3 Advantages Of Nergeco High-Speed Cold Room Doors



For over three decades, Nergeco have led the market in the design and supply of high-speed doors for cold storage in a range of industries. Meeting customers’ need for safe, automatic doors that provide outstanding insulation, access, and adaptation, Nergeco design rapid opening and closing doors for food and drink manufacturers, the pharmaceutical industry, and agriculture and horticulture; however, their doors can be adapted to any facility where cold storage is a necessity to keep valuable stock in optimum condition.

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As an accredited UK agent for Nergeco, MTCSS can supply and install a variety of Nergeco high-speed doors for cold storage. If you’re considering investing in a high-speed door for your business, what benefits could a Nergeco cold room door offer?

1. Consistent Cold Store Temperature

As cold rooms are used to store temperature-sensitive products that are prone to premature spoilage if exposed to warm air, it’s vital to keep the internal temperature low. Traditional cold store doors are often left open by staff when they enter the cold room, allowing the cool air to escape. If the internal temperature of the cold store rises, products may deteriorate more quickly, while the cooling equipment will have to work harder, driving up your energy costs.

A Nergeco high-speed door opens and closes in seconds, maintaining the thermal barrier between the cold store and the outside world. Warm air is prevented from seeping into the cold room, keeping the internal temperature low, so you can be assured of better energy efficiency and lower bills.

2. Streamlined Work Practices

For staff who are moving quantities of bulky goods around the workplace, a door that needs to be manually opened frequently poses a problem. Often, an employee needs to have both hands free to open a sliding or hinged door, which is particularly problematic for operatives who literally have their hands full or for those using forklifts to move stock. Also, manual doors open slowly, so precious time is lost waiting.

A Nergeco rapid rise door will immediately improve your working practices. Easy activation allows staff to open the door with minimal inconvenience, with help from push buttons, pull cords, or radars, for example – no more putting bulky stock down to open the door – while the fast-opening mechanism improves workplace efficiency by enabling goods to be moved into and out of cold storage far more quickly.

3. Reduced Contamination

For food, drink, and pharmaceuticals manufacturers, a hygienic environment that is free from contamination is essential to protect the quality and integrity of products. An open door is an easy way for dirt to find its way into a cold store where it settles on products and shelving.

Nergeco’s high-speed cold room doors are designed to improve environmental control by reducing contamination. Rapid opening and closing minimises the transmission of dust and dirt between the warehouse and the cold store, helping to keep storage areas clean and valuable products free from contaminants.

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At MTCSS, we combine our knowledge and expertise of doors for cold stores with Nergeco’s craftmanship, to supply and install high-speed cold store doors for a range of industries and applications. To find out more about our market-leading installation and servicing, get in touch with MTCSS today.

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