if you have a cold room which may have frequent liquid spillage, we can install a floor with a drain.

Improved Storage And Energy Efficiency

Bespoke cold rooms designed and installed by MTCSS are built from the highest quality materials and we work with manufacturers who are at the forefront of innovation and development in the cold storage industry. Cold rooms built with high quality products offer the highest quality insulation – meaning your custom cold room will be energy efficient and protect your food products will be protected 24/7.

At MTCSS we understand the importance of your food and drink business offering the highest quality food, drink and produce – which is why the MTCSS team work with you to provide a cold storage solution to enhance your day to day. If you would like to know more about how MTCSS can help you and your business, get in touch with a member of our team! Call us on 01886 833381, email us at sales@mtcss.co.uk or fill in an enquiry form here!

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